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How to “Become Lucky”

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

Today for me was a good, nice ‘n’ sunny, warm, and cosy day. It was super-sunny, and that lifted up my mood from all the final studying + α! A daily dose of sunshine gives me a good, positive energy. What gives you good energy?

I was reading through last month’s edition of Women’s Health (I subscribed to it last month, and November and December’s edition came in the mail today – yay!), and I came accross an article that caught my eyes:

“Make Your Own Luck”

I really wanted to share this you all because it’s so easy and true! Who has to be “born lucky” in order to be lucky? FYI, you ARE already lucky to begin with!

The first step here says “Consider yourself lucky; people who consider themselves lucky actually tend to be.” They are more likely to “pounce on them (the fortuitous situations) when they arise.” So keep your eyes opened for those little “daily happinesses” that arise! 😉

Also, “Shift your focus. Being willing to explore unforeseen opportunities can lead to different and unexpected outcomes…and sometimes better results in the long run.” This also goes hand-in-hand is “Break familiar patterns.”

Easygoing people who have more of a go-with-the-flow approach to life…open themselves up to more opportunities and fortuitous encounters“.

So, rather than sticking to your “I have to do this this this and this every single day” list, why not shuffle your daily schedule deck and try something new?

Instead of looking at those assignments/jobs/tasks you have to do, think about all the things you already accomplished in the week/day and say “Well heck, I’ll do this and this instead, because I worked hard already this week/today on such and such.” May be hard, but if it’s something you have to get done, you will. 🙂 (true for me and my chemisty homework! Ha ha!)

Going back to the main subject; to be lucky, consider and believe that you are! No other way to accomplish something than to believe in that you can!

We are ALL lucky, you know! Just think and list all the things that you have!

  • you can get up and go to bed without worrying that you’re might not see the next day
  • you have access to food basically no matter where you are!
  • you have access to water!
  • you have eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, teeth, hands, arms, legs, a stomach, lungs; you have a body that you can move around in!
  • you have a home to live safely in
  • you have a computer/phone/ipad that saves your butt in your daily lives
  • you have a car/matter of transportation that can take you places
  • you can buy things to make yourself happy/beautiful
  • you can breathe clean air
  • you can sense all the beautiful things out there in the world
  • you have time that you can spend however you want
  • you have the ability and the power to dream and make those dreams come true

There’s just so many things out there that you have, and it’s fortunate because in some parts of the world, not everybody has this!!! Please take a look at what you have and consider yourself lucky!!

Just the fact that we can live everyday, worry-free,  is super lucky. So take a moment to see what you have, and consider having those little things “lucky”. And hey, you never know. Maybe you’ll become even luckier. 😉

Okey, that’s all I wanted to share with you all! Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you have any “tricks” to increase your luck? Please share!

Thanks for reading and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂


Glad You’re Back, Mangaka!

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

I have to say, I’ve been mia around the blog world recently. But perhaps this shows my growth of not relying on the social media? (Which I consider is a good thing) 😉

How was your Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Did you get anything cool and shanzzy? I sure did!

My aunt gave me a $50 gift card for Macy’s (as a super-belated grad present), and the next day (Black Friday), I spent most of it! 😀 Hey, there was a good deal on this machine, so it’s perfectly okay! 😉


Ta-daaaaa!!!!! A Bella Cucina 700 Watt Juice Extractor!!! Holy wow!! I wanted a juicer for over 2 years, and FINALLY!! I got one!! 😀 (when Michael and I went to buy it, we felt like we were newly weds because we had such a big item!!) 😉

It was originally $79.99, and it was 50% off!! (and we made it just in time for the “morning special” without even knowing it! ;)) So (+ tax) $43 it was! 😀 Pretty sweet deal, ain’t it?

Now to the title: For me, it’s quite exciting, because I’ve been waiting for it to come back for a good 1 year-and a little.

