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Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

This is a post I made on July 19, and it was uploaded automatically. 

There are many old saying out there in the world, but the one that I rethought to myself “Wow, this is so true!” is that dreams do come true.

Why I say this? There are several examples, but I will share this one case that I haven’t really shared with anyone (because it’s too long ago)

When I was about 5 or so (and spoke absolutely no English), I was put into a summer camp. Obivously I couldn’t do too much (I know I cried at a game because I had no idea how to play it. The game where you whisper something into the other person’s ear and keep passing it on until the last person hears it) I remember having one friend who was nice and played a board game or something with me.

There, I got this little Do-it-yourself stain glass. (the ones that are plastic and you color in it with paint) I got one, but I had no courage to say “I want to do this”, and we were running out of time. So as a child, I felt really sad and at that time, I kind of regretted the fact that I didn’t get to do it.

Over time (obviously), I forgot about it, but from time to time, I would think to myself, “I wish I could do those plastic stain glass things…”. I know they sell it at Michael’s or Ben Franklin. but I never really had the “need” to buy it. (this happened over the course of 13 or so years.)

And today, we went to this Art Museum for a field trip. And guess what. Out of all the art projects that could be done in the world, today’s activity was Stain glass making. I couldn’t be happier than that. I was actually overfilled with joy on the inside, because my little tiny childhood “dream” was accomplished, TODAY. After 13 or so years of thinking it and having that memory tucked in there in the back of my mind, I was finally, FINALLY able to accomplish this. This just made me really really happy.

So even though I was supposed to watch and help the kids, I was just totally into painting the stain glass.

And this is what my dream turned out to be like:

Yes, I did two, because they said if we all finish one, we can do another one. So, why not?


Pink and purty and summery 😉


In contrast to my pink, brightness, I made it dark. But did not forget about bright colors! (I love bright colors!)

I was very happy, and I was smiling (inside and out, but more on the inside), because I was able to fulfill the happiness of me when I was a child. My inner child(ness) was happy, and finally satisfied with the fact of doing this stain glass art.

So all in all, I want to say that if you keep thinking that your dream will happen (even if it’s in the back of your mind and you don’t think about it too often), and keep your dreams alive in your mind, it will come true.

I can’t stress this enough, and I wanted to leave all of you with this video. (maybe some of you have already seen it before) It’s not as long as the original one (which is a little over an hour), but if you ever have time to watch it, do so, because it is totally worth your time.

I seriously watch this over and over from time to time; I have this on my ipod, because whenever I feel down and think of giving up my future dream and or/ I feel like I have the need to be pushed to achieve something (especially in school), I would take it out and watch it. It is just that good. (I have it as an mp3, so I can listen to it too.) That’s how much I love this. That’s how much this is inspiring to me.

Dr. Randy Pausch, you are amazing, and you are inspirational, to everyone.


Comments on: "Inspiration; true inspiration" (4)

  1. Those stain glass slippers look so cute!

  2. That is awesome that you did something you dreamed. I feel like we often don’t realize how easy it is to achieve our dreams, we just have to do it. And then we get such an amazing feeling from within. I love Nike’s tagline. “JUST DO IT”

    I have found this to work the same for things I am afraid of, my mind stops me from doing things because of fear but if I ‘just do it” the feeling within is awesome and I find it gives me momentum to keep on Just doing it.

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