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Hola a las personas del mundo y ¿cómo estás? 😉

Hi. I’m still struggling with my eating “problems”. I don’t know what to do. I’m not that much of an exercise person, and I’m living everyday thinking the purpose of life is to become a better person than the day you were born.

That’s my mission in life, you see. And because I’m “struggling” with my “problems”, I’ve been on one of my inspirational websites, and from there, I was looking at other blogs that were linked from hers.

Then, I’ve encountered many fantastic, inspirational ones, and I was thinking about myself.

“What am I doing right now?”

I’m sitting here, eating (again, but not as I type) and not burning those calories, yet suffer from overeating but want more to fill up my “desire”.

Wow, I honestly have to say: I SUCK. Okay, I know I do, and the good thing about that is that I WANT to recover. I WANT to be healthy, and I WANT to feel better.

Just to tell you (and myself), I eat like this because whenever I see my friends blogging, I see how much food they’re eating, and somewhere in my brain I tell myself, “I wish I can eat a lot just like them”. (No, I really do. I feel and know that I do. Wow)

It sucks, it honestly sucks. But still, there is this side of me that is struggling to get out of this situation. It’s just that exercise really doesn’t seem like a thing for me and I’m too/really scared to take the first step. I’m here, but I’m there, I guess. (So I’m asking those bloggers for exercising tips. Anyone have good, easy, beginner ones?) Anything would help.

Second, as I was going through the blogs, I discovered (RE-discovered) how wonderful this world was. There are so many goods going on in the world, but we (as in “many of us”) are NOT taking it forgranted. (I’m not saying I 100%, 24/7 take things forgranted. I’m working on it big time, though). But I KNOW I can say that I take things more forgranted than the people around me.

Do Americans (or any other people that aren’t Japanese) say “I thank you for this meal”? If you say the whole pray thing is this, I say no. The whole pray thing is to god, right? I’m not talking about that. In Japanese, before we eat, we ALWAYS say “Itadakimasu”. This has no literal translation, but it is the closest to saying “thank you for this meal”. (But really, there’s no translation for it)

We say this because we are appriciating mother nature and where the food comes from, who manufactured it, and the plants that gave up their souls to become food for us, selfish humans. (If you say plants don’t have feelings, please get out of here. It’s not worth your time reading this) Plants totally have feelings and they DO scream and cry when they’re cut. We just don’t hear it. But just because we don’t hear it, that doesn’t mean they’re NOT screaming, correct? (Veg*ns, you should know what I’m talking about. Just because normal people don’t hear the animals cry when they get slaughtered, that doesn’t mean they’re NOT screaming, right? Exactly.)

So the next time before youeat (especially if you eat a lot, because you are taking in more things that should be appriciated), please think about how it got on to your plate and appriciate it. (For more information on the word “Itadakimasu”, please visit this website.)

Everytime I encounter this problem, it makes me want to tell the world all the good things they should do. But more than that, I’m TELLING MYSELF. By telling others, I’m telling myself. Why? Because what you want people do do for you, is generally what people want you to do.

Going back to my blog surfing, I (re-)discovered how people were exercising and staying fit/happy/healthy. I am happy the way I am, but not really. This “problem” bothers me when it shows up out of no where.

But then, it’s not the world that sucks. It’s OURSELVES that’s creating the problems, not the others. (So stop blaming that you got in a car accident because of the person in front of you. If you were more cautious, it wouldn’t have happened). People need to stop blaming everything on the other person, and start taking responsibilities on their own.

Yes, there might be times where you KNOW FOR SURE that it’s the other person’s fault. But think about it; really? Was it really his fault for taking the last piece of cake though YOU WERE THE ONE THAT LEFT IT ON THE COUNTER? Really? It sure doesn’t seem like it. (This totally ties back into the idea of Ho’ oponopono) And FYI, ever since I learned about how Karma exists and how what goes around DOES come around, I stopped blaming things on other people. I COMPLETELY stopped blaming things on people. And know what the result of that is? I feel a lot happier! I feel a lot better because if I knew I did it and caused the problem, I don’t have anyone to be mad at! It takes the weight of being mad at someone off me and makes me happy. (So that’s ONE improvement that I accomplished throughout my almost-18-years of life)

My point is that life nor the world suck. It’s US that’s making the choice, and it’s OUR fault. If we want something bad to happen, it happens because we made that choice. So, if you want, go knock yourself out and die. That’s your choice. But if you want to become a better person than you were yesterday, go do it.

