A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)


Hey world! How are you doing today? 😉

First thing first, I absolutely HAVE to appriciate my girlfriend Michal for her most recent post. Because of her post, I’ve gotten AMAZINGLY inspired.

Yes I have my ups and downs, but I will consider myself a health freak, and I do what’s the best for myself. If I need to postpone from eating, I won’t eat a lot. And emotionally/mentally too; if I’m sad, I will cry until my eyes puff up. I’m fine with that, because that’s what I need to do, and I consider my soul/emotion/spiritual side waaaaaaaay more important than the outside world stuff (ex: education, money, power, “you-have-to-do-this-so-you-can-become-a-better-person-and-have-a-stable-job-and-future” kind of things)

So when Michal mentioned about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, there was no way for me NOT to jump in to it.

As I was watching it, I was ABSOLUTELY STUNNED. The kids had no idea what they were eating, and even the adults, who are SUPPOSED TO BE OUR ROLE MODELS aren’t aware of what they’re eating. This is a MAJOR problem. If us kids watch and grow up just like those adults, our future’s going to be SCREWED.

It’s NEVER too late to start something new. (after about 10 years or so, I re-realized that crayons were a fun tool to draw with!) So my friends, START the change NOW.

Also, this ties into the other half of the topic of the day: Listening to your heart.

Quite interesting, I do this SUPER often. (ex: If for some reason, my “inner voice” or “heart” tells me to go right instead of left, even though it takes longer, I will. Then voila! It turns out I needed to talk to my friend!) Yes, there are times where I don’t (eating…But I’m working on it!), but most of the time, I do.

And I realized something. When I don’t listen to my heart, I seriously regret it.

For example, on a conference day in first grade,  we had to guess the number of M&Ms in the jar, and if you got it right, you got the whole thing. Before I even got to school, the number “150” popped in my head; I abosolutely, just knew that was the right answer. But because my grandpa said, “Well…lets just say 52”, that’s what I guessed; because he was the adult and “it was the right thing to listen to adults”. Afterall, he was wrong, and I was right. I was EXTREMELY mad at myself, and from that time on, I slowly started to not listen to those “loud voices”, even though I knew they were the real “right things”. Even though this was long ago, this is something I regret and I wish I could go back in time and fix. It may not be a big deal to the girl that’s here now, but to the girl back in first grade, it is/was a HUGE deal.

These two were more recent events.

First, when I was with my ex-boyfriend (call him “L”), he was going to move back to Japan. And my heart LOUDLY and CLEARLY said “BREAK UP”. I knew it was better to listen, and I really wanted to, but my brain said “Don’t do that! That’s going to hurt his feelings!” So I didn’t, and guess what. After a year of him not emailing me and making me wait, the response email I got from him on his birthday was “I hope you find someone that’s more suiting for you”. I was CRUSHED. Because I didn’t listen to my heart, I waited for that dude, and I literally KILLED myself. (because this is when I also lost someone who’s REALLY important to me.) It literally took me over a YEAR to recover and stand where I am now. 

Also another life-changing event. It was after Japanese School, we were all going to go to the mall. But my heart felt DISGUSTED. It felt like dark shadows were covering my heart. I didn’t know why or what it was then, but I knew that it was telling me “DON’T GO TO THE MALL WITH THEM; GO HOME”. I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t want to say “no” to my friends, so I went anyways. (thought I seriously felt like I shouldn’t go) Then guess what? We got in a car accident. After bumping into that car, that “shadow feeling” simply left my heart. “So that’s what it was…”, I thought to myself. Interestingly, out of the six people in the car, I was the only one seriously injured. (everyone else was fine, but I got a severe neck/back-pain problem after that). I had to go to chiropractic treatment for over 6 months after that. And because I was told I couldn’t do intense exercise, I had to quit swimming. I was super mad at myself too, because I knew better, but I didn’t listen. I felt mad, sad, and I wanted to go back in time and stop myself from going. Though I’m fine now, I was being mean to the “me of that time”.

These are some of the ones that I can remember right off the top of my head. I should have listened, but I didn’t. Regrets? Yes. Will I try harder and do better at listening to them? Absolutely.

If you can’t listen to your heart, what good is it going to get you? Think about this: People like to spend money. Even if they know they’re short on budget and/or it’s not good to borrow money at heart, many MANY people do that because that’s what makes their brain be all happy. Guess what? Now you’re in serious money problem. No money, debt, not fun.

I personally think, that money, education, and power gets you no where. Because you have money, you can go out and buy all the bad, processed food you want, and stuff yourself with ’em, and guess what? Get sick. (Unless you know what your body and heart truely desire – fresh, ripe, organic, healthy food) Just because you don’t have a good education, that doesn’t mean you’re going to suck at life. (example of that, would have to be my parents. They’re amazing, very well organized people, and this house is always filled with laughter). And if you have power, you’re going to use it too much, and would want to get everything for themselves (speaking of the majority of the people on this planet, here), and they’ll be known/remembered as one of the greediest people ever. What if we didn’t have money, education, or power? If we don’t have money, we can cooperate with the neighbors and trade/give products that they want; we don’t have to buy them. If we don’t have education, the more intelligent ones can teach the young ones the more important things – how to be wise and cooperate with others, and teach them how fighting over stuff is pointless. If we don’t have power, no one would fight with one another, and everyone can have peace and happiness.

