A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Hi everyone! How are you doing today?

First: Do not consume the two products mentioned in the title at once. I don’t think they’d taste good together. 😉

Fun eats of the summer (oh man I have so many) :

NuGo Free Gluten Free Soy Chocolate Crunch! (I have a feeling Miss Averie might like them!)

Mmmm! The goodness of chocolate-y chocolateness! 😀 It was very hard (because I just had my braces tightened, so I couldn’t really bite in to it like I would usually do), and very chewy, and it looks fiber-licious! (**that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective!) 😕 All in all, it was very tasty, and I would buy it again! (it was on sale at WF’s for $1.89 each. Score!)

And while synergy is gone, I would like to present you this Kombucha!

Vibrant Kombucha!

Mmm! You can taste the raspberry a lot in this one! But it’s definitely not as sizzly as synergy. Do I like it? Yes. Do I prefer more sizzle? Maybe. Would I try this again? Yes! (it’s kombucha after all. Why not try it again?) $2.99 at Whole Foods I’ll tell ya! Better deal than synegy! (which is about $3.49 a bottle! Ouch!)

Ooh, and as I was cleaning my closet, I wondered: How many veg*n shirts do I have?

So I counted them. Here they are:






and six.  Wait!!

Ta-da! This is the newest one from fuego. (the website for this brand is here) Michael bought it for me, and it was on sale! ($21. 80 to $13.08. Score!) It’s so cute!!!!

I had my eyes on this for a while, and I was afraid that someone already bought it. But a week or so later, it was still there! So he bought it for me! (this is the first AR/veg*n shirt that I saw that’s not from an AR-related place. Cool!!) I love it! It’s 100% cotten, and it’s sooooooooo comfy!! 😀 I love it! Thank you Michael!!!

Wow! I had a lot more than I thought! (I knew I had all these, but never really counted them) Do you have any type(s) of shirt(s) you collect? Do you have certain colored clothing(s) that you like to buy? I like clothes, but if they’re veg*n-related, I think it’s cool!

Enjoy today and like always, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming!! 🙂


Comments on: "Gluten Free Bar and Kombucha Review and Veg*n Clothings!" (2)

  1. I used to wear braces a while back, man it was painful everytime it got tightened..LOL. That bar looks interesting…how’s the sweetness? I love dark chocolate that has a nice combination of bitter and sweet taste 😀
    Cute T-shirts you got there…unfortunately my fashion collection is pretty boring….I haven’t bought clothing for at least 6 months…LOL!!

    • I’m with you on that one! (but I’ve had braces for so long that I got used to it over time!) 😉 It’s not super sweet; decent, I shall say. 😉
      Thanks! Clothes are fun to buy, but then, I have more than I need 😉 And wow! That’s a long time not buying clothes! :O

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