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Though I had a big list that I wanted to finish today, the math homework was more teeeeedious than I thought, so I didn’t get through them all. BUT, I finished the one thing that I really wanted to finish, so I’m proud of that! 😀

12.28.2010 007

One-page paper for my Japanese School! The ones that we all have to write every year near the end of the school year (so they can book it and give copies to everyone). It was tough and scary to write (nice, final paper, super-fancy pen, etc.) when I was little, but not anymore. This is my last one, and I’m just glad that I’m done with it! 😀

Teedious math homework:

12.28.2010 008

12.28.2010 001

At least when I looked through the text book, I started to remember how to do it 🙂 I was quite proud of me the human mind for it to remember things that you know you’re not gonna use that’s not super-necessary in life. (unless you’re going to become a math teacher like me. Then you might need it) 😉

Then this month’s VegNews came to the rescue!

12.28.2010 006

I’ve read through it pretty quickly, so once I’m done with my homework (and before I go to bed), I want to take my time to read it more carefully. 🙂 It has a lot of information on health this month, so I’m super-excited to read it!

Today for lunch, I had two pancakes (out of a box that my mom had to use up)

12.28.2010 004

Pancakes taste better with Agave I tell you! I tried maple syrup, and it just wasn’t sweet enough. 😛 No more maple syrup in my house! (but of course earth balance is needed ;))

Today, after picking up my little brother from BB, I went to the dentist to pick up some rubber bands for my braces, and while I was driving back, I found a sign that says “Boehm’s Chocolate“.

So vroom I turned and drove! Found it, it was a very cute place (with very cute Scottish-like uniform), but the smell of MILK chocolate bothered me A LOT. Wow, I’m REALLY sensitive to things like this now! It’s quite impressive! (didn’t have my camera!)


I bought a big (about 2.5 inches in diameter) coin chocolate and a racecar chocolate for my bro for a whopping $1.50. (dang, that’s cheap for a special place!)


Then we drove back, (oh yeah, he bought a whole pack of Whole Food’s 365 Key lime soda. $2.39; $2.62 after tax. It was funny how my bf didn’t hear me when I was sort of yelling in the store. Ha ha 😀 Then he came back with a sample of earth balance’s chocolate soy milk. Hm, I wonder if that’s good?)

And we went to Daniel Smith’s Art Supplies to go buy some copics!


Super-expensive pens!! $5.67 EACH!! (but that’s actually cheaper than other art stores, who sells them for $6.49. Gaah! 8O) With just two of these pens, Michael and I could go buy a meal from Wayward Cafe!! Oh well. 🙂 I’m an artist and I can’t (and won’t) change that.

From bottom up: Yellow, Crimson (“red“), Black, Leather, and Dandelion.

Michael’s parents gave me a $30 gift card for here as a Christmas present, so I used that. (thank you so much!!). But the machine didn’t recognize it, and the cashier lady had to get help, so we ended up waiting for about 5-10 minutes. (but the cashier guy who re-did it at a different machine gave me a student discount! Yeay! $31.47 to $28. 51!) 😀 Sometimes, waiting is good.

I’m going to change my sleeping schedule. Sleeping at 12 is NOT going to work for me (because I want to get up at least at 6 when school starts). That means I have to go to bed around 10:30, and get up at 6. TV is a good motivation for me to get up in the morning during school, so I will use that again! 😀

Tomorrow’s To-Do List:

  • Work on math homework (do history the day after, so it won’t be a work-overload)
  • Read VegNews
  • Call J

My mom’s been doing a REALLY good job cleaning the house for the last couple of days. I’m really proud of her, and really thankful for her!! Thank you mom, good job, and you are an amazing house-cleaning mom! (of course you’re just the perfect mom for me! ;))

I added another present that I received from Michael on the gift post!


Recent Buys and a Cute Movie!

A few buys before and after Christmas, because I needed/wanted them. 😉

Before Christmas: Shirt from Kohl’s

Christmas 014

THIS IS SO CUTE!!!! AND I LOVE WHAT IT SAYS!!! I was looking for an inspiring shirt, and when I found this, I HAD (WANTED?) to get it, so it was mine! A bit on the pricy side ($15.95?), and the shirt is veeeeeeery thin, but it’s still cute and I will wear this so much that it will be worth the money!! 🙂 (thank you, dad!!) This shirt totally sounds like me, and I really LOVE it!!

