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Congratulations To Me!

Hi y’all! How are you doing today? 😉

OH MY FRIGGEN GOD. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXHAUSTED!! Why? Well it’s because *drumroll please*

This girl has been going to the REC Center for the last three days!!!! (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!)


First time I went was on Tuesday. Something in me was like “Hey, you’ve been wanting to go to the REC center for a while. You should go now.” I didn’t have major plans for the day, and it’s true that I’ve wanted to. But…

I was so frikken scared of going. Why? Because I’m one of the most un-athletic person ever. (workout-wise. I did swim, tennis, and badminton, but workout? NO) So I was all nervoused-up. But my heart (intuition, I say?) just wouldn’t shut up, so I’m like, “Heck, why not give it a try?”

And since then, I’ve been enjoying it and taking full-advantage of the $95 for the REC center INCLUDED in the tuition very much!! 😀 I was quite scared at seeing myself on the treadmill for a full-thirty minutes on the first day! (and nooooooo muscle cramp! Yeay! Walking up the big hill back and forth to get to my room to my classes and vise versa totally is helping me getting my leg muscles all buff!) lol

First day: Treadmilling and Spinning. (I liked the fact that I could watch Curious George and Scooby Doo while I was spinning.)

Yesterday: Treadmill for 20 minutes and did spinning on a different machine (but I didn’t like it, so I got off in about 5 minutes) and toured the place.

Today: Holy crap it was loaded with stuff. I took this month’s issue of the Women’s Health (I bought it a looooooooong time ago. I just wanted to buy it for some reason! Perhaps because it had some exercising tips?) Tried out several of those to see which one I liked. (before that, I treadmilled for 20 minutes)

And even though I was sweating, I didn’t get that satisfying feeling that people get after exercising. I thought it’s probably because when I used to swim, I got DEAD TIRED. And no matter what exercise I did (except when tennis/badminton/DDR got super-hard and intense), I never got that feeling. So I decided to step it up even more and actually ran on the indoor track!!!

And how much did this girl run? *drumroll (again) please*…..A MILE!!! A whole friggen mile!!! I was soooooooooooooo proud of myself after I was done!! And then, I was sweating like crazy, and got that satisfying feeling you get from exercising. 😉

Many many other things to celebrate here. (hence the title)

Ooo! Today, I got to talk to my zumba girl today! Totally happened out of the blue, too! We did/do email eachother and comment on eachother’s blogs, but we’ve never really “talked” before. So it was weird at first, but it was fun!!

And not relevent to the title, but I tried a really good bean burrito for lunch yesterday! Yes it was vegan, and it was filling! (a liiiiiiiiittle too spicy for my liking, but) And it was on white tortilla, so that was another thing. (but all the ingredients were organic, so that’s a plus!) 🙂

Okay, and guess what?? THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!!! Woop woop! It took me for eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to get this much! (though there are several unpublished ones. They don’t count) Now I get to see a 3-digit number when I see the dashboard instead 2! Cool! 😀

And one more thing to wooo about. On Saturday, it will be a whole year since going vegan!! Woooooooooooooo!! Will I do anything special? Ahh, I don’t know. I’m more than sure that my parents don’t know about it. I want a vegan cookie, though. (whatever that means *hint hint*) 😉 I know you’re reading this, my boy. (Am I trying to say something? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That’s a joke, right?) 😉

Ooh, and my college life! It’s been going great! My RA left me a “secert” good luck note on my door yesterday morning (because I told him that I suck at test/quizzes and I have one every Wednesday) It was really cute (caaaaaaameraaaaaaaa, where are yoooooooooou??), and it really meant a lot to me! (Thanks Jake!)

And now, I’m more open, and I go talk to people on my floor more! 😀 Today, I asked them if I can eat with them (at 5:00 pm. Oh god, that’s early for my needs), and they were totally cool with it! Though they thought me bringing a bowl of brown rice with sesame seed with chopsticks to the dining hall was “neat”. 😉 I’m Asian; I like chopsticks and the dining hall rice sucks (it’s flaky and it tastes fake). It’s not like I’m causing them any problems, right? 😉 Right.

O-kay now. (like I said) I’m DEAD TIRED, and want to go to sleep NOW. (but waiting for Michael to call) So blogging helps me stay awake until then 🙂 But after talking, I’m DONE. I’m sleepin’! I still have one more day of class, you know! 😀

Anything awesome happened to you? If something did, fill me in!

Like always, thaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: I may or may not have a blogger meetup sometime in the future with this pretty girl…And I know you’re all jealous. 😉


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