Because the people with power (government!) want to make money (USDA!), they advertise the thing that’s the cheapest, fastest & easiest thing that makes money – animal products. They don’t care about your health; all they care about is money. If they actually cared about the people, they would tell us that the  mad cow disease is still out there. They know that it’s wrong to be doing this, but because they want money, they listen to their head that brings them outside happiness. Just because someone has a lot of money, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re satisfied inside-ly.

Even though it’s cold but you want to go outside, go! If you know you want to try something new, try it! If you seriously like that someone and your heart wants to tell ’em how you feel about ’em, do it! It may be scary to listen to them, and I understand that (because it’s not logical and people tend to want to think stuff through logically). But a lot of the times, it’s the best thing to do. Like when I tried Zumba; that was scary, but my heart really wanted to give it a try. And it turned out AMAZING! I was really glad I went! I feel better knowing what Zumba’s all about, and I totally would feel bad right now if I DIDN’T go then! 😉

Need a better example? Lets say you were in front of your computer, facebooking. But while you were on it, you get extreeeeeeeemely thirsty. You don’t have water or tea around you; it’s on the table 5 feet away from you. Your body wants it desperately, and it’s telling you “GO GET SOMETHING TO DRINK!!!”. But you’re too lazy and you’re too “busy” facebooking. But know what? Once it gets to the point where you can’t resist the thirst, you WILL get your butt up and go get water. At the end, there’s no other way out but to listen to your heart.

Even if you’re binge eating. If you say “I do it because that’s what I want”, is that true? Just to tell you, your body and heart KNOWS what’s the healthiest for you. It’s just your brain believing that “you’re at the happiest point if you eat all you want”. (yeaaaaaaay hormones). If you say your heart is saying that, that may be. But on the long-run, you will go the right way, and listen to your heart telling you, “STOP EATING THOSE DAMN FOOD!!!”. (think about it. When people get 120% full, they want no-more, even though their brain is asking for more.) See, people ARE honest. I think people’s bodies are more honest than the brain. We all know the best/right thing(s) to do from heart, not logic.

So people, start listening to your heart, and do what’s good/best for your body and soul. It doesn’t want shit and crap that’s going to make you happy for a little while. What your heart tells you is TRUE.

I’m decisive, so I have no problem listening to myself when it comes to a decision like “which larabar should I get today?” I can choose in a second, because that’s the first one that comes to my eyes and heart. (if it’s different, I go for the heart’s choice). Making your little heart happy and grow is probably one of the ultimate purpose of life. (other purposes are getting rid of your karma, making other people happy, and so on – all spirtual/heart related)

Sometimes, I want to draw Yaoi-stuff (like boy’s love), but thinks I shouldn’t because it’s “wrong”. But if I want to, I will! (and I have) I’m not embarrassed or anything, because I know there are other people who (in this case draw) do the same thing! They do it because they want to! And they’re proud to show it to the world! (that’s why there’s stuff like doujinshi, where majority of the stuff is filled with “I-wish-this-person-would-go-out-with-this-person-instead” stuff)


Boy's love

People out there, regardless of the time period and the situation they are put in, they are trying to make/ have made a change/changes in the world.

If we can’t listen to ourselves, there’s no way we can listen to others (because obviously, humans are selfish creatures, no questions asked). That’s why we have to start a change from ourselves.

Jamie Oliver with Jamie’s Food Revolution

Caitlin with Operation Beautiful

Ingrid Newkirk with PETA

Ani Phyo with Eco and Healthy, Raw Lifestyle

Will Bowen with A Complaint Free World

Wangari Maathai with The Green Belt Movement

John Smith with Independence from England

Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks with African American Civil Rights Movement

If I keep going, I don’t think I can stop.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks both knew from heart that the way African Americans were treated was wrong. But they probably knew in their brain that it was better not to protest because it would be “wrong to go against whites”. Know what happened? Because they knew from heart that this was wrong and knew something had to be changed, they both took the risk of getting arrested and being even more discriminated. At the end, they both succeeded, and discriminations such as “Colored People Only” ended. Because the efforts and the risks, and due to the fact that they listened to their heart, they were able to end the long, long, suffering for African Americans.

Jamie is trying to change the food of America. Caitlin is trying to “end negative self-talks”. Will is trying to “have 1/100 of the world’s population to go Complaint-Free”. Wangari is trying to “mobilize community consciousness for self-determination, equity, improved livelihoods and security, and environmental conservation”. Ingrid is trying to end the suffering for all animals.

And now, it’s OUR turn. So folks, listen to your heart, do what’s right, and change the world, starting with YOU.

Thanks for coming! 🙂


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