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The Orange and Black Day Hoy!

Hola!! How are you all doing today?? 😉 How’s my new looks on here? Pretty rainbow, huh? 😉 (It’s totally me, says my boyfriend. I have to agree!)

What did you do today? Fill me in!

Me? I didn’t do anything for this certain holiday called Halloween,  (other than cosplay a little here and there), but we had another visit to the Wayward Vegan Cafe and ate some chiggen! 😀 (I REALLY wish I had my camera so I can take photos of it!!!) Now that I think about it, I don’t think I never did a post about our first trip to the cafe…Hmm…I need to work on that, too… :/

But!! I know many of you are passing out candy and/or trick-or-treating with your kids! How awesome is that?

I have to say, is it just me, or is anyone noticing how there’s Cards for Halloween in the last 2 years?? I just think that’s so strange because…do you really need to send cards? What’s your opinion?

Because today’s Halloween, I thought I should give you some fun Halloween facts!

  • Halloween is Orange and black because Orange represents the fall color and black represents death
  • The most popular chocolate bar for trick-or-treating is a snickers bar
  • The first wrapped penny candy in America as Tootie roll
  • Jack o’ lanterns originated from Ireland. Originally, they put candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep the ghosts/spirits away on the Samhain holiday
  • The most popular Halloween costume this year are Lady Gaga, Snooki, and Buzz Lightyear!

This week: I’m going to have a little-sort-of-old-post (may include the cafe trip, but not sure) and a recipe from a great lady coming up, so for now, enjoy the day!!

And tomorrow (November 1) is National Vegan Day!!!!!!

Are you doing anything special tomorrow too? How about celebrating el día de muerto?? Fill me in on that too! 😀 (I hope I can bake tomorrow for this special day!!!) 😀 😀

Have a good day and thanks for coming!!!! 🙂

P.S: There’s a happy giveaway at Katie’s!! 😀


Tis the Season to be…Pumpkin! (fa la la la la, la la and Blood!)

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

Okay, the title was a must. lol So bare with it. 🙂 The blood part? Oh, you’ll figure it out soon enough. 😉

Do you know HOW MANY pumpkin recipes/posts I’ve seen in the last week or two? It’s CR-AAAAAA-ZY!!! 😯 I guess everyone (except me) loves fall! 😉  (I’m a I-love-100-degrees Summer girl) 🙂

But those recipes on the other hand…Mmm. They look pretty yummy! SO, to catch on to the trend to test out my fall-cooking skills, I made Averie’s No Bake Pumpkin Pie!! (Twice in a week, too!) 😀

I used a whole can of Pumpkin Puree instead of 2/3 can because I didn’t know what to do with the leftovers, and I used a pre-made crust because I don’t have what I need to make the raw crust and I’m not good with nuts.

For the first one, I didn’t have Pumpkin spice, and for the second one (both pictures above), I didn’t have Cinnamon, but they both tasted fine. 🙂 (the ingredients for Pumpkin spice is: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves anyways. I can lack cinnamon and use just the pumpkin spice and vice versa.) 🙂

It was muy bien!!! The first one was the first recipe (with soymilk and brown sugar) and the second one is replacing those with agave. (And for the first one, I made 6 little pies using 6 mini pie crusts.) (though the crust REALLY tasted like Aluminum! I guess it got it because that’s what it was in. 😛 I wonder how long the crust was sitting on the store shelf. Hmm…)

Personally, I like the soymilk + brown sugar recipe more, because when put in the freezer, it actually freezes (and hardens). The agave one just stays as mush. 😦 But taste-wise, it actually tastes the same to me! And it goes very good with Rice Dream’s Frozen Vanilla Dessert!! 😉

Oh, and the blood part of the title, you ask? That was added later in the day because….

I DONATED BLOOD!!!!! (done it for the first time, so I’m really proud and happy about it) 😀

How was it? It was awesome!!! Before I did it, I was freaked out like heck. I was so nervous about it! D:

My mom was worried like crazy about how I’m “losing my hair” (I think I just naturally shed) and “lacking nutrition”, so she thought this was a great chance to get my iron level checked. And guess what? My iron level was 15.1!!!!! They said that it’s A LOT higher than normal!!! HA! I knew that eating lots of greens, especially spinach, was good!! 😀 😀 (Iron deficient when vegan? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Not for me!)

