A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Creation doesn’t end!

Heeey world! How are you hoy?

Eating habit’s doing okay. (Not perfect but still as low as I can get, except I had chocolate pudding today…I really wanted chocolate, but I didn’t want to eat a high-cocoa based chocolate that would keep me awake all night. So, I guess I settled with the pudding)

Okay, so for the past two days (Wednesday and today), I’ve been all over the kitchen making soooooooooooooooooooooo many differnt stuff! (and the funny thing, I’m tryting to eat less, but I’m making  A LOT of food! What’s up with that?!)

My creations from Wednesday and Today:

Soy Milk!

Yes, I made Soy Milk because I had too much fun making the oat milk! (and my friend Katie made Almond milk ;)) Soy milk was the only milk that was missing (other than rice milk. Anyone make it?), so I thought I’d make the (almost) whole group!

I compared the taste between fresh, (almost) raw soymilk (I heated it a little too much. But I’m getting better!) and the Kirkland Vanilla Soy Milk, and looks-wise, they look almost exactly the same!

Which is which?

The home-made soy milk tasted like…soy beans, and the vanilla one tasted very artificial. (Btw, the one on the left is the soy milk I made) 😉

Mommy power!

Thank you mommy! This is her squeezing the cheese cloth to squeeze out the extra water. I poured the mixture in, and she squeezed it. (But we messed up about 4 times (messed up as in dropped the cloth with all the pasturized soy into the liquid), but we finally managed it. We had a really good laugh at this, because though we messed up a lot, we kept on trying! It was just funny! 😀 (WordPress is messing with me, so I’ll put the tofu picture up soon as it feels better)

Obento time!

Lunch time rolls in!

Mine is the pink one, his is the red. 🙂 Brown rice with sesame seed + salt, okara stir-fryish dish, green beans mixed with spanich in Sesame oil, and Veggie meat balls. 🙂

Okara Falafel!

Wow. What a good way to use the leftover of the soy! (In Japan, 560million tons of this is going to waste every year. Sad!!!) It’s sooooooooooo good when you know how to reuse it! I used this recipe, and I thought I can use some real veggies in there instead of using spices. 😉 Green beans, corn, carrots, spanich, and LOTS OF onions and garlic would make it taste more yummers!

Falafel Babies!

Would there be a next time for this creation? Yes, if I make soymilk again!

Michael said that it tastes (and looks like) chikn’ nuggets! 😀 I agree, and on top of that, I said it was too plain because it has no addiciting chemicals in it AT ALL!! Awesomeness!! XD So thinking positively (like my BF), I think I can’t ask for anything better and healthier! Rock-on!!! (I love how he’s becoming more and more optimistic after we started going out. It’s scary how people can change so much and how your OWN attitude towards life can make a difference on OTHERS.) I love him. 🙂

Take-home cup!

Yum yum. 5 falafels with sause and rice balls. 🙂 What yummers is that? (If you want me to do a “how-to” recipe of this on here, leave a comment asking me about it, and I’ll be more than happy to do so)
Ooh, look what Michael found and bought for me (before Valentine’s Day)!

Hoooooooooly chocolate!

100% Cacao?!?! Holy chocolate! (ha ha, “holy chocolate” as in “Holy cow” and the 100% chocolate actually being holy to me.:))

Yes, I know it’s for baking, but still. 100% is 100%. I’ve never seen it before, and my eyes were huuuuuuge when I saw this. (I literally wanted to collapse because I was so happy and shocked both at the same time!) Maa-aan, I’m totally going to enjoy this!!! (If I can take it on, that is. ;))

Since tomorrow is Food Friday in la clase de spanish, I might take this with me along with my larabar amigas! 😀

Fhew, I’m glad I’m still alive! Though my intake of food has gone up a little, my tummy is being nice to me, and I’m *deff* improving health-wise, because I’m incorportating walking in my day now! Just 30 minutes of walking (uphill!) makes a difference. 🙂 I’m glad I got back to my old habit of walking to school, because that’s really helping me right now.
Another good thing: I didn’t fail Calculus, and I’m understanding why the problems work the way they do. I’m really happy about that, and the more I do the problems, the more I want to do, understand, and just get to know Calc. It sounds nerdy, but I like math and that’s that.
I asked my math teacher if she would laugh if I came back to the high school to become a Calculus/math teacher. She said “No, I won’t. …Do you like Calculus?”
And when she asked me that, I was actually really happy because 1. she didn’t laugh at me and 2. she asked me if I liked Calc. Honest to myself, I love Calc. I suck at tests and I get confused, but I pull through and I love it. I love solving the problems, looking at it and thinking how it applies/can apply to our daily lives, think about how/why the function works the way it does, and just looking at numbers and solving it.