In my junior year, I was drawing manga (Japanese comic) like CRAZY (regardless of how much hw I had for AP US History, which was scary).

But in my senior year, I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. I was thinking of the plot for the new manga, but I just couldn’t come up with it. (plus for us, deciding the whole “college” thing) So then, I lost my “mangaka (manga artist/cartoonist) soul”. This was sad because that (aka drawing) is a big part of me.

But I didn’t want to completely lose my drawing soul, so I kept on drawing something. (Hoping I would get my “mangaka soul” back soon)



Then one day, somebody pointed out “You seem sad”.

I didn’t realize then, but I was. (again, due to the whole “college” thing) Even though that was all I was drawing, I still wanted to draw something. So I let everything happen, and let time pass, hoping time will heal my pain. (and the lack of wanting to draw manga)

So improvements DO happen over time:


(okay, okay. I was drawing Yu-Gi-Oh! because I like it, and drawing something I knew made me feel better)

And guess what. Yesterday, FINALLY the day came: I started to get a super-jumbo-mumbo jar full of inspiration, just pouring out of my head!!! This was so fun, awesome, and just plain joy for me, because I haven’t gotten this overflowing-inspiration in over a year, and it’s here!!!!!! Me being able to come up with a story from beginning to end completely is pure happiness!!! Feeding your hobby-heart with joy is important too, you know! (so sometimes, put work + “manditory chores” off to the side and let your hobby soul flow with joy!!)

So now, I have a full-length, 28-pages of manga rough draft in my notebook, and I’m super-excited to work on it!! (it may or may not be posted here, but I’m more than sure that you can find it online) 😉

I’m glad that my Mangaka soul is back, and I learned from experience (for like the 40 billionth time) “If you let time pass, things will heal/get better” Oh, hi Michael! I’m sure YOU know what I’m talking about! Ha ha! 😀

Yeay for my drawing/mangaka spirit to be back!!!!

So now, slowly, I’m going to start working on my manga! (not sending in to a big company. Just for fun; for my friends, and for me to recover from losing my spirit!) 😀

Do you want to see it? (It’s Yu-Gi-Oh! fan manga) If you do, the whole thing, parts or doodles of it?

I hope you’ll have a good rest of the day and thanks for coming! 🙂


Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

Me? I don’t have a lab today (labs on Monday from 8 – 10:50) due to the fact that this week is Thanksgiving break week. (yeay!) I’m excited to get SOME STUFF DONE! lol What are you doing over your Thanksgiving break?

Same thing as last time. Why? It’s an easier way for me to write a journal/diary, I guess. (Writing does take longer, and I like typing) And I won’t be wasting paper, too 🙂 So if you want to translate, please go here. (just to tell you, I have good stuff on there. I know I can explain/talk about it better in Japanese, so if you want to learn, might as well translate to see what this girl has to say.)









プラスに「別に気にすることでもないし~。なんでこんなに気にしてんだぁ~?(笑)」と楽観的に考えたほうが自分のためにもなるし、自分の心と体も喜びますよ♪ 気にしてるほうが大変で、自分を押さえ込んでしまいますよ♪





Thanks for coming and have a good day! 🙂

P.S: Don’t forget Katie’s giveaway!



Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

Guess what! It snowed today!! (and I re-realized that I don’t like it because…it’s cold!) I miss summer (and warm weather in general) already!

Okay, the title’s in Japanese because I feel like writing in Japanese. I feel like this would explain my feelings better than English. If you want to know what I wrote, please go here (or any other translating website) and translate it.


















そんなとこも、「自分」なんだから。 ;)




Thanks for coming and have a good day! 🙂

P.S: Katie’s having a giveaway!

Doubt Yourself, and You Doubt Everyone!

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

Me? I’m doing fine, but #^&@* things been happening to me in the last…week! Just in this week, I was vandalized TWICE!! Crazy I tell you!! And it’s been…frustrating.

