A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Hello world! How are you doing today? 😉

First thing: I wish I had more readers.

Whenever I go over to blogs like Michal, Katie, and Averie‘s, I really really wish that I can have that many comments/readers. Oh well, I guess I have to keep at it and see what happens, because no matter how many readers (and unreaders) there are, I’m going to keep blogging anyways. Why? Because I love it.

Moving on to today’s topic:

I hear that many of you are experiencing warm weathers (90 degrees? What’s that?), and here where I live, we’re experiencing some CRAZY weather patterns!

Before I decided to blog, this was the weather:

(it’s rainin’)

When I was debating if I have time to blog and do art work, the weather was like this:

(a little better)

Then when I finally decided to blog, the weather was like this:

(cleeeeaann sky)

And it’s really sunny right now. What the heck, right? Oh well, this is the result of the humans destroying the planet. Might as well just accept the fact and keep striving to save the environment. 🙂

Review Alert!


Veggie Crunchers

From Costco. My mom bought it for me a while ago, and this seems to be pretty good all around!

Filled with healthy, vegan, vegetables.

My favorites are the yellow sweet potato, squash, and green beans. If you don’t have a dehydrator and you want veggies, give it a try!

Also, I’ve been going pretty crazy with these.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaang, they are frizzly! I like this one, because it’s strawberry, and that’s what makes it awesome. 🙂

There may be a next time for this baby, but only if it’s on sale. (like 2 for $4)

And the UPS man delivered this to us today:

Rosewater. It is amazing, and it totally refreshes you, no questions asked. For me, this is a necessity.

Increase your vibration and energy. Doesn’t it sound replenishing?

And the package came with a little free sample.

It smells really good, and I would want to use it, but because my mom ordered it, she gets to use it first. 😉

These products are really, one of the most (and the only) amazing product I use. If you ever find it (they sell it at Whole Foods as well), you should give it a try! (or at least smell it, because the smell of those roses in there are absolutely phenomenal!)

Combo of canned tomato, LOTS of garlic, basil, tofu, and mushrooms + Brown Rice.

These two were so great that I had seconds! (that means it was really yum) The taste of garlic spread in my mouth as the sourness of the tomato seeped out. It was amazingly good! (thank goodness she made extras; more for tomorrow!)

Mmm yummers!

And after that, I munched on a few chips. Then, I encountered this interesting shaped chip.

Ha ha! I thought it was funny. 🙂 A hole right in the middle. I wonder how it got there.

Today’s after-dinner-creation was Nut Chocolaty Sweetened Yogurt.

Combination of Vanilla Soy Yogurt, Raw Cashews, 3 squares of dark chocolate smashed up into little pieces, vanilla extract, and raw agave. (Amounts are random; if you want it sweet, and more agave, if you want more chocolate, add cocoa powder, etc.)

I wanted something that would make me happy. I knew chocolate + cashew does the work, but didn’t want only those two, so I came up with this creation.

Swirl of sweet goodness! I loved it! It’s a good way to close my meal. 🙂

What’s your favorite snack/dessert? Do you have them often? Or just once in a while and you’re fine? This yogurt + sweets combo has to be my favorite dessert, but my favorite “snack” would be Dark Chocolate, Vegan Cookies and PURE Bars!! I love chocolate, and I’m proud of it! I have some sort of snack (may not be chocolate or cookies, but some type of snack) everyday, and that *deff* makes me happy. 🙂

Oh my gosh! Tomorrow is Earth Day!!

Anyone have plans? Are you going to do/did you do something special today? Do you usually do something to save the environment? In Environmental Club, apparently we’re going to have a party, but I haven’t really heard anything about it. My plan for this week (Earth Week) is to walk to school every school day of the week (even if it’s raining, and I did that today. Woo!), use reusable bags (and not just carry the stuff, but I mean actually put it in a reusable bag), and I’ll probably figure out more tomorrow! I am a light freak, so if there’s a room that’s empty but with the lights on, I run to it and shut the light off, and perhaps unplug all the plugs that are unnecessary. And I’m vegan! That’s *deff* helping the environment. 🙂 Raising awareness of how the animal product industries are one of the top contributors to global warming is something that helps as well.

That’s all for now! Thaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

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Comments on: "Crazy Weather, Review Alerts, Rosewater + Free Sample, and Yummy Eatings and Creations" (8)

  1. chester520 said:

    Yummy eats! 🙂
    I reallllly want to try Kombucha, but I don’t know how much I’ll really get to have regularly, because that stuff is SO DARN EXPENSIVE! And the rosewater is quite cool… do you just use it as a cleanser/refresher?


    PS: I know what you mean about the comment/reader thing! I feel the same way.

  2. highonhealthy said:

    For the more readers thing, you just need to keep posting and commenting. That should start to draw in more readers.. although I don’t have that many either. Still, like you, I keep blogging because I truly enjoy it.

    I’m not doing anything for Earth Day.. not really. I mean, I already don’t eat meat or dairy, recycle when possible, compost, walk when I can, and try not to use plastic bags. It’s not fantastic but I think I’m doing pretty good. 🙂

    • sagojyou said:

      Thanks for the advice. 🙂 I guess I’ll keep commenting on everyones! (Really? I think you have a fairly large number of readers!) But I also enjoy doing it just for the heck of it too 🙂

      Yes, you are doing good already 🙂 Good job! I’m like you, nothing too special, but just keep the daily green habits (walk, reusable bag, etc.) going! 😀

  3. Oooo girl, I have to get some of these chip, veggie things! I don’t think they have them at my costco, but I will check! I usually make a nice big shopping trip down to the states and get a whack of food items I can’t get up here!

    I love snack foods….maybe a big bag shouldn’t be in my house!?


    • sagojyou said:

      They are sooooo good! I hope they have it at the Costco near by your place! If you have a dehydrator, it’s easy-as-pie to make it, but many of us don’t, so it’s really convenient and…yummy! 😀

  4. Hey girl!

    I have heard so many awesome things about rosewater! When I used to work at a middle eastern food place that was the secret ingredienet in their rice pudding which was delish (pre-vegan day of course!)

    I have been going CRA-ZAY on the kombucha too haha. I havent tried the strawberry flavor yet but i cant wait i love strawberries. Is that your favorite flavor? 2 for 4$ is such a good deal. Im almost paying 4$ for one over here! *sigh* it is an expensive addiction.

    I love your dinner combination too with the tofu, tomatoes and garlic! I would love to try it out! Anything with tofu and garlic is a win in my book 🙂

    Aaannnd finally wow-zers those veggie chips do look good! Its so neat how they are little slices and everything!

    Talk to you soon girl! Have a nice weekend!

  5. Are those grapples hiding in that picture? I’ve tried them once before but I worry about how they were created…
    (Btw they’re pronounced “grape-ples”…)

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