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Hey world! How are you doing today? 😉

First thing first, I absolutely HAVE to appriciate my girlfriend Michal for her most recent post. Because of her post, I’ve gotten AMAZINGLY inspired.

Yes I have my ups and downs, but I will consider myself a health freak, and I do what’s the best for myself. If I need to postpone from eating, I won’t eat a lot. And emotionally/mentally too; if I’m sad, I will cry until my eyes puff up. I’m fine with that, because that’s what I need to do, and I consider my soul/emotion/spiritual side waaaaaaaay more important than the outside world stuff (ex: education, money, power, “you-have-to-do-this-so-you-can-become-a-better-person-and-have-a-stable-job-and-future” kind of things)

So when Michal mentioned about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, there was no way for me NOT to jump in to it.

As I was watching it, I was ABSOLUTELY STUNNED. The kids had no idea what they were eating, and even the adults, who are SUPPOSED TO BE OUR ROLE MODELS aren’t aware of what they’re eating. This is a MAJOR problem. If us kids watch and grow up just like those adults, our future’s going to be SCREWED.

It’s NEVER too late to start something new. (after about 10 years or so, I re-realized that crayons were a fun tool to draw with!) So my friends, START the change NOW.

Also, this ties into the other half of the topic of the day: Listening to your heart.

Quite interesting, I do this SUPER often. (ex: If for some reason, my “inner voice” or “heart” tells me to go right instead of left, even though it takes longer, I will. Then voila! It turns out I needed to talk to my friend!) Yes, there are times where I don’t (eating…But I’m working on it!), but most of the time, I do.

And I realized something. When I don’t listen to my heart, I seriously regret it.

For example, on a conference day in first grade,  we had to guess the number of M&Ms in the jar, and if you got it right, you got the whole thing. Before I even got to school, the number “150” popped in my head; I abosolutely, just knew that was the right answer. But because my grandpa said, “Well…lets just say 52”, that’s what I guessed; because he was the adult and “it was the right thing to listen to adults”. Afterall, he was wrong, and I was right. I was EXTREMELY mad at myself, and from that time on, I slowly started to not listen to those “loud voices”, even though I knew they were the real “right things”. Even though this was long ago, this is something I regret and I wish I could go back in time and fix. It may not be a big deal to the girl that’s here now, but to the girl back in first grade, it is/was a HUGE deal.

These two were more recent events.

First, when I was with my ex-boyfriend (call him “L”), he was going to move back to Japan. And my heart LOUDLY and CLEARLY said “BREAK UP”. I knew it was better to listen, and I really wanted to, but my brain said “Don’t do that! That’s going to hurt his feelings!” So I didn’t, and guess what. After a year of him not emailing me and making me wait, the response email I got from him on his birthday was “I hope you find someone that’s more suiting for you”. I was CRUSHED. Because I didn’t listen to my heart, I waited for that dude, and I literally KILLED myself. (because this is when I also lost someone who’s REALLY important to me.) It literally took me over a YEAR to recover and stand where I am now. 

Also another life-changing event. It was after Japanese School, we were all going to go to the mall. But my heart felt DISGUSTED. It felt like dark shadows were covering my heart. I didn’t know why or what it was then, but I knew that it was telling me “DON’T GO TO THE MALL WITH THEM; GO HOME”. I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t want to say “no” to my friends, so I went anyways. (thought I seriously felt like I shouldn’t go) Then guess what? We got in a car accident. After bumping into that car, that “shadow feeling” simply left my heart. “So that’s what it was…”, I thought to myself. Interestingly, out of the six people in the car, I was the only one seriously injured. (everyone else was fine, but I got a severe neck/back-pain problem after that). I had to go to chiropractic treatment for over 6 months after that. And because I was told I couldn’t do intense exercise, I had to quit swimming. I was super mad at myself too, because I knew better, but I didn’t listen. I felt mad, sad, and I wanted to go back in time and stop myself from going. Though I’m fine now, I was being mean to the “me of that time”.

These are some of the ones that I can remember right off the top of my head. I should have listened, but I didn’t. Regrets? Yes. Will I try harder and do better at listening to them? Absolutely.

If you can’t listen to your heart, what good is it going to get you? Think about this: People like to spend money. Even if they know they’re short on budget and/or it’s not good to borrow money at heart, many MANY people do that because that’s what makes their brain be all happy. Guess what? Now you’re in serious money problem. No money, debt, not fun.