So as I was donating, I was all excited about that and how I’m helping someone. And while blood was drawn out, I was playing pokemon. 🙂 I’m such a dork, I know. 😀

How was it? It was great! I wasn’t dizzy or anything afterward, I was able to move right after it was over, and I got a free apple juice! (I hadn’t had apple juice in a looooooong time.) Snack-wise, they didn’t have anything vegan other than raisins, so I was well-prepared with a S’mores Luna Bar. 🙂 The only things that “hurt” were when they measured my iron level, when the needle went in, and the aftermath. (It stung/stings a little to bend my elbow.) But I feel great knowing that this is going to help someone! 😀 I hope they like my vegan blood! 😉

And my hands freeze super-easily, so when the blood was being drawn out, it got so cold that it actually felt warm. lol I guess I’m cold-blooded! lol

Now, I am very proud with my non-neon color (they ran out of neon pink. Oh well. 🙂 Red is close enough.) Red bandage. 🙂


I can’t take a shower at the usual time I take it (4:00-4:15 ish), because I have to have it on for at least 4 hours. Oh well. I can wait until 6. 🙂 But really, I think this bandage is cool!!! 😀 Will I donate blood again? For the neon-colored bandage, YES!!!!!!

It was a good experience to learn that it doesn’t hurt to donate blood, and I’m already looking forward to donate next time!! (but next time, with an awesome donor card) 😉

Thaaaaaaaaaanks for coming and enjoy your fall recipes! 🙂

P.S: Have you donated blood? Were you scared? What’s your blood type? My blood type is O+, and I sure was scared, but not anymore! 😀

Wasting Water – We Can Help!

Hi y’all! How are you doing today? 😉

Did you know that Today is Blog Action Day?  I found out through Girlie Girl Army and Big Green Purse‘s blog, and I wanted to help!

Water: The Earth needs it, and we need it; we all need it to live.

But did you know that almost one billion people (one out of eight) on’t have access to clean water?


It kills more people every year than any/all forms of violence, including war.

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation of two guys sitting in front of me. One guy (K) was eating mashed potatoes and meat. As he was eating it, he told the guy next to him (J), “Hey, did you know that at this rate (as in if we all continue a meat-eating diet), thw earth can’t sustain us? But if we all adapt a eastern/vegetarian diet, the earth is going to last a lot longer than as of now.”

Is this the reality? He knows thatt eating meat is bad for the planet, and yet he still does it? Why?

It takes so much water to live on a meat-based diet. (Warning: I am NOT attacking meat-eaters. I am saying what I think and what I know. You can eat whatever you want, that’s not my problem and it is your right to do so.)

Every second, animals produced for food in just the US produce 89000 pounds of waste (aka 130 times more than what’s produced in the country’s entire human population), and those usually leak into nearby bodies of water, contaiminating and making it nondrinkable.

FYI, It takes a BUTT LOAD OF WATER to keep a meat-eating diet.

Food Water Needed
to Produce
(in litres)
1 Glass of milk 200
Cup of Coffee 140
Bag of Chips 185
Slice of Bread 40
Egg 135
Apple 70
Hamburger 2,400 !!

It takes 4000 liters of water to produce one steak. If that much water was used for plants like grains and corns, fed to people instead of animals, that’s going to end world hunger.

Farmed animals use more than half of the water that’s consumed in the US.

Animal products use way more water than plant based products.

A meat-based diet takes up over 4000 gallons of water PER DAY, whereas a vegetarian diet takes only about 300 gallons.

In an average day, one person uses up about 90 gallons of water. And if that doesn’t include the water that’s needed to raise those meat for hamburgers, that’d be about 2500 gallons! With those first 90 gallons, you can fill your bathtub about 3000 times over, so with 2500 gallons, you can fill it 83333 times!! Crazy!!

If everyone can either cut their meat consumption or go vegetarian, that would save water, land, harms to animals, and paying excessive tax to the meat industry. (If we don’t pay tax for meat, an average price for a hamburger would be $35. So meat eaters, thank those veg*ns who are paying for your food.)

