A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)


Ha ha ha! Hi world! How are you doing on this Tues-y Tuesday? 😉

OH MY GOSH. I think the world is going to end. Why? Because today, I went on a Super-Extremely-High Raw Challenge!!!

I have a pretty legit reason for doing this. And compared to how I was dying a while ago, it’s pretty impressive. 

So, yesterday my friend made me vegan cookies (no picture), and maybe because I ate most of it at once a little too much, I got a reaaaaaaallly bad stomach ache (it’s not her fault, just to clarify. My fault because I ate it).

And it wasn’t JUST a stomach ache. It was REALLY bad because I literally lost count of how many times I dashed to the bathroom. It was like…all the poisons were wanting to escape desperately. It was quite scary, but everytime I felt the toxins leaving. Then I was in bed at 8 because my stomach was killing me. (but then I looked up recipes on Ani Phyo‘s website) All in all, it was HORRIFYING. But then, it really helped me. I feel A LOT cleaner on the inside, and now my thoughts on food and living are changing.

And there’s another thing that played a role in my stomach ache. I know this for a fact because this is my own body, but whenever I read something that’s really inspirational, my body responds by doing whatever it can to achieve the same standard as the book/author/the topic. In this case,  I was reading two books that *deff* took part in this.


Raw Food -Formula for Health-

And more powerful than this book…

Aaaaani Phyo!

(Yes, I remember (I think…) wanting this  book from Averie’s giveaway, but when my mom, BF, and I all went to Half Price Books, I found this for the first time for $9.98! How can I say no to that?! So if I win, I have to ask for a different book.) 😉

But going back, because I was reading super-inspirational, powerful, detoxification books, my body automatically (and instantly!) responded to them. I really like my personality of being super honest, as well as my own body that my soul lives in is honest. 🙂 Good job body! I (my soul) appriciates you for it!

So there went all the bad stuff bye-bye, and I feel A LOT better (and lighter! My tummy’s super-flat!) It still continued through today, but it’s gotten also, A LOT better. (My stomach hurted so much that all I had yesterday was about 1/2 -1 Food Processed apples. That’s it; I didn’t feel like eating at all) My appetite isn’t all here yet, but I think that’s better than having too much. (overeating ain’t good for you, and I honestly LEARNED IT this time, FOR SURE)

What I’ve taken away from this is that I need to

  1. Appriciate what I can eat
  2. Appriciate Mother Nature
  3. Don’t overeat/stop when I’m done
  4. Overeating corrupts your body and soul (Just like the majority of the people out there in the world)

I really learned a lot from this, and from now on, I’m going to not overeat and incorporate as much raw, fresh food as possible into my diet. This was horrible when I was going through it, but I got all the garbage out, and I learned some seriously valuable lessons from it.

Okay, so that was my adventure part of the last two days. Now semi-continuing/moving on to the post title about BEING RAW.

My Japanese School Science Teacher (Ms. M) said that she was in to Raw Food for a while, so she let me borrow that book above, and she also gave me this.


This is a tiny information booklet on a raw restaurant in Seattle called Thrive. I was pretty hyped up to read, and their mission was pretty sweet (standing from a vegan/raw point of view)


Looking through their menu, I realized that it’s REALLY expensive. But then, it’s “quality over quantity”, so I guess it’s worth it. 😉 (I would totally pay for it if I had a job. And I’m totally getting one over the summer. I’m a summer worker, so yeah) But my favorite/reasonable priced food was…

Oh boy!

Oh Pastadoro. Doesn’t that sound good? What’s your favorite local restaurant?

And yesterday (okay, this post is going to be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly long, but bare with me, and you might see some pretty darn, cool, easy-to-make recipes. I don’t have a clue where it’s from, though) 😉

I went grocery shopping to WF and TJ’s (partly for mommy and partly for me), and these are what I’ve collected.

Fruits 'n' funs!

The Essential Greens Veggie Juice and the yogurts for mommy, and the rest of ’em were for me. 😉 Since I had a super-craving for peach and mango yogurt (I wanted something fresh and peachy, I guess), so I had this for lunch.

Mmmm peachy & mango-y!