I personally think, that money, education, and power gets you no where. Because you have money, you can go out and buy all the bad, processed food you want, and stuff yourself with ’em, and guess what? Get sick. (Unless you know what your body and heart truely desire – fresh, ripe, organic, healthy food) Just because you don’t have a good education, that doesn’t mean you’re going to suck at life. (example of that, would have to be my parents. They’re amazing, very well organized people, and this house is always filled with laughter). And if you have power, you’re going to use it too much, and would want to get everything for themselves (speaking of the majority of the people on this planet, here), and they’ll be known/remembered as one of the greediest people ever. What if we didn’t have money, education, or power? If we don’t have money, we can cooperate with the neighbors and trade/give products that they want; we don’t have to buy them. If we don’t have education, the more intelligent ones can teach the young ones the more important things – how to be wise and cooperate with others, and teach them how fighting over stuff is pointless. If we don’t have power, no one would fight with one another, and everyone can have peace and happiness.

Because the people with power (government!) want to make money (USDA!), they advertise the thing that’s the cheapest, fastest & easiest thing that makes money – animal products. They don’t care about your health; all they care about is money. If they actually cared about the people, they would tell us that the  mad cow disease is still out there. They know that it’s wrong to be doing this, but because they want money, they listen to their head that brings them outside happiness. Just because someone has a lot of money, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re satisfied inside-ly.

Even though it’s cold but you want to go outside, go! If you know you want to try something new, try it! If you seriously like that someone and your heart wants to tell ’em how you feel about ’em, do it! It may be scary to listen to them, and I understand that (because it’s not logical and people tend to want to think stuff through logically). But a lot of the times, it’s the best thing to do. Like when I tried Zumba; that was scary, but my heart really wanted to give it a try. And it turned out AMAZING! I was really glad I went! I feel better knowing what Zumba’s all about, and I totally would feel bad right now if I DIDN’T go then! 😉

Need a better example? Lets say you were in front of your computer, facebooking. But while you were on it, you get extreeeeeeeemely thirsty. You don’t have water or tea around you; it’s on the table 5 feet away from you. Your body wants it desperately, and it’s telling you “GO GET SOMETHING TO DRINK!!!”. But you’re too lazy and you’re too “busy” facebooking. But know what? Once it gets to the point where you can’t resist the thirst, you WILL get your butt up and go get water. At the end, there’s no other way out but to listen to your heart.

Even if you’re binge eating. If you say “I do it because that’s what I want”, is that true? Just to tell you, your body and heart KNOWS what’s the healthiest for you. It’s just your brain believing that “you’re at the happiest point if you eat all you want”. (yeaaaaaaay hormones). If you say your heart is saying that, that may be. But on the long-run, you will go the right way, and listen to your heart telling you, “STOP EATING THOSE DAMN FOOD!!!”. (think about it. When people get 120% full, they want no-more, even though their brain is asking for more.) See, people ARE honest. I think people’s bodies are more honest than the brain. We all know the best/right thing(s) to do from heart, not logic.

So people, start listening to your heart, and do what’s good/best for your body and soul. It doesn’t want shit and crap that’s going to make you happy for a little while. What your heart tells you is TRUE.

I’m decisive, so I have no problem listening to myself when it comes to a decision like “which larabar should I get today?” I can choose in a second, because that’s the first one that comes to my eyes and heart. (if it’s different, I go for the heart’s choice). Making your little heart happy and grow is probably one of the ultimate purpose of life. (other purposes are getting rid of your karma, making other people happy, and so on – all spirtual/heart related)

Sometimes, I want to draw Yaoi-stuff (like boy’s love), but thinks I shouldn’t because it’s “wrong”. But if I want to, I will! (and I have) I’m not embarrassed or anything, because I know there are other people who (in this case draw) do the same thing! They do it because they want to! And they’re proud to show it to the world! (that’s why there’s stuff like doujinshi, where majority of the stuff is filled with “I-wish-this-person-would-go-out-with-this-person-instead” stuff)


Boy's love

People out there, regardless of the time period and the situation they are put in, they are trying to make/ have made a change/changes in the world.

If we can’t listen to ourselves, there’s no way we can listen to others (because obviously, humans are selfish creatures, no questions asked). That’s why we have to start a change from ourselves.

