A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

About Me

Name: Sagojyou

Birthday: 6/29

Blood Type: O

Hi, I’m Sagojyou, and this is my blog. I want to improve and become a better person overtime. This is a place where I can and will write my journey(s) of life.

I strongly believe that my mission in life is to

  1. Become a better person than yesterday and than the day I was born
  2. To bring happiness to others
  3. Help change the world into a better place

I am a happy, optimistic, funny, vegan girl who likes to put smiles and bring happiness to the people around me. I consider many things to be my mission in life, and the three listed above are the big pictures of it.

I love drawing, listening to music, blogging, talking to my friends, making them laugh, bring people joy, my boyfriend (who I have a feeling I’m going to end up with on the long-run. Yeay!), my family (especially my brother. He brings me laughter ALL the time!), my friends, my teachers, trying out new things (anything from products to activities), Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, chocolate, videogames (7 stars for Mario Kart and 10 stars for Pokémon!!!), DDR, art in general, taking my friend’s seat everyday, giving my friend Tim a wake-up (killer?) hug everyday, math (Calculus – nerd!!), sleeping, dreaming, Michael Bublé, Jason Mraz, Larabars, chocolate chip cookies, Pure Bars, brownies, tofu, peta2, earrings, bracelets, clothes, pink, green, yellow, Japanese, cooking, singing, walking, looking at mother nature, predicting the weather for tomorrow/later in the day, rain, rainbow, sun, malls, Forever 21, wetseal, rice, miso soup, vegetables, writing, poetry, and sooooooooooooooooo much more! (there’s waaaaaaaay too much to list on here, so I’ll stop now) 😉

Just to tell you, this is SAGOJYOU’S VEG*N PAGE. It’s for me to improve and change over time. But if you somehow get inspired by me, I’m more than happy to have done so. 🙂

A Secret about the name of this blog: This blog is called “Sagojyou’s Veg*n Page” for a reason. ( I discussed the “Sagojyou” part somewhere in the blog, so if you’re wondering, go look for it) It’s “Veg*n” because when I made it, I didn’t want the people on the board of peta2 to think/know that I was (only)a vegetarian. So I was technically hiding it. Also, I thought somewhere in my head that I might go vegan. And I was unsure, so I left it “Veg*n”, so it could be both. Never knew that, did you? 😉 Well, now you do!

Just keep watching what I write, because honestly, they’re pretty precious. And maybe, just maybe, you might be inspired by it. 🙂


Comments on: "About Me" (4)

  1. Maikeru-chan said:

    Yeah!!!! 美穂が 大好きだよ!

  2. Heya! Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I should check out yours as well, and I like it! Btw I am EXTREMELY jealous that you among thousands of others got to go to the VegFest (and Sakura Con!!) and I didn’t… I’m dying to go to one of those!! I gotta get out of Saskatchewan… There’s barely anything here!
    You have an awesome collection of links, including one on how to Raw Oatgurt – I *must* try that out!
    Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog =)
    Ja ne!

    • sagojyou said:

      If you ever come around here, you should check out the con and the fest! 😀 It’s a blast, honestly. If you make the raw oatgurt, make a post about it, okay? I really want to see it! I’m watchin’ you too~~! 😀

      • Okay so I tried out the raw oatgurt and, well, I guess I let it ferment for too long – It was way too strong! I tried to pawn it off on Robin but even he found it too strong to his liking. If I ever decide to try it again, I should really keep an eye on it and test it often. I’ll also need to use less water since it was rather liquidy… I have a picture of it somewhere on my computer, but it’s not much to look at =P

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