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Weekly Purchases!

I love shopping (grocery, for fun…any type is welcome!)!


From Trader Joe’s and the local Food Co-Op. (I love their goodies!!!!!)

TJ’s has the best chocolate soymilk ever.


Not too thick like the Silk Chocolate soy milk; juuuuuuuuuust right. 🙂 And each is only $1.69!! That’s pretty cheap/afforadable! 😀


Brownie (without the cinammon – tastes 100 times better!!), PBChocolate bar, and Bobo’s Oat Bars. (Chocolate for me, PB for him) 🙂 My bf ate both the PB bars in one day! What a peanut butter monster he is 🙂 (the girl on the Oat Bars is really cute!) 🙂 They seem to have lots of other flavors, like Almond, Apricot, Banana, Coconut, and much more!!

Got luna bars in a box for the first time ever.


15 in each. It’s the same price no matter how you buy it 🙂 This is my emergency food, in case the school loses power or something.  🙂


Do you think I got this at the food co-op? Nope! Actually from Trader Joe’s, too! (The food co-op has it for $3.75-ish) While at Trader Joe’s, it’s $2.99!!!


Same thing with these tooth brushes! It was also $2.99 at TJ’s!!! (around $4 at the co-op!) 😯 Recently, throwing stuff away was becoming a concern for me (thinking about how it stays in the landfill) I can recycle these at the Preserve Gimme 5 located at Whole Foods. 🙂 I can recycle any “5” marked containers here (like hummus containers, yogurt containers, etc.) too!! Awesome program!!

This video we watched in English got me thinking about it. (“This is not an environmental class!” is what my teacher likes to say)  I decided to make as much toiletry products (shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc.) that I can, because really, I think that now is the right time to stop being selfish and think about what’s happening to the planet! **DIY Lip balm post to come!!

As of now, I already use homemade conditioner. (2 tbsp apple cider vinegar + 5 seconds squirt of lemon juice + water) This has been working out really good for me. It’s actually helping my hair grow faster!!! I was surprised by this result, so I recommend people using it and continue using it!

This video got me thinking: “What the heck are all those chemicals that I’m putting on my head?!” Looking at the ingredients and searching what they were, they were actually petroleum!!!! Scary? Yes. Want something better? Yes. Apple cider it is? YES!!!


Buys Round 2. The chocolate chips and coconut butter were used to make my Nut Free Chocolate Coconut Butter Spread.


I love big clips: I like paper clips!!! They keep everything organized, don’t they? 😉

New Finds and Eats!!!


Finally found the Chocolate Dipped Coconut!!!! And I found Chocolate Chunk, too!! (WF’s was doing a beauty section make-over) The Coconut one was great! The taste and smell of coconut was good, but it was very oily 🙂 (photos to come soon!) The Chocolate Chunk tasted like coffee!! Yes it is chocolate, but it had a slight coffee taste. Coffee-lovers might  like it 🙂

This local bakery reopens on February 1st!!!


They have vegan pretzels, and I want to go check ’em out! 🙂

And I hope this weather comes back soon!


Upcoming posts:

  • Eats for the week + Product Reviews!
  • Da Weather around here
  • Cooking and Bread baking-buys!
  • DIY Lip Balm Recipe and the Soap Store!

Sushi is Good!

I love when it’s sunny


But it’s very snowy right now 😦 I hope it melts soon so we won’t  slip ‘n’ slide on the streets!

I got a haircut on the 2nd of this month. 🙂


That’s a lot of hair gone! (12 inches + -ish?) I really wanted to donate it, so (without giving second thoughts – like usual. Ha ha) before I left for my dorm, I went to Great Clips and got it cut. 🙂 (I don’t really care where I go to get a haircut because I go maybe around every two or so years.) I hope they can make a nice wig out of it, because I was growing it out for a loooooooooong time! 🙂

Didn’t get this photo in time, but


A traditional Southern soup my BF’s mom made. For New Years 🙂 It tasted bitter and strong; never tasted something like this before. 🙂

And my dinner on Sunday. Because I come back from home to my dorm, I usually feel like not going to the dining hall and just enjoy eating in my room watching tv. 🙂


The amount of fries they gave me was scary – it took me two days to finish it! Ha ha! 😀

I’ve made a whole container of this as well.


Nut-free Easy Chocolate Spread. Never hurts to have it! You can roll these into balls or put them in molds and freeze it to make a little snack, too! I tried it, and it’s pretty tasty! 😀 Ahh, the chocolate!

