A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

What a busy week!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 😉

This week, life’s been pretty busy for me. With all the AP Tests + other exams, it’s pretty crazy! How’s your week going for you?

So last Friday, we went to see a school musical (because I wanted to see my friend sing and act), and before that, my boyfriend brought up the idea to go out for dinner.


This is a very nice, quiet, small restaurant, and I really like it.

It’s totally understandable why it got this award. 😉

We went about a month ago, and that post can be viewed here.

Like always, somebody was being indecisive.

…Or just being silly. 😉

Because I like to try new things every time, these are what we ordered:

Miso Soup. I think they used red bean paste, because it was saltier than what I have at home (where I don’t use red)

Brown Rice. It looks like the brand that I have at home. 😉

Fried Tofu with Almonds. This was new, and I liked it! (though the outside part was quite thick. I was really surprised when I looked at it!)

Daaaaaang! That’s thick! I’m glad I realized it, and it was making me full quicker, I decided to take it off, and it tasted like plain tofu. (it was still good, though) 😉

After this special “date”, we went to see the musical.

After we bought the tickets for it, we had time, so we went back in the car and had our dessert that didn’t make it after the musical tasted amazing.  

Mmm! I love their vegan cheesecake! Good thing we shared, because one would be a little too much! 😉

Here’s what the musical was all about.

And my good friend drew this picture/cover.

Ha ha. Because she drew it for them, she got free tickets to get in. (Lucky!)

Ahh, I love her. She’s so funny. (And talented!) I’m proud to have a friend like her. 🙂

Overall, it was really good. (Saw several of my friends who I didn’t know that had amazing talents.) I was really impressed by how well our school choir is!

When it was over, I went looking for my friends and talked. And because her outfit was cute, I snatched a picture of her.

I always thought top hat + uniform-type outfit was cute. What’s your favorite type of clothing combination?

And today, I had a Senior Presentation, so as a reward, Michael gave me a couple of surprises!

Trader Joe’s chocolate! ( x2!!) These are my most favorite chocolate bars at TJ’s, and they fulfill my chocolate desires greatly! Thank you, Michael!

Speaking of food, it’s time for…

Review Alerts!

Townshend’s Tea Company‘s White Rose Kombucha! Found it at WF’s for $3 each. (yeay sale!) Compared to the Kombucha I usually have, this one had a lighter “first taste”. It was easier to drink than Synergy’s, and I really liked it!

It came in a nice bottle, too. 😉 Would there be a next time? If there’s a sale for it, yes!!!

And today, I also bought chocolate that I’ve never tried before.

Chocolate ( x2!!) from Chocolove xoxox!! These were on sale as well. (2 for $4. I call that good for a chocolate deal!!!)

This one is Strong Dark Chocolate.

And the one below is Peppermint in Dark Chocolate.

(This one isn’t listed on its website list!) 😦 Maybe it’s not on there because it’s either really new or really old. Or it may just be too tasty and popular to mention on the website. 😉 I’m hyped up to try these two!

And this is also what I bought. Two big blocks of tofu, also on sale. (2 for $3. I love sales!!!) Mmm. Do you like tofu? What’s something that you have to have in your house/fridge? Mine is chocolate for sure!!!! 😀

Mmmmm!!!! I love chocolates!!!! Anyone love chocolate? What’s your favorite?

Ooh, and here’s a picture for Katie‘s “Hug a Fat” event! 😀

Combining Averie‘s Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate and Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups recipe together to create Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate Cups!! (WOO! What a name!!)

I added more agave because when I made this, it tasted like…nothing. It tasted like eating the coconut oil straight from the jar, so if you’re going to combine the two recipes like me, I highly recommend you to put more sweetner in it!!!

4 more tests in the next two days, and I’m going to relax! What’s your plan for the week? Any awesome plans for the weekend?

Happy hump day! And thaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: Green Mommy Blog is having her 3rd awesome giveaway!!


Comments on: "What a busy week!" (8)

  1. You are so so awesome! I still have the pb cup recipe on my list to make.
    Definitely including your cute fat in the wrap-up post :).

    P.S. I really like your wordpress “theme”/layout. Do you know which one it is? 🙂

    • sagojyou said:

      Thank you! I hope you can make it soon! 😀
      The theme is “Twenty-Ten” 🙂

  2. Thanks for making my PB Cup and my Choco and turning it into one!!! How yummy!

    I loved your week wrap-up, so fun to see what you’ve been up to!

    Have a great weekend, ok!! xo

    • sagojyou said:

      Thanks! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, too!

    • sagojyou said:

      Dear Averie,

      Hi, this is Miho, and I have two questions for you.

      1.) If you buy organic produce (like veggies), do you buy it at WFs or normal grocery stores?

      2.) Can I be on your blogroll?

      And I also wanted to tell you that you inspire me with your positive attitude towards life. It helps me stay strong and be happy/proud for who and how I am. So thank you for your strong, positive blog!



  3. Fit&Lovely said:

    Hello! I came via Katie’s blog. I totally envy your awesome chocolates.
    I’m guessing that you are a vegan, but just to let you know, not all miso soups are vegan! (Not even vegetarian – I actually found it out today)
    They make the broth with shredded dehydrated tuna fish and add miso etc.
    P.S. I’m suffering from tests as well 😦

    • sagojyou said:

      Hi! I couldn’t find your blog…it said it was deleted…Do you have a different one?

      Ha ha, thanks! 🙂 I love chocolate!! ❤
      I am vegan, and thanks for letting me know. But I was already aware of that 🙂

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