Jamie Oliver with Jamie’s Food Revolution

Caitlin with Operation Beautiful

Ingrid Newkirk with PETA

Ani Phyo with Eco and Healthy, Raw Lifestyle

Will Bowen with A Complaint Free World

Wangari Maathai with The Green Belt Movement

John Smith with Independence from England

Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks with African American Civil Rights Movement

If I keep going, I don’t think I can stop.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks both knew from heart that the way African Americans were treated was wrong. But they probably knew in their brain that it was better not to protest because it would be “wrong to go against whites”. Know what happened? Because they knew from heart that this was wrong and knew something had to be changed, they both took the risk of getting arrested and being even more discriminated. At the end, they both succeeded, and discriminations such as “Colored People Only” ended. Because the efforts and the risks, and due to the fact that they listened to their heart, they were able to end the long, long, suffering for African Americans.

Jamie is trying to change the food of America. Caitlin is trying to “end negative self-talks”. Will is trying to “have 1/100 of the world’s population to go Complaint-Free”. Wangari is trying to “mobilize community consciousness for self-determination, equity, improved livelihoods and security, and environmental conservation”. Ingrid is trying to end the suffering for all animals.

And now, it’s OUR turn. So folks, listen to your heart, do what’s right, and change the world, starting with YOU.

Thanks for coming! 🙂


New post and drawing life!

OH MY GOSH, WORLD!! How are you doing today? 😉

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for 8 days! That’s a looooong time for me, and I was getting quite frustrated every time I saw the same post on my blog over and over and over! It’s time for some new change!

This week (and right now) is amazingly PACKED with crafty work! In my Creative Writing class, we’re making a book right now, and if you all know me, I’m a pretty crazy Animal Rights Activist, so my book is about…Animal Rights! I want the world to know what’s going on where they can’t see, and by writing a book like such will help people realize the bare truth.

This book is filled with poems (Haiku, Stream of Consciousness, etc.), and because we are crammed on time, we can put simple drawings and/or doodles in them, but because I am a creative AR activist, I can’t help but make it…fancy and…awesome! 😀

Chicken getting shocked

Turkey with metal tube in its throat

Tortured chicken...

Kentucky Fried Cruelty

I have loooooooooong ways to go, but I will (have to) finish by tomorrow, and it’s going to look amazing!

Though I am busy with this project and my ten numerous AP Art projects that I haven’t started worked on it yet, I will somehow pull through with this at the end, so wish me luck! 😀 And even though I have no time to draw (like how I really like), but I draw when I find time!


I have TONS of Yu-Gi-Oh! pictures in my folder, and the collection is getting out of control!! But honestly, I LOVE to draw, and I can live on drawing!

What is something that you love so much that you think you can live on? PB & J? Orange juice? Tell me about it! For me, it’s drawing hands-down!! 😀

As I’m writing this, I’m super close to finishing my book project! (So that means it takes quite a while to put a post up! Whoo!) And after that, I have…

  • half a math homework (the other half we’re going to do in class)
  • to study for AP Gov (Court Cases…Are we going to have to know it in the future?! Fun!)
  • and study for Chemistry (How do you find energy of something melting? Does it matter?)

Oh boy! I hope I can at least get started on my math homework, because I’m kind of pushed on time!

Ooh, and one more thing. The school had a band trip (all day-er), so Michael showed up in front of me like this! 😀

Michael in his suit!

…Which is totally cute!

His back

First sneak shot of the day. 😉

Opening the door

…Not for me, but for his backpack. 😉

And finally his cutest and happiest smile ever (of today). I love this guy too much. 🙂 It’s going to sound weird, but I’m stupidly in love with him. (It’s really sad, but hey! If you have a boyfriend/husband/loved one, I’m pretty sure YOU’re the same as me! Right Katie? Right Tina?) One day, you might understand too, so don’t worry if you don’t have a BF or a GF, because one day, they’ll just come to you 😉 (or you might be like me, and you didn’t know that that person was there for about…2 years!)

Okay, I’m done with my book, and now I shall go sleep! (and hopefully get up early like usual so I can do my math homework!) And know what? I just realized that we’re going to have a Spanish Vocab Quiz tomorrow too! Yikes! Three tests in a row! What fun can that be? (2nd, 3rd, and 4th period, heeeeeere I coooooomeeee!)

Like always, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: My girlfriend Michal is still having her Funky Giveaway!

Reviews, recipes, and semi-creations!

