A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Hola mis amigos! How are you doing today? 😉

Today was the second day of late-start, and I took full advantage of it! (Went to FM at 8 in the morning, and bought sunflower seeds for… $0.18! I was able to pay with a quarter!)

I needed them for Ani Phyo’s Love-The-Chicks Pâté,  but the peeling the skin with our bare fingers…was painful. (so people, buy sunflower seeds that are actually peeled/skinned. It makes it A LOT easier. FM didn’t have ’em, and I didn’t want roasted, so I decided to use my hands)

Cut, Michael, Cut!

 Yes, we really did this for 2 hours. (one hour before school, and one hour after). Thank goodness it wasn’t all at once. And this wasn’t enough, so I added the rest of the ungrounded flax seed I had, and that was close enough. (2 hours and 1/4 cup? What the heck!) Oh well, I just hope the finger pain disappears soon. 🙂

But before Michael came over (At 7:35 am), I made this raw baby!

Mango Breakfast Cobbler!

This is the Mango Breakfast Cobbler from Ani Phyo’s recipe, and we had it after school, and I have to say, it’s REALLY sweet! (so if you’re a sweet-tooth, you’ll love ’em for sure!) The crust part of mine was flattened and fit in to the container, but the actual recipe had it mixed with the fillings, so I made a “mess” and mixed everything together. It’s still in my fridge, and I think it’d taste great if you add souy vanilla yogurt to it! What’s your favorite fruit?

Here’s a Review Alert for today!


Clif's Mojo! -dipped-

Mojo from Clif Bar. It was Chocolate Peanut flavor, 70% organic, and honestly, very peanut butter-y! (I don’t usually eat things like this, especially in the morning, but 1. it was $1.00 at WFs and 2. my stomach was grumbling like a monster. It’s a once in a while case, so it’s okay) To learn more about this product, go here.

Oh yes! You know how long Michael’s hair is, right?

Yesterday, this poor guy got a haircut (totally against his will), and he turned out like this!


Now he looks like a 5-year old! It’s quite cute and innocent. 😉 (The first word that came out of my mouth was “Kawaii!” [which means “cute” in Japanese]) His little brother looks just like him, too, so it’s double the cuteness when I see both of them.

So for the last couple of days, I’ve been going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY with making Averie’s balls:


High Raw Chocolate Chip Dough Balls

98% Raw Chocolate (Chip) Cookie Dough Balls

And today, I got reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly creative, and I made Raw Mint Chocolate Chip Dough Balls and Raw Mint Chocolate Dough Balls!!!!

Double Choco Dough Balls!

The ones in the back are the (ones I made first) Raw Mint Chocolate Chip Dough Balls, and the ones in the front are the Raw Mint Chocolate Dough Balls!

For both, I just added a little dash of Pure Peppermint Extract (warning: DO NOT LICK IT!! It will sting your tongue and stay like that for a while!), and voila! The mint-y-ness turned juuuuuuust right.

If you take a closer look at them…


Mint Chocolate Dough Balls

Actually, this one turned out to be a Chocolate Ball because I had some Chocolate Chips left over in the FP from the Chocolate Chip Dough Balls. 😉 Accidental, but it was a great accident. They both taste good, minty, and chocolaty. Would there be a repeat? Heck yes!

Woo! Lots and lots of creations, eh? It’s really fun, and seriously, it’s A LOT better than eating those cookies out of the packaged box. No weird unpronouncable chemical names, no preservatives, no bad stuff period. It’s better than any home-baked cookies, and it’s as healthy as it can get! (without losing its sweetness/chocolateness, of course) 😉 What’s your favorite raw dessert recipe?

Before I finish, raw/high-raw/vegans! I have a question for you all that I can really use an answer to! What do you have for dinner? Do you have just a salad? Or do you have a whole meal plan? Someday (sooner or later), I want to have a all-raw day, but I don’t know what to have for dinner, and I need some ideas. If anyone has a good idea, please share! I’m open to any ideas! 🙂

Have a good day and thaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: My girl friend Michal is having a Funky Giveaway


Comments on: "Reviews, recipes, and semi-creations!" (2)

  1. Great job on the balls and the minting of them! Yum! But yeah mint is super strong and a lil goes a lonnnnng way!

    I love dark choc and mint, mmmm. good.

    And the Ani Cobbler. I have seen that but never made it, I want to now!

    Thanks for the linkage love and glad you’re having fun in the kitch!

  2. thanks for enjoying my recipes and for the post and mention. cobbler looks great! and yes, lots of work to use shelled sun seeds. those dough balls look yum, i’ll have to try that recipe. my next book “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials”, is out late May, and it’s a huge hard cover book with over 250 recipes. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it. thank you again for the post.

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