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Though I had a big list that I wanted to finish today, the math homework was more teeeeedious than I thought, so I didn’t get through them all. BUT, I finished the one thing that I really wanted to finish, so I’m proud of that! 😀

12.28.2010 007

One-page paper for my Japanese School! The ones that we all have to write every year near the end of the school year (so they can book it and give copies to everyone). It was tough and scary to write (nice, final paper, super-fancy pen, etc.) when I was little, but not anymore. This is my last one, and I’m just glad that I’m done with it! 😀

Teedious math homework:

12.28.2010 008

12.28.2010 001

At least when I looked through the text book, I started to remember how to do it 🙂 I was quite proud of me the human mind for it to remember things that you know you’re not gonna use that’s not super-necessary in life. (unless you’re going to become a math teacher like me. Then you might need it) 😉

Then this month’s VegNews came to the rescue!

12.28.2010 006

I’ve read through it pretty quickly, so once I’m done with my homework (and before I go to bed), I want to take my time to read it more carefully. 🙂 It has a lot of information on health this month, so I’m super-excited to read it!

Today for lunch, I had two pancakes (out of a box that my mom had to use up)

12.28.2010 004

Pancakes taste better with Agave I tell you! I tried maple syrup, and it just wasn’t sweet enough. 😛 No more maple syrup in my house! (but of course earth balance is needed ;))

Today, after picking up my little brother from BB, I went to the dentist to pick up some rubber bands for my braces, and while I was driving back, I found a sign that says “Boehm’s Chocolate“.

So vroom I turned and drove! Found it, it was a very cute place (with very cute Scottish-like uniform), but the smell of MILK chocolate bothered me A LOT. Wow, I’m REALLY sensitive to things like this now! It’s quite impressive! (didn’t have my camera!)


I bought a big (about 2.5 inches in diameter) coin chocolate and a racecar chocolate for my bro for a whopping $1.50. (dang, that’s cheap for a special place!)


Then we drove back, (oh yeah, he bought a whole pack of Whole Food’s 365 Key lime soda. $2.39; $2.62 after tax. It was funny how my bf didn’t hear me when I was sort of yelling in the store. Ha ha 😀 Then he came back with a sample of earth balance’s chocolate soy milk. Hm, I wonder if that’s good?)

And we went to Daniel Smith’s Art Supplies to go buy some copics!


Super-expensive pens!! $5.67 EACH!! (but that’s actually cheaper than other art stores, who sells them for $6.49. Gaah! 8O) With just two of these pens, Michael and I could go buy a meal from Wayward Cafe!! Oh well. 🙂 I’m an artist and I can’t (and won’t) change that.

From bottom up: Yellow, Crimson (“red“), Black, Leather, and Dandelion.

Michael’s parents gave me a $30 gift card for here as a Christmas present, so I used that. (thank you so much!!). But the machine didn’t recognize it, and the cashier lady had to get help, so we ended up waiting for about 5-10 minutes. (but the cashier guy who re-did it at a different machine gave me a student discount! Yeay! $31.47 to $28. 51!) 😀 Sometimes, waiting is good.

I’m going to change my sleeping schedule. Sleeping at 12 is NOT going to work for me (because I want to get up at least at 6 when school starts). That means I have to go to bed around 10:30, and get up at 6. TV is a good motivation for me to get up in the morning during school, so I will use that again! 😀

Tomorrow’s To-Do List:

  • Work on math homework (do history the day after, so it won’t be a work-overload)
  • Read VegNews
  • Call J

My mom’s been doing a REALLY good job cleaning the house for the last couple of days. I’m really proud of her, and really thankful for her!! Thank you mom, good job, and you are an amazing house-cleaning mom! (of course you’re just the perfect mom for me! ;))

I added another present that I received from Michael on the gift post!


I Have to Ask…

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

I haven’t been around recently. But in those “recent” times, I was browsing through google reader, and I wondered…

Should I really post about what happens in my life?

I mean, do other people out there care? Is anybody curious about it?

Me? I love reading about other people’s lives! Then, I get to see what they’re doing, and make interesting finds!

This is my answer, but just because this is what I think, it’s not going to be true for every single person.

So I have to ask, do you want to know what happens in my life?

That’s it for today. I’m going to go off to wonderland 🙂 Good night and thanks for coming!

P.S: My mom Santa got me a new camera! I’m super-excited to using it! 😀

I’m DONE! I Can’t Take This Any More!!

Hi y’all! How are you doing today? 😉

Have I lost my mind or what? Ahh probably. College is OVERWHELMING me, and I can’t believe I’m at a state of mind like this right now.