When I came home, I got a letter from three sisters. I emailed them asking if their chocolate oatmeal was vegan (and it’s not). They emailed me back saying no, but I got this in the mail!


Coupons! They actually gave me an extra 75 cents off coupon. Whoops 🙂 But that’s okay. I’ll be using it. 🙂

So about the title. For my grandpa’s birthday, we had a sushi party!! 😀 Who doesn’t enjoy that? 😉


From the left: Brown rice with rice vinegar, vegan tuna, edamame, nori, salmon, romaine hearts, cheese cake (a little hidden behind the romaine hearts, sea breambrown rice with vinegar, and nori. (<- on both sides of the table because it’s a pain to reach over to the other side) 🙂

Close-up of my side:


Vegan tuna:


It’s vegan tuna + vegan mayo to be more specific 😀 This one tasted better than the one you can get at Whole Foods. (I get headaches when I have theirs – lol – too much chemicals, perhaps)

I bought this cheese to go with the sushi.


Who thought sushi with cheese was good?! I liked it!! 😀 It gave it a mild taste!

And pickled plum paste + sushi = Heaven!! 😀


Yeay for sushi mats because then it can be made perfect! 🙂


I was too busy eating to shoot photos everytime. Ha ha 😀

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!!!! 🙂

Recent Buys and a Cute Movie!

A few buys before and after Christmas, because I needed/wanted them. 😉

Before Christmas: Shirt from Kohl’s

Christmas 014

THIS IS SO CUTE!!!! AND I LOVE WHAT IT SAYS!!! I was looking for an inspiring shirt, and when I found this, I HAD (WANTED?) to get it, so it was mine! A bit on the pricy side ($15.95?), and the shirt is veeeeeeery thin, but it’s still cute and I will wear this so much that it will be worth the money!! 🙂 (thank you, dad!!) This shirt totally sounds like me, and I really LOVE it!!

And this month’s Women’s Health came in on Christmas Eve (great timing, huh?)

Christmas 017

Olivia (on cover) is VEGAN!!! I realized that the second time around reading this magazine!!! (she went vegan last January, and she’s sticking with it!! Woo hoo!) Now I like her 🙂 (though before this, I had no idea she existed – lol)

And she said she’s not an exercising-person, which made me feel glad, because…me either!! I would go once in a while when I have time, but otherwise, no. 🙂

Buys after Christmas:

New Camera Case from Target

Christmas 033

Right when I got a fancy one (which turns out to be $20.99! Holy wow! That’s quite expensive! 8O), why get this one?! BECAUSE I WANT TO HAVE IT AROUND MY NECK SO I WON’T LOSE IT!!!! I don’t want to lose my camera again, and if I had it around my neck, I’ll always have it safely, so that’s why!!

The black string attached on the photo is the part that’s going to go around my neck. Right now, I’m hanging it down from a door knob so the string would straighten out. 🙂

I really love the pink and the floweriness! It’s very fitting to my hand, too!! 🙂 The inside is orange, with a pocket for a memory card or two. 🙂

And a DS game holder!!

Christmas 034

Recently, I’ve been getting more games than I would have ever thought I’d have. (I’m not a big DS-game player. My brother is, though!) But now that my brother got me M&L RPG 3 AND 2 (I know, different names in English, but “RPG #” sounds easier!), I realized that I can’t just carry it in a case with one game holder in it. So I bought this. 🙂 (my brother has a ton, but he wouldn’t give it to me. Oh well. This was the kind I wanted anyways) 🙂 So a good buy this is!!

And now that pokemon Black is coming, I really do need a case! (because by then, I’ll have a total of 4 DS games.) That’s A LOT for me.

I like my Japanese games better 🙂 Because by the way they talk (“dialects”), you can tell soooooooooo much about that person! That gets erased in English, so when I played M&L 2×2, it made me a little sad. 😦 I wanted to know how each person was speaking. (so on the opposite hand, M&L 3 was really fun! The guy’s talking in an Osaka-dialect!! Awesome for a game right there!!!)

And today, we watched this cute movie!!

Christmas 030

I’ve actually never seen a pooh movie, so I got to know the characters a lot better than I knew of them!! (then my bf slept…Oh well. He’s cute) 🙂 It was really nice of them to try to be Tigger’s family, and I teared up a little when he realized that his “family” was there aaallll along…:)

Now I have to go finish my homework that my lil’ brother gave to me out of no where! (he got it last week and…forgot to give it to me!) I thought I was finshed, but apparently not! 😀 I will finish it tomorrow, and perhaps go buy copics!!