The environment is falling. It’s because humans are killing it. So WE should take responsibility to HELP.

We can all help by cutting down on te meat consumption, going vegetarian, and/or going vegan.

Of course, there’s other ways to save water (ie: taking a shorter shower), but from an AR’s point of view, I like not eating meat. 🙂

How do you save water?

Thanks for coming and have a good day! 🙂

Finally Food and Where I’m Going

Hi everyone! How are you today? 😉

Ever since losing my camera, I couldn’t keep a record of the yummy eats I’ve been having. (I have A LOT) Like Cookies from Alternative Baking Company,

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter,

(This is just like Nutella!!!! I’m glad there’s a vegan version of it!) 🙂 With little bits of hazelnut in it, it’s pretty good for a chocolate and/or hazelnut lovers!!

Because my mom’s been worrying about me losing my hair (“because you’re not getting enough nutrients”), I bought Manitoba Harvest’s Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein and VegLife‘s Vegan One Multiple.


The powder is very chocolatey, but it’s a little hard to dissolve it in soymilk. (but does great in water.) So for a smoothie, I recommened using water instead of dairy-free milk.

Ha ha, the powder was on sale for $12, but we went to Trader Joes and found the almost EXACT same product (with super-close ingredients and nutritional stats) for $7. Next time, that’s where I’m getting my protein. 😉

The Multiple seems to be working pretty good. It’s iron-free, and now I don’t have to take 3 different suppliements! 😀

I’ve never tried Hemp Milk before, so I gave Living Harvest’s Tempt Vanilla Hemp Milk a try with Nature’s Path Pumpin Flax Plus Granola!!! 😀 (Hemp on hemp. Lots of hemp, I know) 😉

 +  = VERY HEMP-Y!!!

The Tempt Hemp Milk was very runny/watery compared to soy milk; it reminded me of Rice Dream’s Rice Milk. The pumkin granola has a little “pumpkin flavor” to it; it’s great for this season, right? (Gosh, everyone likes pumpkins in the fall.) 🙂 Me? I prefer the original granola and summer 🙂

Because I bought a little too many boxes of the Hemp Granola, I decided to make Chocolate Turtles out of it! I used Kris’ recipe, but I tweeked it a little bit to meet my needs. 😉

Miho’s Hemp Seed Chocolate Clusters:

  • 1/2 cup of Hemp Granola
  • 1/2 cup Sunflower butter (I had it for the first time and it reminded me of Kinako! It’s soybean powder with added sugar to give it sweetness; usually put on rice cakes/mochi) 🙂
  • 1/4 cup Agave Nectar (or Maple Syrup)
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp Sea Salt
  • 1/2 bar Dark Chocolate


  1. Put Nut Butter, Agave, Vanilla, and Sea Salt into a pan and heat it over medium high.
  2. When the texture changes into a chunky/caremel-like blob, remove pan from heat, put the granola in and stir.
  3. Using a spoon, scoop a blob and place it on a cookie sheet (depends on how big the blob is; I made about 24) and put it in the freezer for 10- 15 minutes.
  4. Melt the chocolate bar, take #3 out of the freezer, pour the melted chocolate over it, and put it back in the freezer (or fridge) until chocolate hardens. (I was too impatient the first time, so I put the semi-melted chocolate bar into the mixture. Then the cluster turned brown!) 😀
  5. When ready, eat up!

I didn’t have enough chocolate because I used the leftover from what I ate, so some of them are choco-less. (but still good and nutty if you like that! :D) This was really good, and next time, maybe I’ll use Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and/or definitely have more chocolate on top! 😀

(the picture above was taken with the laptop camera)

Yesterday, I felt like going to the near-by Co-op (though I went the day before. I never get tired of going there. It’s like Whole Foods; less expensive!), and I totally scored on Larabars!!! $0.99 each, and jocalat bars for $1.19 each!!

