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How to “Become Lucky”

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

Today for me was a good, nice ‘n’ sunny, warm, and cosy day. It was super-sunny, and that lifted up my mood from all the final studying + α! A daily dose of sunshine gives me a good, positive energy. What gives you good energy?

I was reading through last month’s edition of Women’s Health (I subscribed to it last month, and November and December’s edition came in the mail today – yay!), and I came accross an article that caught my eyes:

“Make Your Own Luck”

I really wanted to share this you all because it’s so easy and true! Who has to be “born lucky” in order to be lucky? FYI, you ARE already lucky to begin with!

The first step here says “Consider yourself lucky; people who consider themselves lucky actually tend to be.” They are more likely to “pounce on them (the fortuitous situations) when they arise.” So keep your eyes opened for those little “daily happinesses” that arise! 😉

Also, “Shift your focus. Being willing to explore unforeseen opportunities can lead to different and unexpected outcomes…and sometimes better results in the long run.” This also goes hand-in-hand is “Break familiar patterns.”

Easygoing people who have more of a go-with-the-flow approach to life…open themselves up to more opportunities and fortuitous encounters“.

So, rather than sticking to your “I have to do this this this and this every single day” list, why not shuffle your daily schedule deck and try something new?

Instead of looking at those assignments/jobs/tasks you have to do, think about all the things you already accomplished in the week/day and say “Well heck, I’ll do this and this instead, because I worked hard already this week/today on such and such.” May be hard, but if it’s something you have to get done, you will. 🙂 (true for me and my chemisty homework! Ha ha!)

Going back to the main subject; to be lucky, consider and believe that you are! No other way to accomplish something than to believe in that you can!

We are ALL lucky, you know! Just think and list all the things that you have!

  • you can get up and go to bed without worrying that you’re might not see the next day
  • you have access to food basically no matter where you are!
  • you have access to water!
  • you have eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, teeth, hands, arms, legs, a stomach, lungs; you have a body that you can move around in!
  • you have a home to live safely in
  • you have a computer/phone/ipad that saves your butt in your daily lives
  • you have a car/matter of transportation that can take you places
  • you can buy things to make yourself happy/beautiful
  • you can breathe clean air
  • you can sense all the beautiful things out there in the world
  • you have time that you can spend however you want
  • you have the ability and the power to dream and make those dreams come true

There’s just so many things out there that you have, and it’s fortunate because in some parts of the world, not everybody has this!!! Please take a look at what you have and consider yourself lucky!!

Just the fact that we can live everyday, worry-free,  is super lucky. So take a moment to see what you have, and consider having those little things “lucky”. And hey, you never know. Maybe you’ll become even luckier. 😉

Okey, that’s all I wanted to share with you all! Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you have any “tricks” to increase your luck? Please share!

Thanks for reading and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "How to “Become Lucky”" (4)

  1. Nice post! And being a Type A personality, I do have to work on to be “relax” and be easy going and not getting to uptight about things not go the way I want it to be. Thanks for posting this!

    • Thanks! I’m type O, but I have to work at it sometimes, too! (yeay for Asians knowing their blood types). No problem! 🙂

  2. Great post doll!! So inspiring and so true 🙂 We are all lucky when we are inline with our desires and connection. There is no such thing as a coincidence we are just bringing to us what we are thinking!

    Keep the positive lucky thoughts!


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