Hola mis amigos! How are you doing today? 😉

Today was the second day of late-start, and I took full advantage of it! (Went to FM at 8 in the morning, and bought sunflower seeds for… $0.18! I was able to pay with a quarter!)

I needed them for Ani Phyo’s Love-The-Chicks Pâté,  but the peeling the skin with our bare fingers…was painful. (so people, buy sunflower seeds that are actually peeled/skinned. It makes it A LOT easier. FM didn’t have ’em, and I didn’t want roasted, so I decided to use my hands)

Cut, Michael, Cut!

 Yes, we really did this for 2 hours. (one hour before school, and one hour after). Thank goodness it wasn’t all at once. And this wasn’t enough, so I added the rest of the ungrounded flax seed I had, and that was close enough. (2 hours and 1/4 cup? What the heck!) Oh well, I just hope the finger pain disappears soon. 🙂

But before Michael came over (At 7:35 am), I made this raw baby!

Mango Breakfast Cobbler!

This is the Mango Breakfast Cobbler from Ani Phyo’s recipe, and we had it after school, and I have to say, it’s REALLY sweet! (so if you’re a sweet-tooth, you’ll love ’em for sure!) The crust part of mine was flattened and fit in to the container, but the actual recipe had it mixed with the fillings, so I made a “mess” and mixed everything together. It’s still in my fridge, and I think it’d taste great if you add souy vanilla yogurt to it! What’s your favorite fruit?

Here’s a Review Alert for today!


Clif's Mojo! -dipped-

Mojo from Clif Bar. It was Chocolate Peanut flavor, 70% organic, and honestly, very peanut butter-y! (I don’t usually eat things like this, especially in the morning, but 1. it was $1.00 at WFs and 2. my stomach was grumbling like a monster. It’s a once in a while case, so it’s okay) To learn more about this product, go here.

Oh yes! You know how long Michael’s hair is, right?

Yesterday, this poor guy got a haircut (totally against his will), and he turned out like this!


Now he looks like a 5-year old! It’s quite cute and innocent. 😉 (The first word that came out of my mouth was “Kawaii!” [which means “cute” in Japanese]) His little brother looks just like him, too, so it’s double the cuteness when I see both of them.

So for the last couple of days, I’ve been going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY with making Averie’s balls:


High Raw Chocolate Chip Dough Balls

98% Raw Chocolate (Chip) Cookie Dough Balls

And today, I got reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly creative, and I made Raw Mint Chocolate Chip Dough Balls and Raw Mint Chocolate Dough Balls!!!!

Double Choco Dough Balls!

The ones in the back are the (ones I made first) Raw Mint Chocolate Chip Dough Balls, and the ones in the front are the Raw Mint Chocolate Dough Balls!

For both, I just added a little dash of Pure Peppermint Extract (warning: DO NOT LICK IT!! It will sting your tongue and stay like that for a while!), and voila! The mint-y-ness turned juuuuuuust right.

If you take a closer look at them…


Mint Chocolate Dough Balls

Actually, this one turned out to be a Chocolate Ball because I had some Chocolate Chips left over in the FP from the Chocolate Chip Dough Balls. 😉 Accidental, but it was a great accident. They both taste good, minty, and chocolaty. Would there be a repeat? Heck yes!

Woo! Lots and lots of creations, eh? It’s really fun, and seriously, it’s A LOT better than eating those cookies out of the packaged box. No weird unpronouncable chemical names, no preservatives, no bad stuff period. It’s better than any home-baked cookies, and it’s as healthy as it can get! (without losing its sweetness/chocolateness, of course) 😉 What’s your favorite raw dessert recipe?

Before I finish, raw/high-raw/vegans! I have a question for you all that I can really use an answer to! What do you have for dinner? Do you have just a salad? Or do you have a whole meal plan? Someday (sooner or later), I want to have a all-raw day, but I don’t know what to have for dinner, and I need some ideas. If anyone has a good idea, please share! I’m open to any ideas! 🙂

Have a good day and thaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: My girl friend Michal is having a Funky Giveaway


Ha ha ha! Hi world! How are you doing on this Tues-y Tuesday? 😉

OH MY GOSH. I think the world is going to end. Why? Because today, I went on a Super-Extremely-High Raw Challenge!!!

I have a pretty legit reason for doing this. And compared to how I was dying a while ago, it’s pretty impressive. 

So, yesterday my friend made me vegan cookies (no picture), and maybe because I ate most of it at once a little too much, I got a reaaaaaaallly bad stomach ache (it’s not her fault, just to clarify. My fault because I ate it).

