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Though I had a big list that I wanted to finish today, the math homework was more teeeeedious than I thought, so I didn’t get through them all. BUT, I finished the one thing that I really wanted to finish, so I’m proud of that! 😀

12.28.2010 007

One-page paper for my Japanese School! The ones that we all have to write every year near the end of the school year (so they can book it and give copies to everyone). It was tough and scary to write (nice, final paper, super-fancy pen, etc.) when I was little, but not anymore. This is my last one, and I’m just glad that I’m done with it! 😀

Teedious math homework:

12.28.2010 008

12.28.2010 001

At least when I looked through the text book, I started to remember how to do it 🙂 I was quite proud of me the human mind for it to remember things that you know you’re not gonna use that’s not super-necessary in life. (unless you’re going to become a math teacher like me. Then you might need it) 😉

Then this month’s VegNews came to the rescue!

12.28.2010 006

I’ve read through it pretty quickly, so once I’m done with my homework (and before I go to bed), I want to take my time to read it more carefully. 🙂 It has a lot of information on health this month, so I’m super-excited to read it!

Today for lunch, I had two pancakes (out of a box that my mom had to use up)

12.28.2010 004

Pancakes taste better with Agave I tell you! I tried maple syrup, and it just wasn’t sweet enough. 😛 No more maple syrup in my house! (but of course earth balance is needed ;))

Today, after picking up my little brother from BB, I went to the dentist to pick up some rubber bands for my braces, and while I was driving back, I found a sign that says “Boehm’s Chocolate“.

So vroom I turned and drove! Found it, it was a very cute place (with very cute Scottish-like uniform), but the smell of MILK chocolate bothered me A LOT. Wow, I’m REALLY sensitive to things like this now! It’s quite impressive! (didn’t have my camera!)


I bought a big (about 2.5 inches in diameter) coin chocolate and a racecar chocolate for my bro for a whopping $1.50. (dang, that’s cheap for a special place!)


Then we drove back, (oh yeah, he bought a whole pack of Whole Food’s 365 Key lime soda. $2.39; $2.62 after tax. It was funny how my bf didn’t hear me when I was sort of yelling in the store. Ha ha 😀 Then he came back with a sample of earth balance’s chocolate soy milk. Hm, I wonder if that’s good?)

And we went to Daniel Smith’s Art Supplies to go buy some copics!


Super-expensive pens!! $5.67 EACH!! (but that’s actually cheaper than other art stores, who sells them for $6.49. Gaah! 8O) With just two of these pens, Michael and I could go buy a meal from Wayward Cafe!! Oh well. 🙂 I’m an artist and I can’t (and won’t) change that.

From bottom up: Yellow, Crimson (“red“), Black, Leather, and Dandelion.

Michael’s parents gave me a $30 gift card for here as a Christmas present, so I used that. (thank you so much!!). But the machine didn’t recognize it, and the cashier lady had to get help, so we ended up waiting for about 5-10 minutes. (but the cashier guy who re-did it at a different machine gave me a student discount! Yeay! $31.47 to $28. 51!) 😀 Sometimes, waiting is good.

I’m going to change my sleeping schedule. Sleeping at 12 is NOT going to work for me (because I want to get up at least at 6 when school starts). That means I have to go to bed around 10:30, and get up at 6. TV is a good motivation for me to get up in the morning during school, so I will use that again! 😀

Tomorrow’s To-Do List:

  • Work on math homework (do history the day after, so it won’t be a work-overload)
  • Read VegNews
  • Call J

My mom’s been doing a REALLY good job cleaning the house for the last couple of days. I’m really proud of her, and really thankful for her!! Thank you mom, good job, and you are an amazing house-cleaning mom! (of course you’re just the perfect mom for me! ;))

I added another present that I received from Michael on the gift post!


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  1. Happy christmas Miho! Gosh your japanese paper looks so hard, i admire you that you could write that i dont think i ever could. And yay for new issues of VegNews!! I have to go and pick it up 🙂

    • Merry belated Christmas to you too! lol It’s not hard, it just makes me nervous everytime because it’s the final draft = “no mess up”.
      Are you subscribed to it too? It’s awesome! 😀

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