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Glad You’re Back, Mangaka!

Hi all! How are you doing today? 😉

I have to say, I’ve been mia around the blog world recently. But perhaps this shows my growth of not relying on the social media? (Which I consider is a good thing) 😉

How was your Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Did you get anything cool and shanzzy? I sure did!

My aunt gave me a $50 gift card for Macy’s (as a super-belated grad present), and the next day (Black Friday), I spent most of it! 😀 Hey, there was a good deal on this machine, so it’s perfectly okay! 😉


Ta-daaaaa!!!!! A Bella Cucina 700 Watt Juice Extractor!!! Holy wow!! I wanted a juicer for over 2 years, and FINALLY!! I got one!! 😀 (when Michael and I went to buy it, we felt like we were newly weds because we had such a big item!!) 😉

It was originally $79.99, and it was 50% off!! (and we made it just in time for the “morning special” without even knowing it! ;)) So (+ tax) $43 it was! 😀 Pretty sweet deal, ain’t it?

Now to the title: For me, it’s quite exciting, because I’ve been waiting for it to come back for a good 1 year-and a little.

In my junior year, I was drawing manga (Japanese comic) like CRAZY (regardless of how much hw I had for AP US History, which was scary).

But in my senior year, I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. I was thinking of the plot for the new manga, but I just couldn’t come up with it. (plus for us, deciding the whole “college” thing) So then, I lost my “mangaka (manga artist/cartoonist) soul”. This was sad because that (aka drawing) is a big part of me.

But I didn’t want to completely lose my drawing soul, so I kept on drawing something. (Hoping I would get my “mangaka soul” back soon)



Then one day, somebody pointed out “You seem sad”.

I didn’t realize then, but I was. (again, due to the whole “college” thing) Even though that was all I was drawing, I still wanted to draw something. So I let everything happen, and let time pass, hoping time will heal my pain. (and the lack of wanting to draw manga)

So improvements DO happen over time:


(okay, okay. I was drawing Yu-Gi-Oh! because I like it, and drawing something I knew made me feel better)

And guess what. Yesterday, FINALLY the day came: I started to get a super-jumbo-mumbo jar full of inspiration, just pouring out of my head!!! This was so fun, awesome, and just plain joy for me, because I haven’t gotten this overflowing-inspiration in over a year, and it’s here!!!!!! Me being able to come up with a story from beginning to end completely is pure happiness!!! Feeding your hobby-heart with joy is important too, you know! (so sometimes, put work + “manditory chores” off to the side and let your hobby soul flow with joy!!)

So now, I have a full-length, 28-pages of manga rough draft in my notebook, and I’m super-excited to work on it!! (it may or may not be posted here, but I’m more than sure that you can find it online) 😉

I’m glad that my Mangaka soul is back, and I learned from experience (for like the 40 billionth time) “If you let time pass, things will heal/get better” Oh, hi Michael! I’m sure YOU know what I’m talking about! Ha ha! 😀

Yeay for my drawing/mangaka spirit to be back!!!!

So now, slowly, I’m going to start working on my manga! (not sending in to a big company. Just for fun; for my friends, and for me to recover from losing my spirit!) 😀

Do you want to see it? (It’s Yu-Gi-Oh! fan manga) If you do, the whole thing, parts or doodles of it?

I hope you’ll have a good rest of the day and thanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "Glad You’re Back, Mangaka!" (6)

  1. I used to like drawing manga too when in high school…even made up my own Sailor Moon theme with my girl friends..LOL. Such a memory. I don’t know you are a Yu-gi-Oh fan.. what other anime/manga do you like? I like Fullmetal Alchemist and Jigoku Shoujo.

    Congrats on getting the juicer! I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it! Btw, don’t forget to eat the pulps as well..mix them into your extracted juice and you’ll have a smoothie!

    • Really? That’s quite unique 😉 Do you remember what their names were? lol Oh man, I ❤ Yu-Gi-Oh! so much; I cosplayed as a Yu-Gi-Oh! character at an anime convention last year! XD Hm, I like minor ones: manga by Yu Yabuuchi, and I super-heart Hajimeteno Aku (-First time Akuno- fairly recent manga) Oh yeah, and Pokemon Special 🙂

      Thanks! I'm super excited to use it! Yes yes, I will remember to eat the pulps; don't waste veggies!

  2. I love this and would LOVE to see more of your drawings! You are majorly talented, girl! 🙂

  3. Girl you are so inspirational and talented!!! Keep up the great work and keep sharing it with us please!!

    The drawings are beautiful! I used to draw alot when I was young, and really enjoy it….but not as great as yours 😉


    • Thank you! I’m sure your art was great in your own ways 🙂 Drawing gives me a relieving feeling 🙂

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