But these “changes” don’t start all of a sudden. Yes, sadly to admit, but it TAKES PRACTICE. (And patients, too. Did I hear that? P-A-T-I-E-N-T-S.) You have to keep reminding yourself why and for what purpose you are living for, and HOW you want to make your life.

Seriously, the world is beautiful. It’s dirty from places-to-places, but if you look in the right spots, it’s amazing how marvelous this world is.

For inspirational, life-changing moments, take your time and look at these:

Yes, some of them are repeats from the older post, but I will repost them to make sure that it’s out there again.

There are many helpful, inspirational blogs out there too, but I will write about them in my future post because “blogs” don’t fit under the same categories as these inspirational webpages.

So guys and gals, it’s YOUR choice to make good things (and bad things) happen. Be wise, and choose the choice RIGHT FOR YOU. (and if it’s not fun, don’t do it. It’s just simple as that) 😉

And if I can improve as a person (inside and out!) throughout and with this blog, I am more than happy. This blog is basically for me, but if I (can) somehow inspire you to do/be good in life, I’m very happy about it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And thaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "The World doesn’t suck. It’s OUR choice." (5)

  1. chester520 said:

    Hey, girlie –

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I admire your efforts towards health and happiness, which we are all ultimately (I hope) trying to move towards.

    What do I do for exercise? Whatever I can. I’m one of those kids who hardly leaves school some days (and nights), so I try my best to fit everything in on a tight schedule. So, weekdays I do some weight-bearing, strengthening and toning exercises upon waking, then find every excuse to move that I can: I always walk instead of take rides, I bike as often as possible. On weekends I have a little more freedom, so I get to do horseback riding and more biking and hot yoga. That said, please know that exercise is what works for YOU – it’s a very personal thing.

    Take care!

  2. Awesome post Miho.

    Ive never heard of the concept of “Itadakimasu” but I like it. I pray before almost every meal, and for me its thanking god for the food he put on my plate, the work it took to get the food to me, the money spent on the food and the time preparing it. Thinking about all of those things makes the meal more enjoyable.

    Oh Miho you most definetly do not suck. Do you know how many years it took me to get to where I am now? How many times i had to push myself to go a little farther. It hasnt been easy I wont lie, but I feel so much better about myself. It was really hard to get started at first, I was so scared of failing. But then if I had never tried I would never be where I am now. I never would have started blogging, or met you or any other of the wonderful people I met. Im so glad I did.

    As for easy excersise tips, what about walking? Thats what I did that first got me started before I joined my local gym. I did A LOT of walking and a yoga tape that my aunt lent me. The hardest part for me about it all is trying to figure out whats best for me and my body, not everyone else. Its so easy sometimes to get caught up in trends and whats popular (believe me!) but im trying to live each day by day, enjoying myself and working to make a difference.

    If you want change, change will come to you. It just takes time 🙂 You have got to figure out whats right for you and then go do it! Your already making such posative changes and ripples in the world because your vegan.

    GOOOO MIHO! haha

    Talk to you soon!

  3. I loved learning about the concept of “itadakimasu” in class 🙂 Beautiful thing.

    You do not suck! I changed my eating patterns over the years. I used to eat things like poptarts, steak, etc. Stuff that didn’t sit well with my body. Or I always had to have dessert at the end of lunch and dinner. Slowly but surely, I became more educated about what a healthy diet includes. It’s all about experimenting, finding out what energizes you.

    I used to make myself jog regularly, but I hated it. Do you like to walk? Try listening to your favorite movie soundtracks while you walk. When I do that, it stimulates my imagination and time goes by quickly. 🙂 Using the elliptical is a low-impact exercise for beginner’s; it doesn’t *feel* as hard as running, but it works your body just as well. You can read magazines while you do it 🙂 I know of some fun, free, online cardio videos if you’re interested!

  4. http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_videos.asp

    Here is the link for the videos 🙂 I like the 10-minute Cardio Kickboxing or Bootcamp workouts because they use a variety of moves to keep it interesting! You can go at your own pace, do it at home, whenever you have time. I also like the 20-minute Dumbbell Workout for strength-training.

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