And it wasn’t JUST a stomach ache. It was REALLY bad because I literally lost count of how many times I dashed to the bathroom. It was like…all the poisons were wanting to escape desperately. It was quite scary, but everytime I felt the toxins leaving. Then I was in bed at 8 because my stomach was killing me. (but then I looked up recipes on Ani Phyo‘s website) All in all, it was HORRIFYING. But then, it really helped me. I feel A LOT cleaner on the inside, and now my thoughts on food and living are changing.

And there’s another thing that played a role in my stomach ache. I know this for a fact because this is my own body, but whenever I read something that’s really inspirational, my body responds by doing whatever it can to achieve the same standard as the book/author/the topic. In this case,  I was reading two books that *deff* took part in this.


Raw Food -Formula for Health-

And more powerful than this book…

Aaaaani Phyo!

(Yes, I remember (I think…) wanting this  book from Averie’s giveaway, but when my mom, BF, and I all went to Half Price Books, I found this for the first time for $9.98! How can I say no to that?! So if I win, I have to ask for a different book.) 😉

But going back, because I was reading super-inspirational, powerful, detoxification books, my body automatically (and instantly!) responded to them. I really like my personality of being super honest, as well as my own body that my soul lives in is honest. 🙂 Good job body! I (my soul) appriciates you for it!

So there went all the bad stuff bye-bye, and I feel A LOT better (and lighter! My tummy’s super-flat!) It still continued through today, but it’s gotten also, A LOT better. (My stomach hurted so much that all I had yesterday was about 1/2 -1 Food Processed apples. That’s it; I didn’t feel like eating at all) My appetite isn’t all here yet, but I think that’s better than having too much. (overeating ain’t good for you, and I honestly LEARNED IT this time, FOR SURE)

What I’ve taken away from this is that I need to

  1. Appriciate what I can eat
  2. Appriciate Mother Nature
  3. Don’t overeat/stop when I’m done
  4. Overeating corrupts your body and soul (Just like the majority of the people out there in the world)

I really learned a lot from this, and from now on, I’m going to not overeat and incorporate as much raw, fresh food as possible into my diet. This was horrible when I was going through it, but I got all the garbage out, and I learned some seriously valuable lessons from it.

Okay, so that was my adventure part of the last two days. Now semi-continuing/moving on to the post title about BEING RAW.

My Japanese School Science Teacher (Ms. M) said that she was in to Raw Food for a while, so she let me borrow that book above, and she also gave me this.


This is a tiny information booklet on a raw restaurant in Seattle called Thrive. I was pretty hyped up to read, and their mission was pretty sweet (standing from a vegan/raw point of view)


Looking through their menu, I realized that it’s REALLY expensive. But then, it’s “quality over quantity”, so I guess it’s worth it. 😉 (I would totally pay for it if I had a job. And I’m totally getting one over the summer. I’m a summer worker, so yeah) But my favorite/reasonable priced food was…

Oh boy!

Oh Pastadoro. Doesn’t that sound good? What’s your favorite local restaurant?

And yesterday (okay, this post is going to be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly long, but bare with me, and you might see some pretty darn, cool, easy-to-make recipes. I don’t have a clue where it’s from, though) 😉

I went grocery shopping to WF and TJ’s (partly for mommy and partly for me), and these are what I’ve collected.

Fruits 'n' funs!

The Essential Greens Veggie Juice and the yogurts for mommy, and the rest of ’em were for me. 😉 Since I had a super-craving for peach and mango yogurt (I wanted something fresh and peachy, I guess), so I had this for lunch.

Mmmm peachy & mango-y!

Ooh the joy of fruits! (From this, I found out that peaches are NOT in season! It was a bummer because I couldn’t have fresh ones! But canned ones work just fine for me.) It was peamangochyly delicious, and the rest of the peaches and mangos went diving in to the remainder of the soy yogurt (in the fridge). 😉 What’s your favorite soy yogurt and fruit conbination?

For me, along with the yogurty-fruity-goodness, I had these!

Raspberry Frosting Doughnut!