And this month’s Women’s Health came in on Christmas Eve (great timing, huh?)

Christmas 017

Olivia (on cover) is VEGAN!!! I realized that the second time around reading this magazine!!! (she went vegan last January, and she’s sticking with it!! Woo hoo!) Now I like her 🙂 (though before this, I had no idea she existed – lol)

And she said she’s not an exercising-person, which made me feel glad, because…me either!! I would go once in a while when I have time, but otherwise, no. 🙂

Buys after Christmas:

New Camera Case from Target

Christmas 033

Right when I got a fancy one (which turns out to be $20.99! Holy wow! That’s quite expensive! 8O), why get this one?! BECAUSE I WANT TO HAVE IT AROUND MY NECK SO I WON’T LOSE IT!!!! I don’t want to lose my camera again, and if I had it around my neck, I’ll always have it safely, so that’s why!!

The black string attached on the photo is the part that’s going to go around my neck. Right now, I’m hanging it down from a door knob so the string would straighten out. 🙂

I really love the pink and the floweriness! It’s very fitting to my hand, too!! 🙂 The inside is orange, with a pocket for a memory card or two. 🙂

And a DS game holder!!

Christmas 034

Recently, I’ve been getting more games than I would have ever thought I’d have. (I’m not a big DS-game player. My brother is, though!) But now that my brother got me M&L RPG 3 AND 2 (I know, different names in English, but “RPG #” sounds easier!), I realized that I can’t just carry it in a case with one game holder in it. So I bought this. 🙂 (my brother has a ton, but he wouldn’t give it to me. Oh well. This was the kind I wanted anyways) 🙂 So a good buy this is!!

And now that pokemon Black is coming, I really do need a case! (because by then, I’ll have a total of 4 DS games.) That’s A LOT for me.

I like my Japanese games better 🙂 Because by the way they talk (“dialects”), you can tell soooooooooo much about that person! That gets erased in English, so when I played M&L 2×2, it made me a little sad. 😦 I wanted to know how each person was speaking. (so on the opposite hand, M&L 3 was really fun! The guy’s talking in an Osaka-dialect!! Awesome for a game right there!!!)

And today, we watched this cute movie!!

Christmas 030

I’ve actually never seen a pooh movie, so I got to know the characters a lot better than I knew of them!! (then my bf slept…Oh well. He’s cute) 🙂 It was really nice of them to try to be Tigger’s family, and I teared up a little when he realized that his “family” was there aaallll along…:)

Now I have to go finish my homework that my lil’ brother gave to me out of no where! (he got it last week and…forgot to give it to me!) I thought I was finshed, but apparently not! 😀 I will finish it tomorrow, and perhaps go buy copics!!

To-Do This Week:

  • Buy Black, Red, Yellow, (and perhaps skin color) Copics
  • Finish Japanese homework (math 1 & maybe 2, final writing, and history test – ahhhhhhhhhhh!! At least it’s take-home for me!) 😀
  • Call J. (Sorry!)
  • Go to the dentist for rubber bands!! (10 Tues!)

My relative went to Egypt!! Holy OMG!!! I’m not interested in the sphyinx; I love PYRAMIDS!!!

I set up the desktop for my new camera today, so that was an accomplishment! Doing it in Japanese took about twice as much (and it came out in all question marks), so I reinstalled it (after un-installing it) in English, and much better!

Yesterday’s dinner was at Teapot, and we got “Fried Chicken” and Phad See Yew! My mom sure loves Phad, and my bf suureeee loves Fried food!! 😀

I’m okay with both, but honestly, I like miso soup the best! 🙂 Ooh, and chocolate too!


