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Ahh, Hectic!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

Fhew! I’m in college right now, and I’ve been preeeeeeeeety busy!!  I didn’t know studying in/for college took up this much time! And I’m still exploring around here, so that also takes up time! 😯

And guess what? Yesterday, I LOST MY CAMERA!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 😯

This is a MAJOR issue for me because I take so many pictures to put on this blog, and without it, I can’t really blog like I’d like to!!! Boo!! 😦 

And because I didn’t back up all the recent pictures to my laptop, I can’t do new posts!!!!! 😯

This is what happened (p.s: this was a comment I wrote on a blog, so it may sound choppy): I was taking pictures with my camera at college, and for some reason/some how, I misplaced it somewhere and I ABSOLUTELY canNOT find it anywhere!!

I was in a really pissy mood; and interestingly enough, I got even pissier because due to my bf and I looking for it (in a negative mood), the dining hall closed!!

I was as stumped as ever, but then I realized:I’m the one who’s attracting all this negative stuff. Okay, if I can’t find it, FINE. Now, I NEED TO CHANGE MY ATTITUDE.

So, instead of going back to my room feeling all crudy, we went to a local food co-op to buy dinner. And guess what? We got to try new food that we’ve never had before!! (evol burrito, local pasta with tofu, etc.) I felt better about it.

And today, I was a lot better than yesterday. But I still wanted my camera, so I went all over the campus (everywhere; to all the lost and founds to all the classes I went to) to ask if they’ve seen one. For me, not having my camera is a major issue, because without it, I can’t blog with fun pictures!

But I think, that if I keep a positive attitude, I’ll create a positive vibe where it’ll eventually lead me to finding my camera!

I just want to say, changing your attitude can make a HUGE difference 🙂


So yeah 🙂 That’s the conclusion I came up with. Please wish me a good luck to finding my camera, because I REALLY need it, and I JUST CAN’T GO WITHOUT IT!!! 😦 Maybe all your positive vibes will help me find it 🙂 because people, you can give vibes to pretty much anyone who’s anywhere.

Sorry for the choppy post. But I felt like I wanted to say SOMETHING out to the blog world!

And all of you that still read this and takes time to comment, thank you SO much. Me being who I am (not really a person who talks to people because I do my own things), those comments mean A LOT to me.

I love you all, and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave a great day!!!!! ❤ 🙂


Comments on: "Ahh, Hectic!" (7)

  1. highonhealthy said:

    You lost your camera? 😦 I hope you find it! Is buying a new one out of the picture?

  2. Sorry for your loss of your camera…if you can’t find it, just get a new one. I’m sure you can score a decent point and shoot digital camera 😉
    Agree with staying positive…it’s so easy to say but it’s pretty challenging to do. I’m in that mode now as well.

    • Thanks 🙂 I hope so!
      We can go through the positive change together! 😀 I’m totally doing a good job right now! 😀 (as of 9:30 in the morning) 😉

  3. Hope you find your camera soon! Enjoy college! x

  4. Yes I think you are right! Change that thinking girl 🙂 If you think you always loose stuff, etc, of course it will happen.

    Your camera will turn up and you will be so grateful!

    I hope you are having a great time 🙂


    • I hope that’s the case, because I love that camera soooooooooo much! (or at least if I can’t find it, find one that’s exact/similar to mine) Positive attitude is so important, I realized 🙂

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