A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Helloooooooo world! How are you doing today? 😉

What am I up to? Ahh, not much. Lots of some homework and drawings. (I’ve been drawing pretty often in the last few days, and I love it!) It’s a good way to get your stress out.

What’s your best/favorite way to get out of stress?

I’m not quite sure if I’m “mad”, but in a way, I guess I am.

See, my boyfriend has been sick over the weekend, so I didn’t get to see him almost at all then. (Except for the time he brought the yellow construction paper to me) Then I don’t know if it’s destiny twirling with our life, but our timings are getting messed up. If I’m open one day after school, he isn’t, and when he’s opened, I’m not. (though I’m open all the time. But this Thursday, I’m not. Hmm…)

Right now, I feel really sad and really lonely on the inside. I’m happy and o-kay-living on the outside, but I feel really empty. I feel like I need to cry. Because I’m so used to him around me, it’s really, emotionally hard for me to be without him. It sucks, it honestly sucks. I love him with everything I have, but at the same time, I kind of feel….sad, lonely, and mad.

Lunching outside

If I don’t see the person I like, I get cold-hearted. I don’t really care too much about them anymore, and I just feel like we’re simply friends. (That’s just me, and therefore, long-distance (would) NEVER work) But then, I think that happens because I’m ALWAYS (yes, I seriously mean ALWAYS) with him, and I get used to that happy-all-flowery-joyfulness feeling.

Us two together

And on top of not being able to see him, I don’t understand what I’m doing in Chemistry AND got a lot of homework today for that class. (Boyle’s Law? Charles’ Law? Who’s going to use THAT in the future? It’s not me for SURE!!) And Michael isn’t here to help me, so that means I have to struggle here and there on my own. (And I think I have a test coming up soon. Oooh…)

Like really, since when did education and grades become the way to know who you are? That’s the thing about college; they decide how/who you are by your grades (I know, there’s essays too. But still, if you write a fantastic essay and had all D’s and F’s, I don’t think they’d let you in). That was an exaggeration, but you get what I mean. It’s really unfair for the school to decide who you are by looking at a piece of paper called “Transcript”.

Can you tell that a person’s working reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly hard in a class but they got a F in the class because they failed every single test? Isn’t it the EFFORT that counts, and not the RESULTS? Yeah, the results are important too, but you wouldn’t have GOTTEN to the results if it weren’t for your EFFORT. (Anyone see the connection?)

Yes there are people who don’t try at all and get A’s in all their classes. But BECAUSE they didn’t try hard, they won’t know HOW to try hard in the future when they encounter REAL tough problems. (like in the modern, business society).

My old saying is “It’s effort that counts”. At one point, I doubted this, because sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just won’t pay. Okay, that may be life. But, don’t you think the experiences and the effort you put in to that certain something help you become who you are NOW? Isn’t it BECAUSE you worked hard on that one problem, you were able to overcome it/learn from it and make it useful NOW? Helloooooooooooooooo??? Anyone see the connection yeeeeeeeet??

So, if more people realize that it’s the INSIDE QUALITY that’s more important than the outside quality, and start to enhance their inside happiness, I will be happier than ever.

So my blog-readers, I hope you too can realize/understand that it’s the unseeable parts (effort, courage, kindness, etc) that counts, and NOT the seeable parts (grades, records, transcripts, test scores, etc.). Hey, doesn’t it seem cooler if you look muscular because you secretly work out, rather than tell everyone and show off all the lame push-ups you can do? I think so! I think it’s *deff* cooler for someone to decorate create a locker a present when they’re dyingly in a hassel and worn out but they still do it anyways to make the other person happy! The other person doesn’t have to know your effort, because the effort that you put in WILL count on the long-run, because life, is a long-term thing.

(Finally my happy-spirit is kicking in a little. Aside from the Chem homework sitting in front of me)

So Michael’s birthday in in two days (3/5), and our ANNIVERSARY is coming up super-shortly!!!! (It’s easy to remember when, because it’s the day right after his birthday!!! Coincident?? Maybe, maybe not!) Ooh, what a long year it was…(not really). Whoo! What should I do? What AM I going to do?? That’s a secret!! (though there are a few hints(!) scattered all around this post! Good luck finding it if you even bother!)

Ooh, and I have a miso post to do too! That will come out shortly, Michal! I need to work on that, because I have all the pictures, but I’m just not putting it up (yet)! Okay!!

Haven’t posted a video in a while, so I will! (The song takes a while to start) But this song helps me keep going in life, and this totally helped me get in my happy spirit just now as I’m updating this! Woo!

Have a fun rest of the day and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂

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Comments on: "Happy! *sigh*, then Unsigh!" (6)

  1. Hmm I was in a long relationship for about a year, and now I go to the same school as my boyfriend, but we are both so busy we only “hang out” together once a week (twice, if lucky) and occasionally run into each other in the school parking lot. If I could see him more regularly, then I would, but I also think it’s important to recognize that you can’t depend entirely on another person for your own daily happiness. Maybe you will feel less stressed if you accept that you cannot always be together every day 🙂

    • sagojyou said:

      I guess you’re right…I’m getting better because seriously, I haven’t seen him after school in ages! But then, when I DO see him, I get really happy. And I’m still connected to him at heart, so I guess it’s all okay. 🙂

  2. Hang in there girl! I remember learning about Boyles and Charles law last year in chemistry, gosh I hated that class so much. Serisouly when are you ever going to use that ever in your life after high school?

    Whats my favorite way to de-stress? I love working out! Running or walking always makes me feel better and I feel like I can always work out my problems once I have a nice clear head. You and Michael seem to have such a great relationship, I hope he feels better soon!

    Oh and I cant wait to see your miso post 🙂

    • sagojyou said:

      Ha ha ha! I’m starting to get the whole laws! (Though I’m still pretty sure about me not using it in the future!) 😀

      Thank you! He’s all better now, so I’m really glad 🙂 (and today, he’s off to a whole-day band trip!)

      Ooh, it’s coming, it’s coming…:)

  3. you asked me about cookbooks, i would say it depends what your time level in the kitchen is. sarma’s books are great but require alot of time. ani phyo i think is great b/c it’s not as labor intensive. i plan to review some of my fave books soon…

    • sagojyou said:

      I’ve never heard about Sarma’s book before. But Ani Phyo is pretty famous so I know her books! I’m looking forward to the book review!

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