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Gifts I Received!

I realized that the days up til Christmas is more fun than the actual day of Christmas. I like the spirit and the atmosphere people and the city provide. 🙂 I’m still listening to Christmas songs! (Glad Warm 106.9 still has their Listen Live stream player!) Obviously this isn’t live, but that doesn’t matter. I like Christmas songs and that’s that. 🙂

On Christmas day, I woke up around 9 and didn’t fall back asleep. 🙂 (usually would, because there’s no school, but Christmas day is one of those days where I should get up early, so everyone can open their presents)

Gifts I received…

From Santa are: A Nikon Coolpix 3000 (which didn’t let me get a photo off of the internet),

Christmas 001

A Strawberry Cream lip gloss (the box was from my boyfriend; he worked so hard writing my name in kanji!! That touched me a lot!! Good job, Michael!)

Christmas 005

a pink scarf from old navy that’s about 2 ft long (and it’s a whole hoopy-loop; not a long string, but more like a hoop),

Christmas 042

super warm-looking socks (x3),

Christmas 041

and Paul Frank’s pj pants.

Christmas 040

 Christmas 006

From my boyfriend: a peta2 I Am Not a Nugget pencil box (just the pencil box – which came with the box and these cute pencils) and a peta2 notebook,

Christmas 010

a PETA reusable tote bag,

Christmas 015

a Vegan Tunic Sweater (sooooooooooooo cute and suuuuper warm!! I LOVE it!!),

001 (2) 004 003

and a hand-made bracelet in a handmade gift box made out of old greeting cards! (First I thought it was a gift that his sister got and gave it to me – I thought that because of the box. Sorry! And the types of beads, colors, and the pattern shows his personality, and it represents me really good! I love it!!)

Christmas 012

From my brother: Mario and Luigi Partners in Time (OMG I LOVE M&L RPG games!! I’ve played all of them (1-3), and this is the cutest!!!)

Now the peta2 notebook is $0.49, and the peta2 pencil box set is $1.99!!! What a rip off deal!!! 😀 People, buy things AFTER Christmas!!! 😀

Eats on Christmas was like this:

Christmas 002

Bunch of junky food, but oh well. 🙂 I had pancakes instead.



Christmas 003


Christmas 037

Ta-da!! I took off the tape today!! I really wanted to, and it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. 🙂

Other side:

Christmas 038

This side was the better side. (because the other side had more move-arounds to do) I’m glad I’m healing! (but needs to put on ice pack more…)

Cute eat before surgury:

Car 031

Vegan Snowman Marshmellow!! Mmm, it was soooooooooft!

Now, I’m able to eat food like this:

Christmas 028

Japanese Seaweed + Salt potato chips. Each chips had lots of seaweed on it, and it was very salty. 🙂 (my bf likes American Potato chips better)


Christmas 025

Haupia – Hawaiian Coconut “jello”. It tastes like coconut!! But not super-strong, so I’m okay with it. 🙂

This isn’t a blog. This is where I keep the record of ME. Solo for ME; only for ME. If anyone wants to see/read it, go ahead. Feel free, but, THIS IS FOR ME. 🙂

Recipe post next!


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