Okay, I SUCK AT TESTS. But that’s what matter A LOT in college. Bad thing about that? I study study study, and I’m stressing myself out. And now, I’m just bleh. I want to give myself time to chill out and think.

I suck at tests. Okay. What am I going to do next? Study.

But, my question for myself is: Is killing and stressing yourself out the answer?

I just had a math quiz last week, which I did study for, but not as hard as I am studying right now for my chem test. But I am just TIRED of studying this much.
Maybe that’s how college is supposed to be like. But, I haven’t gotten the hang of it, and because of this, I’m just letting myself feel empty – and I HATE it.

Yeah, I do my homework, yeah I understand the contents, but why does testing have to “be the proof” that you’re getting the materials? What if some people are just bad at tests? What happens to people like that?

And I can’t believe that me not doing well on that ONE test (FYI, I got 6.5 out of 10. That’s better than I thought, which was good ;)) is making me feel like this. Know how I feel? I feel like (quick explanation: I need to have a good grade and do good in math classes so I can get a degree in math. They’re aaaaaaaaallll connected) I lost everything. I don’t feel that passion to want to be a math teacher anymore. I feel like I’m just…ALONE.

As I was thinking that, I was reading blogs on google reader, and I just had to click this link to see what it was all about. I don’t know what it was, and I’ve seen many many links on other people’s other blogs to other places before, but this one, I just couldn’t let this one slide. (Hi Ryan! First time “meeting” you!) 😀

To do a quick video review, I thought it was great! It had ideas from how to develop a new mindset to how to get more readers to come back (I need that one baaaaaaaadly), but as for of that one, I don’t know if I can, because I’m just writing what I want to write.

And if I post stuff for people and not for me, I don’t feel “right”. (It’s not like I’m blogging for people; I’m blogging for ME) If people want recipes, fine. But this is my blog, and even though I write stuff that might not be interesting as some recipes, people still come see me. And I’m thankful for those people who come back to leave me a comment. At a state like this especially, it means A LOT. (oh Michael, I’m not saying ANYTHING about you not leaving a comment here ;))

So while I was watching the video I was like “I really can’t do this right now…I don’t know what’s up with me…Seems like I just lost my dream of all times (of becoming a math teacher)…”

But then, I thought and asked to myself…”Wait, why am I letting one test bomb me? Why am I letting myself do this? It’s only one friggen test I couldn’t do well, and what does that really have to do with it?

“I had my dreams for about 11 years now. I’m 18, and almost 2/3 of my lifetime, has been dedicated to this thought. This is what kept me going.

I’ve bombed billions of tests before, and I was able to do fine. Why not the same like those times? What’s the difference? Yeah it counts for your classes, and college is heavily-weighed on tests, but, SO WHAT? I’ve already gone through, what…2 years or so not doing good on tests (yes, there are exceptions where I got good grades), and even with that, I SURVIVED. And FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, both CALCULUS and CHEMISTRY are REVIEW! They are BOTH in the back of my HEAD somewhere. I KNOW it is!!! I’ve seen it before, and because I did it just last year, it’s still PRETTY FRESH in my MEMORIES!!!

And GUESS WHAT? BECAUSE it’s frikken review, I KNOW I can do better this time! I KNOW I CAN. I CAN’T just let some math tests kill my 11 years of dream. It WILL happen. That’s what kept me ALIVE. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS.

Yeah, it’s going to take some time to see all the positive results, but hey! There are OTHER PEOPLE GOING THROUGH THE SAME/SIMILAR CHANGES. YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

I know I don’t like waiting for stuff to change; I like instant results, but heck, LIFE IS LONG. IT HAS and WILL TAKE TIME for things to get better, and isn’t that what life is all about?

On top of me having to be more confident in my skills, I need to give myself more credit than I do. I know I do so much good stuff when people aren’t looking.


  • I got up today at 5 to enjoy reading. (was able to achieve my mission to “get up early in the morning”
  • I did all my homework and went to the math center because I needed help (achieved my “not being afraid of going in to ask for help”; broke my shell, AGAIN. Did the same throughout last week – now all my professors know me, which I think is crucial to live a good college academic life and is AWESOME!)
  • I made it to class on time (and even though I didn’t go back to my room to get my Japanese text book, I still followed the class and paid attention by not being afraid to ask someone to see if I can share a book with them)
  • I popped my head into one of the girl’s room to say “hi” (biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig progress here. Now I know that I can borrow a cutting knife if I need it. Yeay! I can eat my apples now!) 😀
  • I DREW. ********

******** This one deserves a speical recognition because, I totally burried the fact that I feel better/happier/more confident when/while I draw. I knew it was true, but after slowly fading away from my “manga-ka” life/dream, the burning passion for it kind of got away (and I didn’t really have time for it too much, either…) But today, I drew in math class because I wanted to finish what I started, and after that, I FELT GREAT! (my way of getting high, I shall say. Ha ha. Which doesn’t sound like me at all, but oh well) 😉 I will show you all as soon as I’m done coloring it!