I’ve been enjoying this for the last couple of days, because it’s just like Nutella, but vegan, and it’s like Justin’s nut butter, but better, because it’s nut-free!! 😀

Easy Chocolate Spread


  • 1/2 bag of chocolate chips
  • 3-5 tbsp of coconut butter


  1. Scoop coconut butter into microwave-safe bowl and melt it in the microwave (time depends on micro – I did it for a minute and it started to burn)
  2. Dump CC into melted coconut butter and microwave it for about 40 seconds.
  3. There may be CC left, but don’t worry. Stir the mixture, keeping in mind that you’re trying to melt the CC. It DOES melt, but if it doesn’t, feel free to put it in the microwave and micro it for 10 or so seconds.
  4. Stir until CC chunks are gone, and that’s it!
  5. (opt) Put it in fridge to make it a little bit hard and more like a “spread” (because it’s really liquidy right after it’s done)

Christmas 020


Christmas 021

Very convenient, too! I put this in a regular container and took it with me, bought bread (we were out), and spread it in the car! No wasting container (like those squeezable Justin’s nut butter), and because it’s made of coconut butter, it’s easy to wash off! (compared to pure ONLY chocolate melted. Those are SUPER-hard to wash off!!)

I would eat this straight, but why would I do that? I’d rather just use it as a spread. 🙂 And this saves me from buying Cocoa bliss, because you can make chocolate spread with coconut butter, but you can’t make coconut butter with cocoa bliss! 🙂 (unless you can take out the “cocoa” part out of the “cocoa bliss”…Ha ha) 😀

And today, I wanted SOMETHING. Don’t know what, but I wanted SOMETHING. So I figured, lets make something!

Made Averie’s Raw Vegan Donut Holes, but the Flax Seeds weren’t sticking!!! (maybe because I didn’t use a FP to FP the seeds! :D) So then I thought: “What can I put in that would still be healthy and make this stick?”

BF: “…Agave?”

“Oooooooooooh, right!!” The wonderful sweetness of Agav! (like the “Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. My brother likes singing (and doing the cute dance – lol) at random times, and it makes me laugh every time! :D) So we squirted some (1 tbsp?), and FPed it. Got better, but still not sticky enough.

The light bulb went on: “Butter? No. Coconut Chocolate Spread!!!!!!”

So I put the left over from today’s lunch (about 3-4 tbsp) in the FP with the Flaxseed mixture. (note: melt it before using, because it hardens pretty good)

“FP, GO!!” Then I let the FP run for a minute or so, and voila! It was PER-fect! Started rolling into balls (Michael, don’t wash your hand with dish soap next time – lol), and bam!! Cocoa powder-free (my body doesn’t work with it), chocolate doughnut holes!!

Christmas 032 Yields 13

This was good, but maybe I should buy the finely-grounded flax seed instead, because the pieces are still a little too big! 🙂 Lesson learned!

Next, recent buys!

Gifts I Received!

I realized that the days up til Christmas is more fun than the actual day of Christmas. I like the spirit and the atmosphere people and the city provide. 🙂 I’m still listening to Christmas songs! (Glad Warm 106.9 still has their Listen Live stream player!) Obviously this isn’t live, but that doesn’t matter. I like Christmas songs and that’s that. 🙂

On Christmas day, I woke up around 9 and didn’t fall back asleep. 🙂 (usually would, because there’s no school, but Christmas day is one of those days where I should get up early, so everyone can open their presents)

Gifts I received…

From Santa are: A Nikon Coolpix 3000 (which didn’t let me get a photo off of the internet),

Christmas 001

A Strawberry Cream lip gloss (the box was from my boyfriend; he worked so hard writing my name in kanji!! That touched me a lot!! Good job, Michael!)

Christmas 005

a pink scarf from old navy that’s about 2 ft long (and it’s a whole hoopy-loop; not a long string, but more like a hoop),

Christmas 042

super warm-looking socks (x3),

Christmas 041

and Paul Frank’s pj pants.

Christmas 040

 Christmas 006

From my boyfriend: a peta2 I Am Not a Nugget pencil box (just the pencil box – which came with the box and these cute pencils) and a peta2 notebook,

Christmas 010

a PETA reusable tote bag,

Christmas 015

a Vegan Tunic Sweater (sooooooooooooo cute and suuuuper warm!! I LOVE it!!),

001 (2) 004 003

and a hand-made bracelet in a handmade gift box made out of old greeting cards! (First I thought it was a gift that his sister got and gave it to me – I thought that because of the box. Sorry! And the types of beads, colors, and the pattern shows his personality, and it represents me really good! I love it!!)

