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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2011 is here!

NewYears 024

Taken on New Year’s morning around 9:30 am. There’s an orb on the top left! Good things are to happen this year!! It snowed two days ago, and there’s still some snow left in the back!

Traditional Japanese New Year’s Food:

NewYears 025 Osechi – meal filled with considered-lucky food (beans, prawn, etc.)

NewYears 026 Futomaki

NewYears 027 Inari (my fave!!)

NewYears 032 Dried Persimmons. It it said that if you find lots of seeds in it, you’re lucky!

And the not-so traditional food:

NewYears 021

NewYears 029

NewYears 030 For the boys – meat ‘n’ cheese ‘n’ crackers!

Our tradition is to play the Game of Life. It’s our 9th year playing it! (we’ve been doing this for a while now!) I’m always the banker because I like to be in charge of things. 🙂

NewYears 036

I was last in place, but hey! Calculate the $$s and guess what! I won!!

NewYears 040 

Highest $$ so far in the 9-year tradition! (and my dad got the lowest of the all-time.) Wow! I feel even luckier! 😀 (my grandpa and my little brother thinks I cheated because I’m the banker – uh, no! THEY are the ones that would cheat if they were the banker!) 😉

And while being the awesome banker, I was nibbling on this fun chocolate from the vegan store that my bf bought me. 🙂

NewYears 033

NewYears 034

NewYears 038

I’m back in my dorm, and barely anyone’s here! Perhaps a good time to go buy textbooks tomorrow morning and figure out where my classes are 😉 Lets reverse this night owl schedule and get up early!


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