Ooh maaaaaan I loved it. It had a nice taste of chocolate, followed by the semi-sour yet sweet Raspberry flavor, which was a good combination. I’ve never had this before, so it was reaaaaaly cool to try new food, especially doughnuts. 🙂 It gave me a big smile after eating it, because it was so yummy, and best of all, Michael bought it for me. What a sweetie he is! (This doughnut isn’t a product of WF, even though I bought it. They buy these doughnuts from Mighty-O’s in Seattle. It’s semi-expensive for the size, but it’s vegan and tasty. What more can you ask for?) Ooh, and they’re famous for their small doughnuts/doughnut holes. (Sugar coated; very yummy when you buy them when they’re fresh. Warm and happiness in my tummy and soul. Mmmmm!)

Because that wasn’t enough and I was starting to get into making raw food, I made Averie\’s Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls!

High Raw Chocolate Chip Dough Balls!!!

I was really surprised/proud how this recipe actually made 17. (Usually the numbers of servings are off when it comes to cookies in my opinion). But there’s only 16 because I ate one before the photo. 😉 (It’s good. Why would you want to resist?) It was really fun making them with Michael, but since my mommy just cleaned the whole house (and we got it kind of dirty with the crumbs), I felt kind of bad. (But she doesn’t really yell at me when I do my own thing, so it’s cool)

Michael trying out his own goodie

This sweet-tooth of mine loved it! He said it tastes like the real thing! 😀


I’m his personal stalker, and I will admit that. 😀 (But it’s so fun to take pictures for your blog! I know many people who enjoys taking pictures! To mention a name, it would be her)\

And because I felt like crap yesterday, I simply decided to go RAW today. I just got inspired by so many people and books, and because I was feeling rotten, I thought I’d give it a try! (but then, I realized that even though I had apples for lunch, I wasn’t raw because 1. I drank a cup of Odwalla Juice [which isn’t raw] and 2. was drinking tea [which was taken out in boiling water] so I didn’t push myself too much and simply decided to go “super-duper-high-raw”) And guess what? It worked out perfectly!

We went grocery shopping this morning (because there was a state test, juniors and seniors had late-start), and bought muchas cosas to prepare our meals.

Then after we got home, these yumminesses were produced:

Raw Sushi!!!!

Ani Phyo’s Almond Veggie Pate Nori Rolls. Easy to make, and AMAZINGLY tasty!!! (the ginger was powerful, but it was still yummy when combined with soy sauce) It tasted like real sushi!!!

From the side

Mmm! The inside isn’t “rice” (obviously), but it sure tasted like it! 😀

Wrap 'em upSkill: not necesarily required, but better to have 'em. ;)Leaking

 Cut the ends and eating them is the best part.

And voila!

That’s all of them! We made about 6 long rolls, and total of 22-24 ish little rolls when you cut them up. (tip: use nori that’s actually for sushi, not the korean kinds that’s salty and light – it doesn’t hold as well. If you don’t mind it, go ahead and use it, because it makes it extra salty; if you like salt, that’s a win-win)

Michael's attempt on wrapping

He wrapped them 3 times, and he succeeded on al! 😀 (that’s my mom’s apron, if you’re wondering)

98% Raw Chocolate (Chip) Cookie Dough Balls!

Yup yup, again, this is Averie’s Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls! (Except that it turned out to be more like her Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls or her Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes) I didn’t use chocolate chips, but instead used the recipe mentioned in the CCCDB recipe, and it turned all dark on me! (and heck yes, it was bitter. I love Hershey’s Cocoa Powder!) And on top of that, for some reason, it was easier to form it into balls! 😀 (that’s a fun word to say) But I added about another tbsp of agave to make it stickier and easier to work with)

Too-close of an up of the ball

Woo! I was too close there, as you can see. 😉

And this was the picture of the whole dinner.


Sweetened red potatoes

Those were leftovers that mom wanted us to have.

Better view of the ball

That was one sweet dinner. 🙂 I was satisfied for a while, but I went back for more of the Chocolate balls because they’re so handy, healthy, and good!

Tofuuuuuuuu with Ponzu

1/2 leftover, 1/2 I wanted some. 😉 It’s healthy, ain’t it?

Snap Shot

I declare that I’m his personal stalker 🙂


He is so turning Asian (and becoming healthier!), it’s quite funny. 😉

So that’s all for the Super-Duper-High Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww Day!

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: Averie is still having her giveaway!

Lets Finish What I Start, eh?