Somebody seems to have filled up their stash a little too much. 😉 13 A good amount of larabars isn’t a bad thing, right? 😉 (and it was only $14 total!) (I like Luna bars more persay, but it’s pricy there. I’d rather get it at TJ’s then)

School-wise, it’s been awesome! I’ve been going to the REC center these days, and I’m enjoying my exercises and sweating like crazy with my face all apple-red from running/jogging a mile!! (a mile in 10 minutes for a non-exerciser/runner is pretty good, I think) I’ve been enjoying testing different workouts and equipments. 🙂

I’m getting the hang of college. I’ve been doing fairly well on tests, and my self-confident is slowly building up.

Speaking of that, I’ve been showing more graditude than I do now. I’m reading a great Japanese book called The Way of Thanks.


It explains the importance of saying “thank you” and showing gratitude. In my opinion, this book seems a little pushy about how you should say “thank you” 1000 or even 3000 times. But the point-being is that it’s important to appriciate what you have (from eyes, nose, hands, arms to a house, car, food, etc.). Kris speaks about gratitude in her post as well.

I can see/feel myself growing as a person, and I think I’m going to come out as a better person than I am right now in 4 years. (4 years as in finishing college) I’m just thankful that I’m able to live right now. 🙂

What are you grateful for? Do you show gratitude? To who?

I show gratitude to everyone who has a connection to me and everything else around me.  🙂

Thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of your day!



Congratulations To Me!

Hi y’all! How are you doing today? 😉

OH MY FRIGGEN GOD. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXHAUSTED!! Why? Well it’s because *drumroll please*

This girl has been going to the REC Center for the last three days!!!! (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!)


First time I went was on Tuesday. Something in me was like “Hey, you’ve been wanting to go to the REC center for a while. You should go now.” I didn’t have major plans for the day, and it’s true that I’ve wanted to. But…

I was so frikken scared of going. Why? Because I’m one of the most un-athletic person ever. (workout-wise. I did swim, tennis, and badminton, but workout? NO) So I was all nervoused-up. But my heart (intuition, I say?) just wouldn’t shut up, so I’m like, “Heck, why not give it a try?”

And since then, I’ve been enjoying it and taking full-advantage of the $95 for the REC center INCLUDED in the tuition very much!! 😀 I was quite scared at seeing myself on the treadmill for a full-thirty minutes on the first day! (and nooooooo muscle cramp! Yeay! Walking up the big hill back and forth to get to my room to my classes and vise versa totally is helping me getting my leg muscles all buff!) lol

First day: Treadmilling and Spinning. (I liked the fact that I could watch Curious George and Scooby Doo while I was spinning.)

Yesterday: Treadmill for 20 minutes and did spinning on a different machine (but I didn’t like it, so I got off in about 5 minutes) and toured the place.

Today: Holy crap it was loaded with stuff. I took this month’s issue of the Women’s Health (I bought it a looooooooong time ago. I just wanted to buy it for some reason! Perhaps because it had some exercising tips?) Tried out several of those to see which one I liked. (before that, I treadmilled for 20 minutes)

And even though I was sweating, I didn’t get that satisfying feeling that people get after exercising. I thought it’s probably because when I used to swim, I got DEAD TIRED. And no matter what exercise I did (except when tennis/badminton/DDR got super-hard and intense), I never got that feeling. So I decided to step it up even more and actually ran on the indoor track!!!

And how much did this girl run? *drumroll (again) please*…..A MILE!!! A whole friggen mile!!! I was soooooooooooooo proud of myself after I was done!! And then, I was sweating like crazy, and got that satisfying feeling you get from exercising. 😉

Many many other things to celebrate here. (hence the title)

Ooo! Today, I got to talk to my zumba girl today! Totally happened out of the blue, too! We did/do email eachother and comment on eachother’s blogs, but we’ve never really “talked” before. So it was weird at first, but it was fun!!