Ooh the joy of fruits! (From this, I found out that peaches are NOT in season! It was a bummer because I couldn’t have fresh ones! But canned ones work just fine for me.) It was peamangochyly delicious, and the rest of the peaches and mangos went diving in to the remainder of the soy yogurt (in the fridge). 😉 What’s your favorite soy yogurt and fruit conbination?

For me, along with the yogurty-fruity-goodness, I had these!

Raspberry Frosting Doughnut!

Ooh maaaaaan I loved it. It had a nice taste of chocolate, followed by the semi-sour yet sweet Raspberry flavor, which was a good combination. I’ve never had this before, so it was reaaaaaly cool to try new food, especially doughnuts. 🙂 It gave me a big smile after eating it, because it was so yummy, and best of all, Michael bought it for me. What a sweetie he is! (This doughnut isn’t a product of WF, even though I bought it. They buy these doughnuts from Mighty-O’s in Seattle. It’s semi-expensive for the size, but it’s vegan and tasty. What more can you ask for?) Ooh, and they’re famous for their small doughnuts/doughnut holes. (Sugar coated; very yummy when you buy them when they’re fresh. Warm and happiness in my tummy and soul. Mmmmm!)

Because that wasn’t enough and I was starting to get into making raw food, I made Averie\’s Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls!

High Raw Chocolate Chip Dough Balls!!!

I was really surprised/proud how this recipe actually made 17. (Usually the numbers of servings are off when it comes to cookies in my opinion). But there’s only 16 because I ate one before the photo. 😉 (It’s good. Why would you want to resist?) It was really fun making them with Michael, but since my mommy just cleaned the whole house (and we got it kind of dirty with the crumbs), I felt kind of bad. (But she doesn’t really yell at me when I do my own thing, so it’s cool)

Michael trying out his own goodie

This sweet-tooth of mine loved it! He said it tastes like the real thing! 😀


I’m his personal stalker, and I will admit that. 😀 (But it’s so fun to take pictures for your blog! I know many people who enjoys taking pictures! To mention a name, it would be her)\

And because I felt like crap yesterday, I simply decided to go RAW today. I just got inspired by so many people and books, and because I was feeling rotten, I thought I’d give it a try! (but then, I realized that even though I had apples for lunch, I wasn’t raw because 1. I drank a cup of Odwalla Juice [which isn’t raw] and 2. was drinking tea [which was taken out in boiling water] so I didn’t push myself too much and simply decided to go “super-duper-high-raw”) And guess what? It worked out perfectly!

We went grocery shopping this morning (because there was a state test, juniors and seniors had late-start), and bought muchas cosas to prepare our meals.

Then after we got home, these yumminesses were produced:

Raw Sushi!!!!

Ani Phyo’s Almond Veggie Pate Nori Rolls. Easy to make, and AMAZINGLY tasty!!! (the ginger was powerful, but it was still yummy when combined with soy sauce) It tasted like real sushi!!!

From the side

Mmm! The inside isn’t “rice” (obviously), but it sure tasted like it! 😀

Wrap 'em upSkill: not necesarily required, but better to have 'em. ;)Leaking

 Cut the ends and eating them is the best part.

And voila!

That’s all of them! We made about 6 long rolls, and total of 22-24 ish little rolls when you cut them up. (tip: use nori that’s actually for sushi, not the korean kinds that’s salty and light – it doesn’t hold as well. If you don’t mind it, go ahead and use it, because it makes it extra salty; if you like salt, that’s a win-win)

Michael's attempt on wrapping

He wrapped them 3 times, and he succeeded on al! 😀 (that’s my mom’s apron, if you’re wondering)

98% Raw Chocolate (Chip) Cookie Dough Balls!

Yup yup, again, this is Averie’s Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls! (Except that it turned out to be more like her Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls or her Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes) I didn’t use chocolate chips, but instead used the recipe mentioned in the CCCDB recipe, and it turned all dark on me! (and heck yes, it was bitter. I love Hershey’s Cocoa Powder!) And on top of that, for some reason, it was easier to form it into balls! 😀 (that’s a fun word to say) But I added about another tbsp of agave to make it stickier and easier to work with)

Too-close of an up of the ball

Woo! I was too close there, as you can see. 😉

And this was the picture of the whole dinner.