Christmas 012

From my brother: Mario and Luigi Partners in Time (OMG I LOVE M&L RPG games!! I’ve played all of them (1-3), and this is the cutest!!!)

Now the peta2 notebook is $0.49, and the peta2 pencil box set is $1.99!!! What a rip off deal!!! 😀 People, buy things AFTER Christmas!!! 😀

Eats on Christmas was like this:

Christmas 002

Bunch of junky food, but oh well. 🙂 I had pancakes instead.



Christmas 003


Christmas 037

Ta-da!! I took off the tape today!! I really wanted to, and it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. 🙂

Other side:

Christmas 038

This side was the better side. (because the other side had more move-arounds to do) I’m glad I’m healing! (but needs to put on ice pack more…)

Cute eat before surgury:

Car 031

Vegan Snowman Marshmellow!! Mmm, it was soooooooooft!

Now, I’m able to eat food like this:

Christmas 028

Japanese Seaweed + Salt potato chips. Each chips had lots of seaweed on it, and it was very salty. 🙂 (my bf likes American Potato chips better)


Christmas 025

Haupia – Hawaiian Coconut “jello”. It tastes like coconut!! But not super-strong, so I’m okay with it. 🙂

This isn’t a blog. This is where I keep the record of ME. Solo for ME; only for ME. If anyone wants to see/read it, go ahead. Feel free, but, THIS IS FOR ME. 🙂

Recipe post next!

I Know What to Write! Product Reviews!!

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

First of all, I added some new drawings on my Artworks Page!

One of the “most searched” things on my blog was this drawing below, so I put it under the Artworks page, so you don’t have to go find it. 🙂

I’m actually really happy that this one’s popular. (^^)

I’ve been into making some pancakes recently (reasons to come…later. Maybe), but I just don’t get when to flip it!!! D: 90% of the time, it ends up being burnt :/ Tips anyone??

Oh! I know what else to write about! 😀 I’ve been enjoying some new products.

Fruit of the Earth’s Vitamin E skin care cream! It contains ingredients that are pronounceable (yeay!), it smells really good (lotion smell, but not strong at all), and it’s working very good on my skin!!! 😀 You can get it at Bartell Drugs or any other drug store 🙂

And EOS‘s Vanilla lipbalm!!!

Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Stick

This company’s lip balm products are  95% organic, 100% natural, not tested on animals, weird chemicals (paraben, petrolium, pthalate)-free, and it lasts for a while!!! 😀 It has a sweet, vanilla scent, and it’s not strong on the lips.

I’ve also tried their Summer Fruit Lip balm

Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm Stick

and Sweet Mint

Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm Stick

I recommend the Summer Fruit lip balm if you love fruity flavors, and I recommend the Sweet Mint if you’re REALLY into STRONG mint flavors!! This was too strong for me, so I’m going to stick with the Summer Fruit and Vanilla Beans.

They are on a bit pricy side for a lip balm (ranges I’ve seen are from $2.99 to $3.49), but they are worth it for their quality, and how it’s not tested on animals! 🙂 They also have Pomegranate Raspberry and Sweet Mint for the smooth stick, and Lemon Drop spf 15, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Medicated Tangerine for the smooth sphere. 🙂 I personally like the smooth sphere (the round lip balm) more, because you get 3 more grams (4g vs 7g) than the smooth stick for the same price!! 😀 I’m cheap like that 😉

What lip balms do you use? Any one’s that you recommend? I hear people like Burt’s Bee and Kiss My Face, but for anyone who uses those, how is it?

For my vegan life style, I like Merry Hempster’s Lip balms too! They are available at Whole Foods for $2.49 each. 🙂

Merry Hempsters Vegan Hemp Lip Balm Vanilla Product Details Product Details Product Details

From left to right: Vanilla, Lemon and Lime, Peppermint, and Orange. Some of them have sunscreen protection (spf 15) in it, which I am more than certain that I’m allergic to, I can’t use, and they irritate the skin. But flavor-wise, lemon and lime and orange are pretty tasty, peppermint isn’t as strong as Sweet Mint from above, and this vanilla tastes more laid back then the vanilla beans mentioned above.

