A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Lol Good times, friends! How are you all doing today? 😉

Lots of F’s and B’s here today, huh? (it sounds like I’m swearing, but don’t worry; I’m not) Fun, fabulous, bodatious stuff are what I’m talking about!

Okay, for my job (teaching at a preschool), we go on a field trip (little and big ones) everyday (!), and we are going all over the place! (yeay for public transportation!)

Last week, we went to the Pacific Science Center.

I flipped out when I saw the theme for the month.

Circus?! Were there going to be animals?!?! 😯 is what I first thought. But luckily, that wasn’t the case, so I was relieved 😉

(I’m actually excited for the next featured event that’s coming up for the year 2012!) Maybe I’ll come back and see this, because I really love this next picture’s place!

Wow, this is so long from now! 😯 Or would time just fly past by? (it probably will) lol

Holy cow moly chippy-o’s! I have so many products to review about!!!!!! 😀

Numero uno: Raw (Enzyme-Rich!) Brownie!!!!!!

Oh F. This was soooooo good! It had a hint of orange, citrus taste, so it was very different from what I’d buy. (Michael bought this for me at Sidecar For Pigs Peace)

It seems healthy, and it sure did taste like it! 😉

Oh the walnuts there are. I have to face this: I’m not good with nuts. A little = okay, but I think it’s better to stay away from it. So like Kris, I’m going to be eliminating nuts for a while from my diet! I want to see if I see any changes with my body and see if my body feel better without it! (So that means no Almond butter for a while. There’s always Soy Nut Butter if I’m desperate for a nut butter spread sandwich for lunch) 😉

And we went to a near-by farm this week (and I cried because I hate when I see animals locked up in little places; it’s totally unnatural for them!) 😦



and Sheepy. There were other animals too, but seriously, the smell drove me insane! 😛

And a little project that the kids did with the sheep’s wool. (And I did NOT touch it AT ALL!!! It’s too gross, too sad, and too scary for me!)

Moving on. Guess what I did twice in one week?

I went to see Toy Story 3 twice!!!!!!!!


First time on last Monday with my boy, and the second time was last Friday as a field trip! (First, no-3D, and field trip, yes-3D) The whole 3D-thing hurt my eyes. I like movies without it. How about you? Do you like movies in 3D? Do you like Toy Story? Have you seen all of them?

(and this is a picture of a display at the science center. It friggen looks like the crazy, creapy monkey from Toy Story 3, doesn’t it?!?!)

Numero dos: Good Belly!!

Helps you clean out your digestive system! (Yeay probiotics!)Sounds great to me! 😉

And the color of the drink is beautiful, too!

Holy yum yum! I hope it helps me clean my guts!

Okay, I think Kris may get a little over-excited from this, but guess what I bought…

Raw Vanilla Bar!!!!!!!! OH MY FRIKKEN EARTH!!!! I fianlly bought this because the weather was so awesomely HOT around here!!!!! (and guess what? Not anymore!) 😦 $3.99, but what the heck. It’s totally worth it! (and I have another one in the freezer, too!) It’s that damn good 😉

5 ingredients, and that’s it, folks! Is that awesome, or what? (it’s healthier than ice cream that’s sold in grocery stores for sure!) This ice cream was very chunky (it seemed like it had pieces of nuts in it, but from the ingredients list, obviously not), and the vanilla flavor was very strong. It didn’t have the long, ever-lasting flavor of a typical ice cream (non-vegan ice cream tends to be like that. You can taste it in your mouth for a while), and it had a nice, not too-sweet taste to it. Would I have it again? Absolutely! If the weather is 90+ degrees, yes I will! 😉

(other flavors are Strawberry and Fudge)

Before going on to numero tres; we went to see the Mariners game on Sunday! But even before that; before we went to the field, we went to an international festival (because it was five minutes away on foot)

There were stores like the other festival.

My mommy was nice enough to get me a piece of clothing from here, but I said I’m good, because it really wasn’t the type of clothes I enjoying wearing these few weeks. (but thanks mom!)

I found these little guys again. (it looks cheaper if it’s written like this instead of “$14 for two“) But they are cute!

And there was this vegetable art stand!!! Take a closer look:

Onion flower

And watermellon art. WOW! 😯 These were some pretty crazy art!!!

We roamed around here for 15 minutes or so, and finally headed to the field.

Oh! And food that we got!

Garlic Fries,

and Chocolate-covered strawberries!!! (for my lil’ bro. I bought it for him with my own money. I’m such a good sister) 😉 (and there were two chilly dogs, and actually a total of three garlic fries, and they all came with three chicken strips. Those were cleaned up by the boys first)

And after the Mariners lost insanly badly (why am I not surprised?!), we went to a near-by Asian store and bought groceries. And I got these!!

Numero tres: Explosive Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie!!

Holy yum!!! The taste of the espersso was there, and it wasn’t too strong. It was very chewy, melt-in-my-mouth kind of flavor, and I loved it! There will sure be a next time for it!! 😀

Oskri bar!! I hated it 😦 It tasted bleh. (whatever that means) 😛 It’s Ayla‘s favorite, though. I don’t like it as much as she does; I like my PURE bars and Luna Bars 🙂

Boraba Skin Balance Water! I absolutely have no idea what this is, and I’m curious to try it!

Age defying? I guess I don’t need it, but hey! It was on sale for $1.99 (while it originally costs $3.49!) Score, not?

It sounds good, healthy, and clean! 🙂 I wonder if I’d look younger than my actual age 😉 Ha ha.

Well, because if I put this post off til I put everything, it’s never going to be over, so I’ going to hit publish now!

Thanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "Fiiiieeeeld trips + Food + Farm + Festival + Baseball Game + Buys = Mi Vida!" (2)

  1. Wow girl there are so many awesome reviews on this page here!! I have really wanted to try the goodbelly probiotics for a while now but i haven’t seen them for sale around here. I did have a couple of coupons though so hopefully when Ohio finally gets it then i can use them 🙂 That international festival looks like so much fun too im totally diggin those purses that they have hanging up. They are so my summer style. And that raw bar? Holy moly that looks deeeeelish!! Me = Jealous!

    • sagojyou said:

      Ha ha! I know! ❤ They were waiting to be posted! XD
      OMG Good Belly is soooooooooooooo good!!! (and there's a coupon in almost every vegnews magizine, huh?) You should totally use them when you see one! The purses are always adorable; wonder if they're handmade. (probably, but we don't know that) Trust me, you and your exercise madness makes me jealous too 😀

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