I know we (as in “normal” calculus) aren’t “smart” as the kids in AP, but really, does it matter? Is it better to take an AP course just to have it look good on your transcript and get you AP credits and not really/quite understand why/what you are doing these “pointless” problems or take “normal” Calculus and take your time doing each section, understanding why/what you are doing, actually THINKING about it and even though it’s still challenging and COMPARED TO AP we are “behind”, enjoying it? I would *deff* have to say the second one. Yes, I know there are people who call us “normal” calc people “stupid” and say, “Wow, are you guys ONLY on that section?” (and yet he/she doesn’t remember how to do it. Wow, that’s really lame actually.)

Hello? Isn’t it better to take your time to do it and ACTUALLY REMEMBER/KNOW how to do it than to GO FAST AND CRAM LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND CRAM SOME MORE DURING THE MONTH BRFORE THE AP TEST ? Dude, common sense here. (Yes, my school is very educationally-competitive, which is very sad.) People are forgetting the long-run important stuff here.  

I want more people to realize the important stuff (like your social time, Karma, solo time, HOW to make life worthwhile, and having fun in life) than cramming something into your brain and forgetting it the moment after. (seriously, do you REALLY think you’ll need quantum physics in the future?) Unless you’re going to go into science/physics, I’m pretty sure you won’t need it. (I’m pretty sure at this point, no one remembers why we did logarithms a long time ago)

I love living and the world I live in, but I don’t like how the important stuff are being forgotten over school and the “social status”. Because really, I’m certain that there are kind, warm-hearted people out in the world that never went to college, but know that it’s the right thing to help out someone when they are  having crappy moments in life.

Example: I’m not doing anything fancy, and I’ve never won any sports medals or any contests, but people know that I exist. Though I’m not “outstanding”, I was able to make someone’s day better today.

(My CW teacher told me this this morning.) My favorite/inspirational math teacher (from 10th grade) was having a rotten day that morning. She (Ms.K)  just  didn’t feel good. Then my CW teacher remembered about the assignment (poem about yourself) I did, and how I wrote about my math teacher, and how she inspired me and admire her. So she showed my assignment to her, and Ms.K said it was so cool, and my CW said that Ms.K felt a lot better after that.

See, I don’t have to be the number one artist or athlete to make someone’s day a little better than it was. It made me happy that I was able to make someone else (an adult!) happy. We have the power to do anything, regardless of our “social stats”. (and really, many athletes are really mean…Just my opinion)

I like myself, and I’m becoming  a better person day by day. I like that. And now, we have to change to change the whole world. One thing at a time is fine. Picking up trash or washing the dishes for a day is one thing that can make the world happy/better. So, I want to share this with all of you who are willing to make changes and become a better person/make the world a better/easier place to live for all beings.

So yes, guys and gals. 2010 is OUR year. So WE have to make the difference.

Happy Japanese Thursday! (Michael has to speak only in Japanese. Ahh, what fun and practice would this be!) 😀

And if he gave me chocolate before Valentine’s Day, that means I can give him something too, huh? But what to give…hmm…

Well, that’s it for today, and like usual, thaaaaaanks for coming. 🙂


Comments on: "Creation doesn’t end!" (6)

  1. Thanks for the almond milk shoutout! 🙂 And, that’s awesome that you tried making soy milk…and succeeded! Once I get hemp seeds I am going to make some GREEN hemp milk. 😀 Those falafel balls look yummy! I just made some raw ones last night.

    • Thanks! Good luck making the hemp milk! (wait, why is it going to be green?? You mean the actual color of it?)

      The falafels were yummy! Cool! You made raw ones! I like how we made the same thing (just a little bit different)! 😀 What a coinky-dink! You should do a post on it so I can make it too! 🙂

  2. 2010 is our year! Woo 🙂 Whenever I think of that I smile!
    Oh yea and I want a how to post of course those look delicious! I have been having cravings for some delicious falafel for the longest time now.
    That is also so cool how you made your own soy milk! I tried to make my own once and it did not work out (but then again I didnt have cheesecloth like I do now so i was using a strainer….) but thats a whole other story 😉

    Have a nice weekend Miho!

    • I’m glad I can make you smile! 😀

      Okay! I will do the “how-to” post next! (not sure when it will be, but I will!)

      Yeah, you do need cheesecloth to make your soymilk making life easier. (a strainer will be really hard…Good job for trying, though!) I have to give you credit for that! 😉

      Don’t freeze over the snowstorm, Michal!!

  3. So great you can speak Japanese fluently 🙂 and English just as well! I love your artwork and your positive talk in this post. You seem to radiate goodness!

    Love your obento 🙂 I have a lunchbox with compartments influenced by the bento-style, great for school. And wow! Okara falafel!!! You took one of my favorite foods from my Lebanese heritage (falafel) and combined it with my interest in Japanese food 😀 You are amazing!

    • Yes yes, I can speak 2.5 languages! 😀 (Spanish is only 0.5) Thank you! I love your breakfast posts too! X3 (I’ve never met a morning person before, so I think you’re cool!)

      Ha ha, thanks. 😉 I’m soo Japanese that obento is totally the norm! Wow really?! Totally unexpected! (Is “Mitri” Lebanese then?) Thanks & btw, you’re amazing too! XD

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