Fhew! I feel better now. 🙂 I don’t think know that I shouldn’t let ONE test destroy my whole career and dream. That’s just stupid. And besides, I needed time to get away from studying, because it was getting to a point where I was getting a stomach pain that was derived from stress. (same pain came while I was taking AP US History. I’m glad that’s over.) Not good. See? I work hard, and I deserve a treat and/or a rest sometimes, too! Just like aaaaaaaaaaaaalll normal people. 😉

Okay, my drawing is turning out pretty good (wanted to use copics but they’re at home 😦 so I have to stick with colored pencils) But hey! They’re actually turning out to be pretty good! Ahh, I love how art makes me feel!

What’s your “natural high” item/action? (lets stay clean, okay?)

Oh, and I can guess that Michael’s natural high person is me 🙂 Ha ha!

Have a good day and thaaaanks for coming! 🙂 (and if you actually read this, thank you so much! That’s quite a lot of time you put into, and even just skimming through this! Thank you all! It means a lot to me!)

P.S: I may or may not have a give away to come. Totally undecided, but just wanted to let it out there. 😉

P.S.S: Guess who had a Japanese Kanji test and KNOWS that she aced it? Me? Maybe so. 😉

P.S.S.S: Long distance relationship can TOTALLY work. I just had to blurt this out because I really respect this guy in class who’s doing it. (and they’ve been together for what, 4 years or so? And they do see eachother once in a while) From here, to Japan; I have to say, Phil, if you can do it, ANYONE can. 🙂

Ahh, Hectic!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

Fhew! I’m in college right now, and I’ve been preeeeeeeeety busy!!  I didn’t know studying in/for college took up this much time! And I’m still exploring around here, so that also takes up time! 😯

And guess what? Yesterday, I LOST MY CAMERA!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 😯

This is a MAJOR issue for me because I take so many pictures to put on this blog, and without it, I can’t really blog like I’d like to!!! Boo!! 😦 

And because I didn’t back up all the recent pictures to my laptop, I can’t do new posts!!!!! 😯

This is what happened (p.s: this was a comment I wrote on a blog, so it may sound choppy): I was taking pictures with my camera at college, and for some reason/some how, I misplaced it somewhere and I ABSOLUTELY canNOT find it anywhere!!

I was in a really pissy mood; and interestingly enough, I got even pissier because due to my bf and I looking for it (in a negative mood), the dining hall closed!!

I was as stumped as ever, but then I realized:I’m the one who’s attracting all this negative stuff. Okay, if I can’t find it, FINE. Now, I NEED TO CHANGE MY ATTITUDE.

So, instead of going back to my room feeling all crudy, we went to a local food co-op to buy dinner. And guess what? We got to try new food that we’ve never had before!! (evol burrito, local pasta with tofu, etc.) I felt better about it.

And today, I was a lot better than yesterday. But I still wanted my camera, so I went all over the campus (everywhere; to all the lost and founds to all the classes I went to) to ask if they’ve seen one. For me, not having my camera is a major issue, because without it, I can’t blog with fun pictures!

But I think, that if I keep a positive attitude, I’ll create a positive vibe where it’ll eventually lead me to finding my camera!

I just want to say, changing your attitude can make a HUGE difference 🙂


So yeah 🙂 That’s the conclusion I came up with. Please wish me a good luck to finding my camera, because I REALLY need it, and I JUST CAN’T GO WITHOUT IT!!! 😦 Maybe all your positive vibes will help me find it 🙂 because people, you can give vibes to pretty much anyone who’s anywhere.

Sorry for the choppy post. But I felt like I wanted to say SOMETHING out to the blog world!

And all of you that still read this and takes time to comment, thank you SO much. Me being who I am (not really a person who talks to people because I do my own things), those comments mean A LOT to me.

I love you all, and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave a great day!!!!! ❤ 🙂

New To Many Things!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

Quite a lot of things to cover. Before and after going to Japan, Michael and I went to Seattle to enjoy some AMAZING vegan food.