First was when I came back on Sunday, my “How I’m Environmentally-Friendly” list was removed, with a note saying “Your poster was vandalized, come talk to me for more info”. So I did, and apparently super-mean things along the line of “Caring for the environment is such a waste of time and is stupid.” (note: everything – posters and drawings – are/were on my door.)

Okay, so that was dumb, and yeah I told the RA, but I personally didn’t bother, because it wasn’t that important of a thing for me. And guess what? Today, when I was out of my room for 4 hours, someone wrote ON MY ARTWORK. Officially, they have crossed the line. I was NOT a happy girl. (and on the original copy, too. If it was a scanned-then-printed one, I wouldn’t be as mad) They wrote: “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” (put the first letter of the each word together and see what it really says) Below is the scanned artwork.

Long and upsetting story short, these are the things that happened. BUT me being me, I was anaylizing why this happened. (over-thinker, much? I know, and I’m proud of it.) 🙂

Why me? What did I do? What was it that I did bad?” I asked mysef. But in (my) a way, it made sense to me. (refer to title here)

Recently, I’ve been doubting myself like crazy. (Believing in myself is a huuuuuuuuuuuge task for me. My life mission, I shall say. :)) About…stuff. (ex: not trusting that I locked my door. And I KNOW that I unintentionally check and lock my door) Why? Um…a sign that I’m going to be able to trust myself in the future, is how I’m interpreting all this.

Vandalizing: anyone can be the one who did it. I don’t know who, but it could be anyone, right? So I saw (my own) a connection about me and these “events” happening to me.

“Maybe…maybe, because I’m not trusting myself, I’m not able to trust my actions nor the people around me.”

Yes yes, confidence is important. But ever since I was little, it was low. And now, I have to slowly get it back up. From what I’ve been learning in life for the last 5 years, the quote up there was what I came up with.

The world is like a mirror; what you do comes back to you (Karma). Because I don’t/didn’t believe/trust myself, I’m not being able to trust my own actions/people around me. Okay, so now what Sagojyou?

I have to trust myself. I have to trust that I did lock my doors. I have to trust that everything’s going to be okay.

I know I can’t see the future, and yes intuitions are right for a good amount of time, BUT, I KNOW from EXPERIENCE that sometimes, it can be wrong. I need to accept that, trust that (the fact that it can be wrong), and for my sake, believe in myself.

Isn’t life interesting? To succeed in it, we just have to follow the simple rules of life, but for some reason, it’s really hard to do so. 😉 (but if we can all live by the “ideal way of life”, I think the world would be corrupt…at least in the modern world.) 😉

So yeah! Sagojyou has to believe in herself, and I have to do it with confidence. Little by little, if I can do something that I promise to do, that would help me improve my self-confidence skill as a whole.

What I have found to work for me is that I make a list of stuff to do, and no matter how much I don’t feel like doing it (ex: homework), I DO it. No matter what. Then I realize that I feel really good about accomplishing it.

But if I leave it at there, that feeling would just fade away. SO, an advice to me and everybody else who needs the help I need (increasing self-confidence), WRITE WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED AND WRITE DOWN HOW GOOD YOU FEEL ABOUT IT. I’ve done it before for a little bit, and it helped me A LOT, because I then can remind myself how big of an accomplishment it was and how good I felt about it.

 BE PROUD OF THE LITTLE THINGS YOU ACCOMPLISH. It will make SO MUCH difference than to not give yourself credit for those “little things” you did. Hey, doing the dishes is a great thing you accomplished there; then the house is clean. 😉 Yeay for a clean house. 🙂

I’ll keep you all updated on how me putting up a drawing that I found a line art to online and colored it goes. 🙂 Please wish me that this whole, crazy vandalizm would stop soon, because I really don’t enjoy it!

Have a good day and thanks for coming! 😉

P.S: If you have a good tip or two about how to boost your self esteem/confidence, please share! I would LOVE to know how you are confident about yourself. 😉

Wasting Water – We Can Help!

