A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Rain of joooooooooooys!!

¡Hola mi amigos! ¿Cómo estabas cuando no era aquí? 😉

I postponed blogging ON PURPOSE. You will see the reason why later. 😉

Don’t worry. I wasn’t hiding from blogging (like my boyfriend) 🙂 (I would DIE if I didn’t have bloggging!)

First things first! Rush rush rush post!

Catching up on Valentine’s Day! My amazingly cute boyfriend brought me a huge American Eagle Bag with these in it!!

Woooooooooow!! Chocolate goodieneeeeeessss!!!!

Yum yum yum! (This was problamatic at first because I’m try to eat healthy (but I can work it out). But he knows I love chocolate, so it’s okay. Besides, the expiration date isn’t until June and September 30! I got time to leave it in the fridge) 😉 The TJ’s Vegan cookies were a winner, though! (and on top of that, he said he tried to make me more cookies! But then I called him at the exact timing, so I have prevented (semi-sobb) him from baking me cookies!) I’m excited for tennis, because THAT’S when I’ll be needing my PURE Bars!

Totally took a snapshot of him. 🙂 He totally looked this way, so I told him not to.

What a guy he is. He understands me, he comforts me, he knows me, he only looks at me, and he thinks I’m beautuiful (I’m pretty sure he’s just saying that. All guys do that to their girlfriends. And if he thinks that for real, he needs to go get his eyes checked along with his hearingness.) Even though he may be his weird little himself at times (like the time where he stayed after class/school because he was fascinated by magnets), I still love him with everything I have. He’s the person I’ve been looking for. (and he was right there! Hellllllooooo junior high kids! Totally blind kids!) If he wasn’t in my life, my life would have been…pretty miserable. He brings light and hope (and sometimes chocolate!) and he’s just amazing. 🙂

Going back to the topic, say “teas”!

I don’t know if they’re really helping with digestion, though. (The exercises from Dr. Mitsuo Koda seems a lot more efficient than tea.)

Ooh! Got some more presents!

Good book. Goooooood book. I recommened you lazy fat a**s to go read it right now! (hey, men get “Skinny Bastard”, so check that out the next time you’re at a bookstore.) 😉 I enjoyed it so much, that I read it in one day and I’m reading it again! (thank you for buying it for me Michael!)

Boom! What is this package, you ask?

Ta-da!!! Vegan hoodie!!! It made it in…a week! That was really fast and sooner than I expected. Happiness!!! It’s very warm and cosy. 🙂 I don’t know if I would pay $40 for it though, because it’s not as thick as it looks. But anywhoo, I love it.

My super healthy salad I made yesterday! Combined pretty much everything I demanded wanted in there. 🙂

For Valentine’s Day (finally I’m on the topic), instead of plan A, we (as in family + me + Michael) went to a Sushi Place where my mom’s friend is the owner. Pretty good, but I was kind of teased about my veganess. (But that’s okay. People are butt. Ooh, that reminds me. PEOPLE = ASSES. SNOBBY GIRLS = ASSES. I-LOVE-MY-SELF-TOO-MUCH PEOPLE = ASSES. End of story) 🙂

The owner’s son and daughter (son = my bro’s best friend)

Lets call him Y 🙂

Lets call her C 😉

What cute friends I got 🙂 13 and 10. They are super gamers.

Moving on, I won this award from my beloved friend, Michal!

Yeay for the Sunshine Award! (and thanks!) I have to give this to 12? other people, and this award goes to the blogs of “My Personal Fave” section of the sidebar there, so congratulations girls!

Speaking of Michal, today (2/16) is her 1 year Vegan Anniversary!!!! Congraaatulations, girl! I really want to give her a present but since she lives waaaaaaaaaaaay over there, I decided to…do something that would make her happy for being who she is.


Here it comes.

It’s scary.

But it’s true.





Yes, it says ZUMBA. I went to Zumba today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooow!!! Scary from the past posts, huh?

I went to the Zumba class (where I discovered that it was only 5 minutes away by driving. Yes!!) right by my house, and I danced like a crazy girl for AN HOUR!!! Ho-ly crapola!!!

People at the gym were very friendly, and I was able to blend in with the croud pretty fast. Zumba itself was very fun, energetic, surrouned by old women (no really. pretty much everyone was passed their late 50’s), and it was…AMAZING. Will I give it another shot? Absolutamente yes!!!!

Fhew! I’m doing real good this week! Good amount of food, and I 1.) walked with Michael for an hour and a half on Monday and 2.) I did Zumba(!); my mood feels a lot better when and after I exercise. Fun! Thanks to all of you that suggested and sent me links to awesome exercising websites and videos! I am putting many of them into action!

Closing must be funny. Who’s “cuter”?

My boyfriend

Or my little brother who’s dressed all in red?

I think Michael is cuter (just because he’s my boyfriend and the angle of the picture is so adorable!) but then, my brother would be “cute” because…he’s red! What’s NOT to consider cute about that?

Well, now I shall go sleep and prepare for tomorrow! And tomorrow is supposedly “Walking Wednesday”, so that is something I am looking forward to tomorrow! (Hope I’m not sore and it doesn’t rain!)

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming!

P.S: My girlfriend Michal is having her first vegan giveaway!


Comments on: "Rain of joooooooooooys!!" (4)

  1. I did a class called Body Jam. It’s like Zumba. It was a blast! And yes, I was the youngest one in there too. Haha!

    I dont even know where to start! First off thank you so much for your sweet letter, and the earrings and the pin I love them all! Im wearing the earrings right now and I have the pin on my purse.

    Secondly ZUMBA! I am so glad that you tried zumba and liked it isnt it the funnest? I still remember when I had my first class i was smiling like an idiot because i felt like such a goof-ball. But im so glad you liked it 🙂

    Thirdly your hoodie got to you so fast! You super street teamer! I want that hiidie too, I was totally wishing I had it to wear on monday but oh well. Something for me to work on I suppose.

    You have one of the best boyfriends ever! Michael seems like such a sweetie pie and you seem to care so much about him. I ♥ how you too are so close. And a boy who is a bringer of chocolate and willing to make cookies, i think he is a keeper for sure.

    Aannnd you got skinny bitch too!? Love that book… but you know that 😉 I actually just started to re-read it in honor of my one year (i thought it seemed fitting). And for who is cuter… hmm… i dunno they both look pretty sweet to me!



    • Cool! I’m glad you liked my presents! 😀 (btw, speaking of your anniversary with veganism, my anniversary with Michael is on from 3/6 to 3/8!) I should do something then too. 🙂

      I loved Zumba! (I was really soar for a while, though) I want to do it again soon as my body’s back in shape again!

      Thank you! The hoodie DID come fast; I was quite surprised! (and very happy about it too!) It takes a while and patients, but it’s totally worth the wait!

      Ha ha! I’m glad I have him 🙂 And I do plan on keeping him for a long while! 😀

      The book is amazing! Maybe I should get the Skinny Bastard for Michael (and for myself, so I can read it too!) 😀

      Stay warm!

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