Before: We went to Wayward Cafe.


(I have more pictures on the desktop, so I may or may not add more pictures)

I think it’s really cool how it proudly says Vegan. (And guess what? All the guys that work there are vegan!!! Now that’s pretty cool. ;))

There, we ordered their Vegan Omlet with Sham. Yes, an OMLET that’s vegan.

OH. MY. GOSH. It tasted like eggs!!!!!! And the cheese melted in my mouth as I took a bite. It was soooooooooooooo good! (I asked them how they made the “egg”, and the waiter said that they use lots of tofu. And their sham is made in the house!!) I haven’t had a vegan omlet before, or an omlet in general, but this, was VERY good. I would LOVE to eat it again!!

After: We went to Pizza Pi!!! (which is about a couple of blocks away from the Wayward Cafe, and right accross the street from the Sidecar For Pigs Peace. (I like how all the Vegan places are REALLY close to eachother)


They had some very unique artworks on their walls. Very eye-catching. 😉

The bottom one was on our side of the wall.

And their bathroom sign was interesting. 🙂

I wonder if the girl is sitting down. Ha ha! 😀

Out of all the interestingly-named pizza, we decided to order a 12-inch Pesto Pizza.

Tomato sauce, Olives, Green Bell Peppers, Italian Sausage, and Vegan Cheese all on a super-thin crust.

OH. MY. GOSH. This was AMAZING!!! It was super-warm (fresh out of the oven), crunchy, and the cheese melted in my mouth!!!! I’ve never had a sausage pizza, and this, was absolutely AMAZING. I would want to have it again someday! 😀

8 slices total = 4 slices x 2 people. It was A LOT, and I was SUPER-FULL at the end, but it was totally worth it. 😉

All done! (we didn’t want to get a box, because I didn’t want to just toss it out later. So we finished all, and it was all-good) 🙂 We’re such environmentalists, aren’t we? 😉

And of course, we went to the awesome, all-vegan Sidecar For Pigs Peace and bought some new eats and drinks.

Herbucha for $3.52

and a vegan Espresso Truffle. (hey, this looks like a chocolate booby, doesn’t it? Ha ha!! 😉

The herbucha was very fizzy (but not like Synergy), and they had more “herb-y” taste. 🙂 The espresso truffle had a coffee bean on the top, and it was very…chocolate-y!!! The middle part was all soft, and the outside was hard, but it was very good!! (and yes, I’d like to have it again!)

After being all stuffed and full, we went to Mighty-O’s!!!!!

Had their doughnuts several times, but this was the first time going to the actual place!

Very cute place, and they were making doughnuts in the back, so there weren’t that many.

After talking about which one to get, I decided to get the Nutty Chocolate.

The chocolate was still warm, and it was very goo-y. The nuts gave the soft doughnut some crunchiness, and it was very good! (chocolate doughnut + chocolate coating + nuts = Chocolate Heaven!) If you like chocolates (and nuts) like crazy, you’d like this a lot.

Also, I had some new eats.

RAW Dark Chocolate. Bitter – 84% bitterness in my opinion. Because it was raw, I felt good eating about it, because cocoa is good for you, and it has lots of antioxidents! If it’s raw, I think it’s even better for me! 😀

Tofurky’s Cheese Pizza!! We bought this a while ago, and because my family decided to have pizza, I had Michael cook it for me! (he added the extra sausage, because he had some at home)

And guess what? This had A LOT of garlic flavor to it!!! (Garlic butter, perhaps?) It was REALLY REALLY good!!!!! Even my mom (who’s an omni) said it was really good!!! 😉 (she loves garlic, too) OH MAN. I’d LOVE to have it again!!!! 😀

YES!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Chocolate Chip larabars!!!! I heard about this over, and over, and over, but never found them. BUT Michael found it and got it for me!!!! (apparently, it was at PCC, and that’s not that far from our house. I wonder why we never checked there…Hmm…perhaps things are expensive there?)

I had the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar, and it was VERY good!! It tasted peanut buttery, but it wasn’t a strong peanut butter taste (which I like), and yet, it still had a strong chocolate chip taste to it!!! 😀 I liked it, and I’m looking forward to trying the chocolate chip brownie one!!

What’s your favorite kind of larabars? Do you make your own? I like chocolate ones, and cashew’s pretty good, too. 😉 I used to make my own, but after realizing how I’m not good with nuts, I stopped making them. But having them once in a while is good. 🙂

Happy Monday and thanks for coming!!! 🙂

P.S: I have another post about last week coming! (so this post and the soon-to-come post should be reversed, but oh well.) I’m just giving all of you a heads up!!

