A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

OH MY GOSH, WORLD!! How are you doing today? 😉

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for 8 days! That’s a looooong time for me, and I was getting quite frustrated every time I saw the same post on my blog over and over and over! It’s time for some new change!

This week (and right now) is amazingly PACKED with crafty work! In my Creative Writing class, we’re making a book right now, and if you all know me, I’m a pretty crazy Animal Rights Activist, so my book is about…Animal Rights! I want the world to know what’s going on where they can’t see, and by writing a book like such will help people realize the bare truth.

This book is filled with poems (Haiku, Stream of Consciousness, etc.), and because we are crammed on time, we can put simple drawings and/or doodles in them, but because I am a creative AR activist, I can’t help but make it…fancy and…awesome! 😀

Chicken getting shocked

Turkey with metal tube in its throat

Tortured chicken...

Kentucky Fried Cruelty

I have loooooooooong ways to go, but I will (have to) finish by tomorrow, and it’s going to look amazing!

Though I am busy with this project and my ten numerous AP Art projects that I haven’t started worked on it yet, I will somehow pull through with this at the end, so wish me luck! 😀 And even though I have no time to draw (like how I really like), but I draw when I find time!


I have TONS of Yu-Gi-Oh! pictures in my folder, and the collection is getting out of control!! But honestly, I LOVE to draw, and I can live on drawing!

What is something that you love so much that you think you can live on? PB & J? Orange juice? Tell me about it! For me, it’s drawing hands-down!! 😀

As I’m writing this, I’m super close to finishing my book project! (So that means it takes quite a while to put a post up! Whoo!) And after that, I have…

  • half a math homework (the other half we’re going to do in class)
  • to study for AP Gov (Court Cases…Are we going to have to know it in the future?! Fun!)
  • and study for Chemistry (How do you find energy of something melting? Does it matter?)

Oh boy! I hope I can at least get started on my math homework, because I’m kind of pushed on time!

Ooh, and one more thing. The school had a band trip (all day-er), so Michael showed up in front of me like this! 😀

Michael in his suit!

…Which is totally cute!

His back

First sneak shot of the day. 😉

Opening the door

…Not for me, but for his backpack. 😉

And finally his cutest and happiest smile ever (of today). I love this guy too much. 🙂 It’s going to sound weird, but I’m stupidly in love with him. (It’s really sad, but hey! If you have a boyfriend/husband/loved one, I’m pretty sure YOU’re the same as me! Right Katie? Right Tina?) One day, you might understand too, so don’t worry if you don’t have a BF or a GF, because one day, they’ll just come to you 😉 (or you might be like me, and you didn’t know that that person was there for about…2 years!)

Okay, I’m done with my book, and now I shall go sleep! (and hopefully get up early like usual so I can do my math homework!) And know what? I just realized that we’re going to have a Spanish Vocab Quiz tomorrow too! Yikes! Three tests in a row! What fun can that be? (2nd, 3rd, and 4th period, heeeeeere I coooooomeeee!)

Like always, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: My girlfriend Michal is still having her Funky Giveaway!


Comments on: "New post and drawing life!" (5)

  1. Neat book – so creative! And I am glad to hear that you and Michael are still doing so well. 🙂

    • sagojyou said:

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m glad it’s going well. How about you? You and Brad doing muy bien?

  2. OMG michael looks so handsome in his tux 🙂 very spiffy.

    Hmm something I could live off of? Perhaps baking and cooking? Or zumba? Or both?! Is that crazy? Maybe just a little bit but I am dying to go to a zumba class right now I havent been to one in two weeks 😦

    • sagojyou said:

      No problem! I hope I win! Ha ha! 😀

      Doesn’t he?! He looks so…innocent and cute! Ahh, I love that boy too much! 😀

      Naaah, that’s not crazy! I can see you living off of baking/cooking and zumba! You’d be a super-girl, eh? 😉 Ooh wow! You not going to zumba is like…me not having Michael! Ahhhh!!! If you find time, go zumba!!

  3. Oh and thanks for all of your contest entries by the way!

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