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Good day!

Man…for the last two days or so, I felt rotten. I was all sad and down. (I know you have times like this too.)  I have it often, but some people don’t know me well enough to know that. So it’s really hard to explain the fact that “I’m not always super-happy, joyful, smily person”.

It’s probably due to the weather (I get affected by it sooooooooooo much; it’s not even funny) and I have waaaaaaaaaayyyy too much stuff that I have to do. (Yeay for senior year!)

I wish it would stop raining and actually become sunny.

Are you asking yourself, “Why is the title ‘Good day!'”? It’s because…my BF made me a huge thing of brownies!!! XD

Totally was a surprise, and I still can’t believe that I didn’t notice it in his car. (I guess I was that much out of it…)

Anywho, I was telling him how much I needed chocolate. Then he said, “Then this would be perfect for you.”

I was like, “What?” And there it was. A friggen awesome batch of brownies! ( I seriously don’t know if I can finish…)

Ta-Da! :D

Ta-Da! 😀

(That brown blob in the corner is peanut butter that I added) 🙂 MmmmmmmmmmM!

He said he made it to me happy 🙂 (and I think that he made it because I friggen did not smile for the longest time) I think that was cute of him 🙂 (Thank you to you-know-who!)

Though I’m still crammed with all the art projects that I have to do, that made me feel happier 🙂

What happened today that made you happy today?

Thanks to anyone that came by! 🙂


Sagojyou’s Veg*n Page

It’s like, “Why did you give the post a name that is the name of your blog?”

I wanted to tell you where the website name came from 🙂 (because I’m pretty sure that not a lot of people know what “Sagojyou” means)

Okay, getting on to the topic now.

“Sagojyou” is one of the three helpers of  Xuanzang (priest) in the classic Chinese Novel Journey to the West.

He is one of the three followers of Xuanzang, and they are on a trip to finding the Three Collections of (Buddhist) Scriptures to bring peace to his place.

In a Japanese Comic Magazine, he’s my absolute, most favorite character, so yeah!! He’s sooooooooo awesome!! (His personality is known as calm, cold-hearted, and smart)

This is what he looks like: (I drew it out of the comic by the way)


More or less animated than the actual comic-version, but that’s okay! This is my style of drawing, so yeah! 😀 I love this guy!! (Secret: Before I started going out with my BF, I was seriously in love with him -for almost 2 years! Hoof! That’s a llllloongggg time for me!) (^_^);;

But yeah, I wanted to get him out there to the world 🙂 (And I named this the “Veg*n page” because I was a vegetarian but had a thought of going vegan. If it was named like this, I can be either of them!) I should change it to “Sagojyou’s Vegan Page”, but it looks better this way! XD

Now you know what/who the heck “Sagojyou” is!!

Thanks for anyone that visited!! 🙂

I’ve Decided to go Vegan!!!!


Oh, hi! I’m just really excited about officially going vegan!!! (October 9!!)

First of all, I need to thank EVERYONE who gave me advice on the peta2’s board!! Especially the people who commented on the “What-should-I-do-when-people-bring-in-goodies?-I’m-tempted-to-eat!” post; big thanks to you all!!!

I was thinking about one comment on my post:

“Whats more important: stopping animals from being murdered, tortured, abused and raped or you being happy for a few minutes with a mouth full of chicken periods and figurative veal blood? ”

THAT was when it hit me. I couldn’t give up going vegan for the happiness I get for less than a minute. So there it was…the moment I decided to go vegan.

My parents were totally okay with it, because they knew I was going to do it regardless of them saying yes or no. (I’m glad that I’m raised more freely than my little brother. Seriously, sometimes I feel lonely/left out in a way, but I’d rather have all those freedoms than being pushed to do a lot of stuff)

Also, going a few posts back; about Round-Up: IT SUCKED. I’m not kidding. The clubs either had enough people (enviro club) or they weren’t doing it the way I was thinking (animal club). So I just left with my BF. But then, we went to the new Trader Joe’s that opened in the city! Now THAT was fun! I got to find more vegan food, and bought some on the way! XD

So, I came to a good conclusion at the end 🙂 1.) I’m going to go be animal activist in my own way and not under any clubs/group (because me being under an organization just does NOT work) and 2.) I’m proud and happy about making my decision to going vegan!!

I’m not going to stop what I like to do, and I’m going to stay strong in life to accomplish what I want!!!

Like always, thanks for anyone who stopped by 🙂

Vegan Recipe: Yogurty Drink

Okay, so I had this BAAAAAAAD food craving in the past few days/weeks. I was telling myself, “I love to eat! Can’t stop eating!”…It was getting out of hands. (Seriously, no joke.) I HATED myself for doing this.

So I wanted to say good bye to Mr. Hunger, so I was looking in the fridge to see if there was anything good, sweet, and not super calorie-consuming.

Then it hit me. I found two things that were completely vegan and tasty. I came up with a super-quick, easy-to-make recipe! (maybe people already do this, but I didn’t know that if they did. So it’s okay ) 😀

“Yogurty Drink”


  • Vegan Plain Yogurt
  • Soy Milk
  • Brown Sugar
Soymilk and Yogurt

Soymilk and Yogurt


1.) Put 2-3 spoonful (or more. How ever much you prefer) of yogurt in a clear glass/cup.


2.) Add soymilk.


3.) Add a teaspoon of brown sugar.

4.) Stir until the glump of yogurt is gone.

5.) Enjoy!


(I told you it was easy) 🙂

Since I am/was so weird and wanted a crunchy feeling to satisfy the craving, I added dry roasted soynuts to it! 😀  (Put in anything that you desire: fruits, cookies, more yogurt, etc.) It’s REALLY good.; simple aftertaste and it’s vegan!!) What more can you ask?!


Nature's Select -Dry Roasted Soynuts-

Nature's Select -Dry Roasted Soynuts-

Good-bye hunger and hello world!!

Thanks for anyone who stopped by! 😀

Operation Beautiful


I don’t know if any of you noticed, but for sure, THE WORLD IS CHAINGING. In a good way, it’s changing, and FAST.

Why do I say this? Because there are SO MANY information about how the world is going to change.  Examples:

1.) A Complaint Free World -> acomplaintfreeworld.org (stop complaining to live a better life)

2.) MANY people on the Peta2 Board is either going vegetarian or vegan -> peta2.com (I’m not joking, world. SO many people are going veg)

3.) Ascention on 12/22/2012 (Changing to a better world; dimention change)

4.) Many people born from 1970~  are “Indigo Children” -> http://www.innerself.com/Parenting/indigo_children.htm


(They are children that are here to guide us to a better world)

Today, I want to talk about “Operation Beautiful”. I found it on a post on the board by xspazztic.

Watch this video and see for yourself -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqOEP40Pmdg&feature=player_embedded

The mission is to tell people how beautiful they are, and how they do NOT need to change how they look.  This is really sweet, and it is extremely simple. See how much a post-it note on the bathroom mirror that says “you’re beautiful” can change one’s life.

For more information, please go to operationbeautiful.com


So guys and gals, it’s time for a change. We are stuck in a world full of crap, and the planet is doing its best to tell us to stop. (Extreme catastrophic events are a result of human’s selfish acts) Everything is changing; everyone’s mind is changing.

Our generation is the one that’s going to change and lead the world. Lets make it a good one.

Thank you for stopping by today 🙂

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