Hi y’all! How are you doing today? 😉

Did you know that Today is Blog Action Day?  I found out through Girlie Girl Army and Big Green Purse‘s blog, and I wanted to help!

Water: The Earth needs it, and we need it; we all need it to live.

But did you know that almost one billion people (one out of eight) on’t have access to clean water?


It kills more people every year than any/all forms of violence, including war.

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation of two guys sitting in front of me. One guy (K) was eating mashed potatoes and meat. As he was eating it, he told the guy next to him (J), “Hey, did you know that at this rate (as in if we all continue a meat-eating diet), thw earth can’t sustain us? But if we all adapt a eastern/vegetarian diet, the earth is going to last a lot longer than as of now.”

Is this the reality? He knows thatt eating meat is bad for the planet, and yet he still does it? Why?

It takes so much water to live on a meat-based diet. (Warning: I am NOT attacking meat-eaters. I am saying what I think and what I know. You can eat whatever you want, that’s not my problem and it is your right to do so.)

Every second, animals produced for food in just the US produce 89000 pounds of waste (aka 130 times more than what’s produced in the country’s entire human population), and those usually leak into nearby bodies of water, contaiminating and making it nondrinkable.

FYI, It takes a BUTT LOAD OF WATER to keep a meat-eating diet.

Food Water Needed
to Produce
(in litres)
1 Glass of milk 200
Cup of Coffee 140
Bag of Chips 185
Slice of Bread 40
Egg 135
Apple 70
Hamburger 2,400 !!

It takes 4000 liters of water to produce one steak. If that much water was used for plants like grains and corns, fed to people instead of animals, that’s going to end world hunger.

Farmed animals use more than half of the water that’s consumed in the US.

Animal products use way more water than plant based products.

A meat-based diet takes up over 4000 gallons of water PER DAY, whereas a vegetarian diet takes only about 300 gallons.

In an average day, one person uses up about 90 gallons of water. And if that doesn’t include the water that’s needed to raise those meat for hamburgers, that’d be about 2500 gallons! With those first 90 gallons, you can fill your bathtub about 3000 times over, so with 2500 gallons, you can fill it 83333 times!! Crazy!!

If everyone can either cut their meat consumption or go vegetarian, that would save water, land, harms to animals, and paying excessive tax to the meat industry. (If we don’t pay tax for meat, an average price for a hamburger would be $35. So meat eaters, thank those veg*ns who are paying for your food.)

The environment is falling. It’s because humans are killing it. So WE should take responsibility to HELP.

We can all help by cutting down on te meat consumption, going vegetarian, and/or going vegan.

Of course, there’s other ways to save water (ie: taking a shorter shower), but from an AR’s point of view, I like not eating meat. 🙂

How do you save water?

Thanks for coming and have a good day! 🙂

Finally Food and Where I’m Going

Hi everyone! How are you today? 😉

Ever since losing my camera, I couldn’t keep a record of the yummy eats I’ve been having. (I have A LOT) Like Cookies from Alternative Baking Company,

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter,

(This is just like Nutella!!!! I’m glad there’s a vegan version of it!) 🙂 With little bits of hazelnut in it, it’s pretty good for a chocolate and/or hazelnut lovers!!

Because my mom’s been worrying about me losing my hair (“because you’re not getting enough nutrients”), I bought Manitoba Harvest’s Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein and VegLife‘s Vegan One Multiple.


The powder is very chocolatey, but it’s a little hard to dissolve it in soymilk. (but does great in water.) So for a smoothie, I recommened using water instead of dairy-free milk.