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉 

It rained like crazy this morning, so I didn’t walk this morning. 😦 It was very depressing (because after I drove back from school, I had a craaaaazy eating fest! You’ll find out why and you’d probably do the same thing) But after finishing making daddy’s lunch + other chores, Michael and I went flying out the house to go catch up on walking/exercising! We walked about 20-30 minutes around the city (parked far on purpose and walked to the mall and back), and if it weren’t cold, I would have walked more! (But hey, it’s a good way, isn’t it?) 😉 I love parking far from my destination on purpose: 1. more parking space and 2. good exericise! 😀 

OH MY GOSH, my friends. You know the shopping I did yesterday? I bought all those because…I made Averie‘s Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars!!! 


 Good good fresh fresh hmm hmm hm!

Woot woot!

Up, cloooose up



Know what else I made from Averie‘s blog? 

Overview (again)

 What is thiiiiiiiis? 

Cheeeeeeese cake!

Raw Vegan Cheesecake to be exact. Though mine wasn’t quite vegan (one because I used honey instead of Agave because I didn’t have any and two because the lemon juice was from the ones you get in those lemon-shaped containers), but it worked out okay. (And I didn’t have enough dates, so the “crust” wasn’t as hard as I thought/expected, but oh well. It still turned out good) 😉


Kind of bright, but oh well too. It’s cashews on top with mix of almond and dates. (a little tweek with Averie’s recipe, though. Since we couldn’t find Almond meal, I took about 1/2 – 3/4 cup almond and food processed it to make it in to small small pieces. I’m pretty sure it works just as good) I let the cashew stay overnight + extra few hours, so I freaked out because it was seriously getting a grey shade! (Is that normal?)

Ooh man! I have to mention this new friend that I met today! 😀


His Her name? I call her Mai. I guess my friend here doesn’t like the camera, eh? 😉 Welly well, I made him her try on my clothes and skirt, and quite frankly, he she looks waaaaaaay more girly than me! I got muscles and fat (*sobb*), and he she has none! But he she enjoyed wearing my skirt because it’s all flimzy; back-and-forth, back-and-forth. Understandable, because normally guys she never wears girly-girl clothes. 😉 (Bwahaha, someone can TOTALLY pass as a girl what a cute person he she is) 😉

Okay now, I shall finish this post and start cleaning my room, stuff to-do’s, and my friggen body system because I’ve been aaarrghblahyyooo on my eating. (The meaning of the word is totally up to you, so don’t ask, okay?) 😉
Well folks, like always; thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂
P.S: Averie at Love Veggies and Yoga is having a cookbook giveaway!

I love life!

Hello world! How’s you been doing today? 😉

It’s funny how I write my blog when I don’t want to do my homework that I have to do  have time! Is this my way of escaping from it? I don’t know. Maybe so! (hey, I haven’t posted something in a while, so it’s…okay, right?)

This week, I’ve been having quite an adventure! Lots of grocer shopping, and I’m really back into drawing again! Though I haven’t been on peta2 for about a week now, I’ve actually gotten a lot of stuff done!

First, my best friend Jenny inspired me to keep a To-Do journal, I bought my own!

Pink notebook!

I usually do have a “Everyday To-Do list” on a small, blank sheet of paper, but I thought keeping it in a small, handy journal like her would be a better idea. 😀

And honestly, this has been working out great! I can see what I need to do in that month, and I can keep adding on and on and on and on and on! Funny how I come up with more things I have to do, but it’s all working out fine!

My grocery for the week number 1:


Oooh yes yes. Chocolate goodies of goodness! Very amazing, very fun, and very yummy. What’s your favorite type of chocolate snack?

The English muffin tasted kind of…blah, but TJ’s chocolate’s taste totally covered for the muffin’s taste, and like usual, pure bars rock! (If you ever have a Pure Bar, do NOT throw away the wrappers! If you have 3 wrappers, you can send them in to plant a tree under your name! So do NOT waste something that can go into VERY good use! And you can get a coupon from them here)

This is my collection of Pure Bar wrappers! It gives me a good excuse reason to eat them 😉


9 wrappers; mostly consist chocolate flavor, but there are other ones in there. 😉

Jahaaaass Salad!

A good salad for lunch never hurts, does it? 😉

Today's groceries

What am I going to make? You’ll find out tomorrow. 😉 

+ Luna Bars

 Forgot to put these in the pictures. Reviews shall come soon! ( from me and my boyfran) 😉

This is where all stuff goes, other than the fridge.