And not relevent to the title, but I tried a really good bean burrito for lunch yesterday! Yes it was vegan, and it was filling! (a liiiiiiiiittle too spicy for my liking, but) And it was on white tortilla, so that was another thing. (but all the ingredients were organic, so that’s a plus!) 🙂

Okay, and guess what?? THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!!! Woop woop! It took me for eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to get this much! (though there are several unpublished ones. They don’t count) Now I get to see a 3-digit number when I see the dashboard instead 2! Cool! 😀

And one more thing to wooo about. On Saturday, it will be a whole year since going vegan!! Woooooooooooooo!! Will I do anything special? Ahh, I don’t know. I’m more than sure that my parents don’t know about it. I want a vegan cookie, though. (whatever that means *hint hint*) 😉 I know you’re reading this, my boy. (Am I trying to say something? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That’s a joke, right?) 😉

Ooh, and my college life! It’s been going great! My RA left me a “secert” good luck note on my door yesterday morning (because I told him that I suck at test/quizzes and I have one every Wednesday) It was really cute (caaaaaaameraaaaaaaa, where are yoooooooooou??), and it really meant a lot to me! (Thanks Jake!)

And now, I’m more open, and I go talk to people on my floor more! 😀 Today, I asked them if I can eat with them (at 5:00 pm. Oh god, that’s early for my needs), and they were totally cool with it! Though they thought me bringing a bowl of brown rice with sesame seed with chopsticks to the dining hall was “neat”. 😉 I’m Asian; I like chopsticks and the dining hall rice sucks (it’s flaky and it tastes fake). It’s not like I’m causing them any problems, right? 😉 Right.

O-kay now. (like I said) I’m DEAD TIRED, and want to go to sleep NOW. (but waiting for Michael to call) So blogging helps me stay awake until then 🙂 But after talking, I’m DONE. I’m sleepin’! I still have one more day of class, you know! 😀

Anything awesome happened to you? If something did, fill me in!

Like always, thaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: I may or may not have a blogger meetup sometime in the future with this pretty girl…And I know you’re all jealous. 😉

I’m DONE! I Can’t Take This Any More!!

Hi y’all! How are you doing today? 😉

Have I lost my mind or what? Ahh probably. College is OVERWHELMING me, and I can’t believe I’m at a state of mind like this right now.

Okay, I SUCK AT TESTS. But that’s what matter A LOT in college. Bad thing about that? I study study study, and I’m stressing myself out. And now, I’m just bleh. I want to give myself time to chill out and think.

I suck at tests. Okay. What am I going to do next? Study.

But, my question for myself is: Is killing and stressing yourself out the answer?

I just had a math quiz last week, which I did study for, but not as hard as I am studying right now for my chem test. But I am just TIRED of studying this much.
Maybe that’s how college is supposed to be like. But, I haven’t gotten the hang of it, and because of this, I’m just letting myself feel empty – and I HATE it.

Yeah, I do my homework, yeah I understand the contents, but why does testing have to “be the proof” that you’re getting the materials? What if some people are just bad at tests? What happens to people like that?

And I can’t believe that me not doing well on that ONE test (FYI, I got 6.5 out of 10. That’s better than I thought, which was good ;)) is making me feel like this. Know how I feel? I feel like (quick explanation: I need to have a good grade and do good in math classes so I can get a degree in math. They’re aaaaaaaaallll connected) I lost everything. I don’t feel that passion to want to be a math teacher anymore. I feel like I’m just…ALONE.

As I was thinking that, I was reading blogs on google reader, and I just had to click this link to see what it was all about. I don’t know what it was, and I’ve seen many many links on other people’s other blogs to other places before, but this one, I just couldn’t let this one slide. (Hi Ryan! First time “meeting” you!) 😀

To do a quick video review, I thought it was great! It had ideas from how to develop a new mindset to how to get more readers to come back (I need that one baaaaaaaadly), but as for of that one, I don’t know if I can, because I’m just writing what I want to write.

And if I post stuff for people and not for me, I don’t feel “right”. (It’s not like I’m blogging for people; I’m blogging for ME) If people want recipes, fine. But this is my blog, and even though I write stuff that might not be interesting as some recipes, people still come see me. And I’m thankful for those people who come back to leave me a comment. At a state like this especially, it means A LOT. (oh Michael, I’m not saying ANYTHING about you not leaving a comment here ;))

So while I was watching the video I was like “I really can’t do this right now…I don’t know what’s up with me…Seems like I just lost my dream of all times (of becoming a math teacher)…”

But then, I thought and asked to myself…”Wait, why am I letting one test bomb me? Why am I letting myself do this? It’s only one friggen test I couldn’t do well, and what does that really have to do with it?