To-Do This Week:

  • Buy Black, Red, Yellow, (and perhaps skin color) Copics
  • Finish Japanese homework (math 1 & maybe 2, final writing, and history test – ahhhhhhhhhhh!! At least it’s take-home for me!) 😀
  • Call J. (Sorry!)
  • Go to the dentist for rubber bands!! (10 Tues!)

My relative went to Egypt!! Holy OMG!!! I’m not interested in the sphyinx; I love PYRAMIDS!!!

I set up the desktop for my new camera today, so that was an accomplishment! Doing it in Japanese took about twice as much (and it came out in all question marks), so I reinstalled it (after un-installing it) in English, and much better!

Yesterday’s dinner was at Teapot, and we got “Fried Chicken” and Phad See Yew! My mom sure loves Phad, and my bf suureeee loves Fried food!! 😀

I’m okay with both, but honestly, I like miso soup the best! 🙂 Ooh, and chocolate too!

Glad You’re Back, Mangaka!

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

I have to say, I’ve been mia around the blog world recently. But perhaps this shows my growth of not relying on the social media? (Which I consider is a good thing) 😉

How was your Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Did you get anything cool and shanzzy? I sure did!

My aunt gave me a $50 gift card for Macy’s (as a super-belated grad present), and the next day (Black Friday), I spent most of it! 😀 Hey, there was a good deal on this machine, so it’s perfectly okay! 😉


Ta-daaaaa!!!!! A Bella Cucina 700 Watt Juice Extractor!!! Holy wow!! I wanted a juicer for over 2 years, and FINALLY!! I got one!! 😀 (when Michael and I went to buy it, we felt like we were newly weds because we had such a big item!!) 😉

It was originally $79.99, and it was 50% off!! (and we made it just in time for the “morning special” without even knowing it! ;)) So (+ tax) $43 it was! 😀 Pretty sweet deal, ain’t it?

Now to the title: For me, it’s quite exciting, because I’ve been waiting for it to come back for a good 1 year-and a little.

In my junior year, I was drawing manga (Japanese comic) like CRAZY (regardless of how much hw I had for AP US History, which was scary).

But in my senior year, I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. I was thinking of the plot for the new manga, but I just couldn’t come up with it. (plus for us, deciding the whole “college” thing) So then, I lost my “mangaka (manga artist/cartoonist) soul”. This was sad because that (aka drawing) is a big part of me.

But I didn’t want to completely lose my drawing soul, so I kept on drawing something. (Hoping I would get my “mangaka soul” back soon)



Then one day, somebody pointed out “You seem sad”.

I didn’t realize then, but I was. (again, due to the whole “college” thing) Even though that was all I was drawing, I still wanted to draw something. So I let everything happen, and let time pass, hoping time will heal my pain. (and the lack of wanting to draw manga)

So improvements DO happen over time:


(okay, okay. I was drawing Yu-Gi-Oh! because I like it, and drawing something I knew made me feel better)

And guess what. Yesterday, FINALLY the day came: I started to get a super-jumbo-mumbo jar full of inspiration, just pouring out of my head!!! This was so fun, awesome, and just plain joy for me, because I haven’t gotten this overflowing-inspiration in over a year, and it’s here!!!!!! Me being able to come up with a story from beginning to end completely is pure happiness!!! Feeding your hobby-heart with joy is important too, you know! (so sometimes, put work + “manditory chores” off to the side and let your hobby soul flow with joy!!)

So now, I have a full-length, 28-pages of manga rough draft in my notebook, and I’m super-excited to work on it!! (it may or may not be posted here, but I’m more than sure that you can find it online) 😉

I’m glad that my Mangaka soul is back, and I learned from experience (for like the 40 billionth time) “If you let time pass, things will heal/get better” Oh, hi Michael! I’m sure YOU know what I’m talking about! Ha ha! 😀

Yeay for my drawing/mangaka spirit to be back!!!!

So now, slowly, I’m going to start working on my manga! (not sending in to a big company. Just for fun; for my friends, and for me to recover from losing my spirit!) 😀

Do you want to see it? (It’s Yu-Gi-Oh! fan manga) If you do, the whole thing, parts or doodles of it?

I hope you’ll have a good rest of the day and thanks for coming! 🙂

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