My section

At the top, I have my own section between the sugar container and…the other sugar container! I’m 17, isn’t that old enough to be organized with my own stuff? 😉

So yea! I’m tending to do a post in two days, so I need to actually do one post in ONE day. Oh well! I’ll work it out somehow. 😉

Question of the day: What’s your favorite snack/protein/energy bar? Do you eat them as snack or do you only eat them before/after exercising?

Thaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

Happy Anniversary and a story

Hola mis amigos! How are you doing today? 😉

It‘s our anniversary!!!

This weekend (3/6 – 3/8) is Michael and my One-year anniversary!!! 😀  

I can’t believe after what we’ve been through, we came through and we’re together! (It’s a long story, and I tried making a post about it, but I started to feel like crap, so I decided not to)

So, I decided to write how we met and the positive sides of our history. (taking out all the negative parts, because that seriously takes TOO LONG to type, and I’m not going to try AGAIN)

We first met in 8th grade (he says we met in 7th grade, but I honestly don’t remember.) when I read what it said on his big, blue binder. It said “You’re stupid” in Japanese. And because Japanese people were still semi-rare around the school, I was really happy to meet someone who can speak/write it. I told him “Wow! That’s really mean!”, and that’s how everything started. 🙂

We had two classes together in 9th grade; Language Arts and Science. We were super-best friends, and we were ALWAYS together. We were so always-together that everyone assumed that we would go out sooner or later, but we both denied it back then. 😉

So then stuff happened in between, and then, I got the courage to fix all the crappy mistakes. Then on today of last year, I asked him out.

To be honest with you, he was kind of confused at first. He was really worried about going out, and he sounded very concerned. But I think it turned out wonderful afterall. 🙂

Ever since we started going on on the day after his birthday, we are ALWAYS together. Yes, we eat lunch and I (note, I) have countless number of friends I talk to, but still, I am with him more than anyone else. Our bond is stronger than ever, and because he lost me once, he SERIOUSLY knows how important I am to him. 😉

And I want to tell him, ever since we were best friends, I DID like him. And to be even more honest, I would have wanted to be with you back then, but then, he wouldn’t treat me like the way he does right now. (And I’m enjoying the way he treats me like I’m the most important person to him in the whole wide world) 😉 Princess like, I shall say. (I know a lot of girls who know what I’m talking about. Right Katie?) 😉

I’m really thankful about how we’re together. He does anything and everything for me, and he’s just the nicest person ever. I’m really fortunate to be able to be with someone like Michael.

In honor of that, I’m going to put some pictures of him. 🙂

Us two on our anniversary

I told Michael to lets take a picture today in the same position as we took a picture together that one time, and ta-da! It’s almost exactly the same. 🙂 It’s cute to compare and see how much we’ve changed (or not changed). 😉 (I can see how my skin, eyes, and hair are glowing compared to when I was only vegan for 2 months compared to me being vegan for…5 months! Woo!) And on top of that, I look so damn Asian! Woa! (I don’t really think of us being White and Asian, so I’m kind of surprised whenever we see eachother’s reflection because we’re so different!) 😀

And today, to celebrate our 1-year anniversary, so we hung out almost all day!

We went all over the place! But when we (my mom and I) went to get him, he gave me this:

A box...?

When I opened it, my face blushed pure-tomato red!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha; it was actually neatly put together, and it said “Happy Anniversary”, but it barely made it not being eaten. 😉 I managed to save them for pictures (instead of binge eating them in the car), so it’s all good, right? 😉

Today, we went to my uncle’s house to get my laptop fixed (thanks uncle!), shopping, and after that, I forced invited him to dinner at my house.

Pictures from dinner today:


Yum! It had Vietnamese Noodles, brown sushi rice, and eggless eggs! (which I made with food processing a can of garbanzo beans and one block of tofu, adding parsley, pepper, veganase, and vinegar to it.) Very simple, yet very tasty. 😀


and NOT my little brother in the background. 😉


 Again, NOT my little brother there. 😉

My sushi


Seriously, I’m lucky to have a person like him by my side. He makes me happy, calls me good names, and he just loves me head-to-toe, inside-out. It’s very sweet of him to treat me like a very special person.

Tomorrow is our third and last day of our anniversary, so I’m going to have to make it fun and memorable! I don’t know what I’m going to do (other than be with him after school if he can), but I’m sure I’ll think of something. 😉

Have a good day and thaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

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P.S.S.S: Another (actually the EXACT same) giveaway at Love Veggies and Yoga!

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