Ha ha, the powder was on sale for $12, but we went to Trader Joes and found the almost EXACT same product (with super-close ingredients and nutritional stats) for $7. Next time, that’s where I’m getting my protein. 😉

The Multiple seems to be working pretty good. It’s iron-free, and now I don’t have to take 3 different suppliements! 😀

I’ve never tried Hemp Milk before, so I gave Living Harvest’s Tempt Vanilla Hemp Milk a try with Nature’s Path Pumpin Flax Plus Granola!!! 😀 (Hemp on hemp. Lots of hemp, I know) 😉

 +  = VERY HEMP-Y!!!

The Tempt Hemp Milk was very runny/watery compared to soy milk; it reminded me of Rice Dream’s Rice Milk. The pumkin granola has a little “pumpkin flavor” to it; it’s great for this season, right? (Gosh, everyone likes pumpkins in the fall.) 🙂 Me? I prefer the original granola and summer 🙂

Because I bought a little too many boxes of the Hemp Granola, I decided to make Chocolate Turtles out of it! I used Kris’ recipe, but I tweeked it a little bit to meet my needs. 😉

Miho’s Hemp Seed Chocolate Clusters:

  • 1/2 cup of Hemp Granola
  • 1/2 cup Sunflower butter (I had it for the first time and it reminded me of Kinako! It’s soybean powder with added sugar to give it sweetness; usually put on rice cakes/mochi) 🙂
  • 1/4 cup Agave Nectar (or Maple Syrup)
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp Sea Salt
  • 1/2 bar Dark Chocolate


  1. Put Nut Butter, Agave, Vanilla, and Sea Salt into a pan and heat it over medium high.
  2. When the texture changes into a chunky/caremel-like blob, remove pan from heat, put the granola in and stir.
  3. Using a spoon, scoop a blob and place it on a cookie sheet (depends on how big the blob is; I made about 24) and put it in the freezer for 10- 15 minutes.
  4. Melt the chocolate bar, take #3 out of the freezer, pour the melted chocolate over it, and put it back in the freezer (or fridge) until chocolate hardens. (I was too impatient the first time, so I put the semi-melted chocolate bar into the mixture. Then the cluster turned brown!) 😀
  5. When ready, eat up!

I didn’t have enough chocolate because I used the leftover from what I ate, so some of them are choco-less. (but still good and nutty if you like that! :D) This was really good, and next time, maybe I’ll use Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and/or definitely have more chocolate on top! 😀

(the picture above was taken with the laptop camera)

Yesterday, I felt like going to the near-by Co-op (though I went the day before. I never get tired of going there. It’s like Whole Foods; less expensive!), and I totally scored on Larabars!!! $0.99 each, and jocalat bars for $1.19 each!!

Somebody seems to have filled up their stash a little too much. 😉 13 A good amount of larabars isn’t a bad thing, right? 😉 (and it was only $14 total!) (I like Luna bars more persay, but it’s pricy there. I’d rather get it at TJ’s then)

School-wise, it’s been awesome! I’ve been going to the REC center these days, and I’m enjoying my exercises and sweating like crazy with my face all apple-red from running/jogging a mile!! (a mile in 10 minutes for a non-exerciser/runner is pretty good, I think) I’ve been enjoying testing different workouts and equipments. 🙂

I’m getting the hang of college. I’ve been doing fairly well on tests, and my self-confident is slowly building up.

Speaking of that, I’ve been showing more graditude than I do now. I’m reading a great Japanese book called The Way of Thanks.


It explains the importance of saying “thank you” and showing gratitude. In my opinion, this book seems a little pushy about how you should say “thank you” 1000 or even 3000 times. But the point-being is that it’s important to appriciate what you have (from eyes, nose, hands, arms to a house, car, food, etc.). Kris speaks about gratitude in her post as well.

I can see/feel myself growing as a person, and I think I’m going to come out as a better person than I am right now in 4 years. (4 years as in finishing college) I’m just thankful that I’m able to live right now. 🙂

What are you grateful for? Do you show gratitude? To who?

I show gratitude to everyone who has a connection to me and everything else around me.  🙂

Thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of your day!



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