A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Cooking and fun!

World!! Hola y cómo estás? 😉

It’s mid-winter break, and I’m taking things real easily. Being with my silly boyfriend, shopping, and cooking! What fun is that?

A while ago, (it was SUPPOSED to be for Valentine’s Day, but someone made it 7 days before the day. “Patients, young one!”) me and my BF made Choco balls and I ate most of it within that day. ! 🙂

Choco balls!

 I used the 100% Cocoa chocolate bar (for BAKING. NOT for eating straight!) that Michael bought me, and it turned out very…dark. Very easy to make, and it’s very tasty, so it’s a win-win game. 🙂


Michael’s hand has turned very black…Wooh! What powerful chocolate that was!

Today, because it’s almost Michal‘s 1 year vegan anniversery, as a present (in the blogging world), I made these!

Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!


It turned out very bright-colored compared to hers, and I think that’s because I used dates with the white powder on them. (Does anyone know if they’re raw?? I really need this question answered!) I always use the powdered dates, and they are good simply to snack on!

On top of that, she gets chocolate-covered ones (that Michael made), too! 😀

Since he had to leave early, he made this at his house. 🙂 Then emailed me the picture with a comment: “…it was very chocolaty (the taste of the cookie was kind of covered by the chocolate task).” I’m looking forward to trying it myself tomorrow! 😀

Another Michael Creation!

Is that what I think it is? Lets take a better view…

I ❤ U!

Awwwww! That’s so cute of him to do this for me!! I couldn’t help it but smile! 🙂 (He had a hard time making the “I” and the “U”) It’s so adorable! I love you too Michael! 😀

Other than loving my BF and the world (didn’t I start off a paragraph like this yesterday?), I love earrings!! (and bracelets! But if I took pictures of all of them, it would be over 50, so I won’t do that) I was counting how many I had, and it turned out I had quite a few!

Whoo! That was a lot! You can see that I like dangly ones A LOT. 🙂 And I’m very aware of it myself.

Ooh boy, my nerd project for math art is coming pretty good. (I honestly couldn’t believe that I proved the $^%#&&^%&$*# Theorem to myself. I was quite happy and satisfied) Ahh, nerdiness happiness and joy… (-u-) Love it!

Tomorrow’s plan for the day is to finish my Japanese School homework, make more creations, and…make more creations! 😀 Yeaaaaaay hand powerrrr!!!!

It’s supposed to rain (again) tomorrow. I hope it’s not too cold, or I won’t get out of bed!!! (I like warm places, period. End of story)

Thaaaaanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "Cooking and fun!" (4)

  1. I use Pitted Sun Dates or Medjool Dates. The powdered ones are for baking, but I don’t suggest them for raw baking, plus I think you will find it easier to work with the sun or medjool dates. 😉

    Haha, love those chili pepper earrings!

    • Ooh, got it! Thanks! I’ve always used the powdered ones for my creations. (and honestly I think they taste great!) Hm, I might give them a try some day!

      Thanks! They’re pretty hot, aren’t they? 😀

  2. How adorable is Michael, he is a keeper for sure! 😉
    Your raw oatmeal raisin cookies look yummy too me! And like Katie said the powdered ones are generally used for baking, but I’ve used them too so its all about whatcha got in your pantry when the mood strikes. You have quite a collection of earrings girl for sure, and I thought I had a lot!

    Cant wait for my vegan anniversary woo!

    • Ha ha! Thanks! He’s so innocent 🙂

      Goody good! They taste pretty good 🙂 Chcolate covered ones are yummy, too. 😀

      I’m a earring-aholic 😉 I’m always opened for more!

      What do you plan to do for your Vegan anniversary??

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