This company makes “OrganicandVegan” lip balms, so read carefully to find which one you want (because the organic one is NOT vegan).

That’s it for my product reviews today! After Christmas, I’m going to bust out my camera, take photos, and I’m going to give you a quiz, so be looking forward to it! 😀

The weather’s nice, and I’m off to being a stalker secret santa for my bestie who let me use her oven on a school night! 😉

Have a good day and thanks for coming! 🙂

I Have to Ask…

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

I haven’t been around recently. But in those “recent” times, I was browsing through google reader, and I wondered…

Should I really post about what happens in my life?

I mean, do other people out there care? Is anybody curious about it?

Me? I love reading about other people’s lives! Then, I get to see what they’re doing, and make interesting finds!

This is my answer, but just because this is what I think, it’s not going to be true for every single person.

So I have to ask, do you want to know what happens in my life?

That’s it for today. I’m going to go off to wonderland 🙂 Good night and thanks for coming!

P.S: My mom Santa got me a new camera! I’m super-excited to using it! 😀

How to “Become Lucky”

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

Today for me was a good, nice ‘n’ sunny, warm, and cosy day. It was super-sunny, and that lifted up my mood from all the final studying + α! A daily dose of sunshine gives me a good, positive energy. What gives you good energy?

I was reading through last month’s edition of Women’s Health (I subscribed to it last month, and November and December’s edition came in the mail today – yay!), and I came accross an article that caught my eyes:

“Make Your Own Luck”

I really wanted to share this you all because it’s so easy and true! Who has to be “born lucky” in order to be lucky? FYI, you ARE already lucky to begin with!

The first step here says “Consider yourself lucky; people who consider themselves lucky actually tend to be.” They are more likely to “pounce on them (the fortuitous situations) when they arise.” So keep your eyes opened for those little “daily happinesses” that arise! 😉

Also, “Shift your focus. Being willing to explore unforeseen opportunities can lead to different and unexpected outcomes…and sometimes better results in the long run.” This also goes hand-in-hand is “Break familiar patterns.”

Easygoing people who have more of a go-with-the-flow approach to life…open themselves up to more opportunities and fortuitous encounters“.

So, rather than sticking to your “I have to do this this this and this every single day” list, why not shuffle your daily schedule deck and try something new?

Instead of looking at those assignments/jobs/tasks you have to do, think about all the things you already accomplished in the week/day and say “Well heck, I’ll do this and this instead, because I worked hard already this week/today on such and such.” May be hard, but if it’s something you have to get done, you will. 🙂 (true for me and my chemisty homework! Ha ha!)

Going back to the main subject; to be lucky, consider and believe that you are! No other way to accomplish something than to believe in that you can!

We are ALL lucky, you know! Just think and list all the things that you have!

  • you can get up and go to bed without worrying that you’re might not see the next day
  • you have access to food basically no matter where you are!
  • you have access to water!
  • you have eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, teeth, hands, arms, legs, a stomach, lungs; you have a body that you can move around in!
  • you have a home to live safely in
  • you have a computer/phone/ipad that saves your butt in your daily lives
  • you have a car/matter of transportation that can take you places
  • you can buy things to make yourself happy/beautiful
  • you can breathe clean air
  • you can sense all the beautiful things out there in the world
  • you have time that you can spend however you want
  • you have the ability and the power to dream and make those dreams come true

There’s just so many things out there that you have, and it’s fortunate because in some parts of the world, not everybody has this!!! Please take a look at what you have and consider yourself lucky!!

Just the fact that we can live everyday, worry-free,  is super lucky. So take a moment to see what you have, and consider having those little things “lucky”. And hey, you never know. Maybe you’ll become even luckier. 😉

Okey, that’s all I wanted to share with you all! Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you have any “tricks” to increase your luck? Please share!

Thanks for reading and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂


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