Japan Trip Pics #3 – Food, Food, and More Food!!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

First of all, I want to say that my boy friend came up with this title, and not me. He likes to be silly sometimes 😉

If you missed my two trip posts, you can check them out here and here.

FINALLY, this is the LAST POST ABOUT THIS TRIP. (I have so much more other stuff that I want to post, but I know I should finish this first) So foodie post, here it goes!!! 😀

1.) Vegan Airplane food is disgusting.

Ew, what is this fake curry thing… I only ate the left and the right side (not the white rice – yuck!!!)

Breakfast…The puffy cake-like thing on the right tasted like NOTHING. I seriously had NO IDEA what it was.

Breakfast in Japan was vegetable/fruit juice such as this.

Konjac noodles. I love these and they were my lifesavers.

Soba noodles with original soy sauce + vinegar dip. Can taste the soy sauce A LOT, and I thought it was funny 😀

I found it in a grocery store. Hershey’s crunch ball. Probably like dibs…yum for people who eat them! 😉


Cherry Blossom Sherbert. Mmmmm it tasted pink! 😀

Yeay more konjac! (the green sashimi-looking thing) It’s good, in my opinion. With a little mustard-like sauce…Mmm!

A Vanilla bagel I got at the big mall down town. (yes, it’s vegan! Yeaaaaaaaaaay!!!) It was very vanilla-y. 😉 I bought it again a few days after. 🙂 It was that good (and when you can’t find good vegan food like the US, anything would help)

And remember how there was a drink store called Vegetaria?

They used fresh vegetables and fruits to make their drink right on the spot.

Because my mom and I are such unique people, we got bitter melon + pineapple and dragon fruit juice.

Mom’s choice of bitter melon + pineapple. It was SUPER BITTER. I liked that expression on her face, because I knew it was bitter!!! (and I tried it and it was…weird!)

My dragon fruit drink. It was very unique, sweet, and good. It tasted like a mango-type tropical awesomeness. 😀

Food from the US I brought with me. I’m surprised that it actually held me for 21 days. Next time, I taking these in boxes!!!!!!!!!! That’s how much vegan food I need in Japan!!!!!

Kabosu juice. Kabosu is a fruit that’s similar to a lime. Famous fruit in Oita.

More soba noodle. This time warm. 🙂

Shitake mushrooms. This was when we celebrated our grandmother’s 77th year. (not birthday, but a special day because her age is 77)

Fried tofu. Always a yum. Even in America. 😉

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. If you can read this, it’s funny, right? 😉 It has the kanji for “man” (otoko), right on the surface of the tofu. Pretty funny, huh? 😉 And it’s called Otokomae-tofu. (aka “Handsome tofu”) The name gives me a good laugh, too. XD

Brown Sugar popcorn. This was good, I have to tell you. Even my grandma liked it! 😉 (and it’s vegan! Ha!)

The last “snack” I ate. Apple Sherbert from Baskin Robins. (at The Mall) This was very yum, and it tasted like apples! (Probably chemical apples, but what the heck. I’m regained my health back when I got back home, so it’s all okay) 😉

Food going back. They did a little better, but the steamed veggies didn’t really taste like anything.

Again, breakfast; weird spongy-cake thing. I didn’t even eat this because I knew how nasty it was from the going-to Japan flight. Ew. Absolutely ew.

But but, the funniest food bought during this whole trip is this!

Boobie chocolate!!!!!!!! Our grandma bought it for my girl cousin (age 6) because…it was cute! (I don’t know!) On the front, it actually said how to eat it. “Lick it, suck it, etc. etc.”. It was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing inside my head!!!! What do you think of this “Boobie Chocolate”? (ooh, and don’t worry. There was also “Penis chocolate”, too. But boobies are totally better than penis, right? Ha ha!!) 😀

I have sooooooooooooooooooo many more pictures, but if I were to finish this post in one day, this is all I can put up. And if I tried to put all the pics, I’d never finish these posts about the trip!!!

And guess what? I totally missed my One-Year Blogaversary!!!! (9/1/2009 was when I started) Oh well 🙂

And two, before I left for Japan, Michael and I went to an all-vegan cafe, so I’m going to have that post coming up next!

To give you a clue what we had, I’ll leave you with this picture.

And now, you get to wonder what it is until my next post! Muhahahahahahaha!! >:D

Well everyone, this is the end of my Japan Trip Recap, and like always, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming!! 🙂

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