Sweetened red potatoes

Those were leftovers that mom wanted us to have.

Better view of the ball

That was one sweet dinner. 🙂 I was satisfied for a while, but I went back for more of the Chocolate balls because they’re so handy, healthy, and good!

Tofuuuuuuuu with Ponzu

1/2 leftover, 1/2 I wanted some. 😉 It’s healthy, ain’t it?

Snap Shot

I declare that I’m his personal stalker 🙂


He is so turning Asian (and becoming healthier!), it’s quite funny. 😉

So that’s all for the Super-Duper-High Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww Day!

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

P.S: Averie is still having her giveaway!


Comments on: "RAAAAAAAAAAAWWW!!!!" (10)

  1. nice, thanks for the post and mention, and for checking out my recipes. and being okay with your detoxing. sometimes over eating or wrong food combining effect some more than others. my stomach is pretty rock solid, and can take a lot. but at most raw food events, the lines to the bathroom are pretty long. ha haaaa. my next book, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials, is out May 3rd. its a huge book with over 250 recipes, and my first hard cover. in it, i strip down recipes to just 3-4 ingredients (i call these BASIC recipes), then show the reader how to add on from there to make new variations and flavors. i hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it too. thanks again for the post. ani

  2. Wow this was an amazing post and I feel so touched that you made so many of my recipes..thanks for the linkage and the contest link and your entries 🙂

    The choc choc-chip cookie dough balls, the cheeze cake in your last post, the donut hole mentions….wow, thank you so much for being so adventurous and trying out all these eats!

    And glad your friends/fam is liking it all too!

    • sagojyou said:

      Thanks! Your blog/posts/recipes totally always make my day! 😀

      I’m looking forward to your reviews and recipes!

  3. That doughnut looks so good! I want one! Haha

    Congrats on going high raw…sometimes our bodies need cleansing. I try not to indulge a lot, therefore my days are pretty balanced. But, on those days that I do indulge, I just make sure that the next day will be healthier. 🙂

    • sagojyou said:

      Ha ha! I hope you can find a vegan doughnut somewhere!

      Thanks. And I’m honestly glad that it’s okay to indulge and then recover the next day (because we’re having a hotdog party tomorrow…Ooh chemicals…yuck). I’m going to work on it as much as possible! 🙂

      Stalking BF is soooooo fun. Never gets old and I never get tired of it 🙂

  4. ps: I love stalking Brad with my camera 🙂

  5. Hey girl!

    I am so happy you got Ani Phyo’s book isnt it awesome? Its one of my favorites 🙂 All of your goodies look yummy! I have never made the nori rolls before because nori is so darn pricey here which makes me sad. I tried doing the same with collards and they were tasty but they did not look pretty at all!

    Michael is so cute haha I love how he is wearing that little pink apron 🙂

    Girl you dont even have to ask what my favorite restaurant is… its the cube for sure! And my favorite yog/fruit combo? I love vanilla yogurt with bananas and coconut flakes. Thats one of my go to’s when im hungry!

    • sagojyou said:

      It IS awesome (or should I say “rawsome”?) 😉 If you ever get the chance (and money) to buy nori, totally try it out! It tastes…salty and yummy! 😀 I thought the collard ones looked pretty pretty, but hey, it’s the taste that counts!

      Ha ha! I love him wearing the apron too! XD (He’s a girl on the inside…and perhaps outside??)

      Oh yeah! The cube IS your fave place, huh! Mmmmm nice combo! I shall try coconut flakes some day 😉 It seems like so many people are enjoying its tastiness! 😀

  6. Wonderful post!!! I can’t wait to hear more of your tips 😉 That book by Ani is so great!

    Ok, your sushi looks tasty..I must try making my own. Any tips?


    • sagojyou said:

      Thanks! Her book IS great!

      Tips for the sushi, eh? The best thing I can say is “Follow the instructions” (I say this because I usually don’t follow it, so if you do, it’d turn out good. At least that’s what happened in my case!) 😀 And like I mentioned, “use nori that’s appropriate for sushi” (The Japanese kind, not the Korean). And roll it tight so it won’t fall apart 😉 Good luck making ’em!

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