“I had my dreams for about 11 years now. I’m 18, and almost 2/3 of my lifetime, has been dedicated to this thought. This is what kept me going.

I’ve bombed billions of tests before, and I was able to do fine. Why not the same like those times? What’s the difference? Yeah it counts for your classes, and college is heavily-weighed on tests, but, SO WHAT? I’ve already gone through, what…2 years or so not doing good on tests (yes, there are exceptions where I got good grades), and even with that, I SURVIVED. And FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, both CALCULUS and CHEMISTRY are REVIEW! They are BOTH in the back of my HEAD somewhere. I KNOW it is!!! I’ve seen it before, and because I did it just last year, it’s still PRETTY FRESH in my MEMORIES!!!

And GUESS WHAT? BECAUSE it’s frikken review, I KNOW I can do better this time! I KNOW I CAN. I CAN’T just let some math tests kill my 11 years of dream. It WILL happen. That’s what kept me ALIVE. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS.

Yeah, it’s going to take some time to see all the positive results, but hey! There are OTHER PEOPLE GOING THROUGH THE SAME/SIMILAR CHANGES. YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

I know I don’t like waiting for stuff to change; I like instant results, but heck, LIFE IS LONG. IT HAS and WILL TAKE TIME for things to get better, and isn’t that what life is all about?

On top of me having to be more confident in my skills, I need to give myself more credit than I do. I know I do so much good stuff when people aren’t looking.


  • I got up today at 5 to enjoy reading. (was able to achieve my mission to “get up early in the morning”
  • I did all my homework and went to the math center because I needed help (achieved my “not being afraid of going in to ask for help”; broke my shell, AGAIN. Did the same throughout last week – now all my professors know me, which I think is crucial to live a good college academic life and is AWESOME!)
  • I made it to class on time (and even though I didn’t go back to my room to get my Japanese text book, I still followed the class and paid attention by not being afraid to ask someone to see if I can share a book with them)
  • I popped my head into one of the girl’s room to say “hi” (biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig progress here. Now I know that I can borrow a cutting knife if I need it. Yeay! I can eat my apples now!) 😀
  • I DREW. ********

******** This one deserves a speical recognition because, I totally burried the fact that I feel better/happier/more confident when/while I draw. I knew it was true, but after slowly fading away from my “manga-ka” life/dream, the burning passion for it kind of got away (and I didn’t really have time for it too much, either…) But today, I drew in math class because I wanted to finish what I started, and after that, I FELT GREAT! (my way of getting high, I shall say. Ha ha. Which doesn’t sound like me at all, but oh well) 😉 I will show you all as soon as I’m done coloring it!

Fhew! I feel better now. 🙂 I don’t think know that I shouldn’t let ONE test destroy my whole career and dream. That’s just stupid. And besides, I needed time to get away from studying, because it was getting to a point where I was getting a stomach pain that was derived from stress. (same pain came while I was taking AP US History. I’m glad that’s over.) Not good. See? I work hard, and I deserve a treat and/or a rest sometimes, too! Just like aaaaaaaaaaaaalll normal people. 😉

Okay, my drawing is turning out pretty good (wanted to use copics but they’re at home 😦 so I have to stick with colored pencils) But hey! They’re actually turning out to be pretty good! Ahh, I love how art makes me feel!

What’s your “natural high” item/action? (lets stay clean, okay?)

Oh, and I can guess that Michael’s natural high person is me 🙂 Ha ha!

Have a good day and thaaaanks for coming! 🙂 (and if you actually read this, thank you so much! That’s quite a lot of time you put into, and even just skimming through this! Thank you all! It means a lot to me!)

P.S: I may or may not have a give away to come. Totally undecided, but just wanted to let it out there. 😉

P.S.S: Guess who had a Japanese Kanji test and KNOWS that she aced it? Me? Maybe so. 😉

P.S.S.S: Long distance relationship can TOTALLY work. I just had to blurt this out because I really respect this guy in class who’s doing it. (and they’ve been together for what, 4 years or so? And they do see eachother once in a while) From here, to Japan; I have to say, Phil, if you can do it, ANYONE can. 🙂

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