A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Weeee Discoveryyyys!

Hola peoples! How are you doing today?

For the past forever, I was concerned with what/how I eat. Through all the experiences from this, I seriously found out A LOT of things about my body.

A list of things I learned are:

  1. My body dislikes nuts (a little is fine, but a huge amount, 10 pieces of almonds or over, does not work)
  2. Therefore, I can’t do peanut butter (again, a little, one sandwich a day of it, is fine, but more than that, no)
  3. On top of processed food, it doesn’t like warmed food WITH any nuts (self explaintory)
  4. I like soba noodles with soy sauce + seaweed-base soup.
  5. Overeating KILLS your body from inside out.
  6. Dr. Mitsuo Koda‘s diet style is the ultimate way to become healthy (THIS is what I’ve been wanting to share for a long time! More about this later)
  7. It’s possible to become better! (very vauge; different interpretations for different people)
  8. Cold drinks (*cough*smoothies*cough*) are bad on my stomach! (normally, the stomach hates having excessive amounts of cold drinks in at once)


Dr. Mitsuo Koda is famous for “low eating” and “fasting”. From his devestating personal experiences with food, he promotes eating twice a day and doing certain exercises to clean your body. Rather than the “eating” part, he strongly expresses the importance of digesting and getting the food out of the system. This would lead to detoxification of the body, and will grant you long-life health and beauty.

For the last year and year and seven months, I’ve been doing the lifestyle that he recommends. No breakfast, drinking lots of liquid, eating twice a day, and so on. Yes, I know there are lots of downs in the process, but last year when I was into only doing this, it was amazing. My body was lighter, and I felt better than ever. It was hard to limit, but I was able to do it. Now, it’s different. I let people/stuff around me fool me, and let myself do mean stuff to it.

But now and again, I am reading his books and books that are written about the importance of low eating. Everytime I read it, I nod, think, and realize what I’m doing to my body is horrible, and how I can make it better.

Simple enough, this is the big picture about what Mr. Koda HIGHLY recommends people to do:

  • For breakfast, don’t eat, but drink 3 cups of water or Aojiru made with at least 5 different types of leafy green vegetables
  • For lunch, eat Japanese-style food (no greasy, meaty, eggy, milky food. Ex: Brown Rice, vegetables, soba/udon noodles, etc.)
  • DO NOT eat in between (snacks, desserts, etc.)
  • For both lunch and dinner, eat when you are 8/10 full
  • Do certain exercises to let the food digest and out properly
  • Sleep on a flat bed (futon) with a special wood pillow
  • Take a shower/bath with the rotation of cold water and hot water, starting and ending with cold water

I’m doing pretty good, except for the snacking part. (and the bed/pillow part too). Overeating is the problem here, and I’m working my way to fix it. (because my inside everywhere feels rotten! and I hate it! that’s because I know exactly how it feels when you’re empty)

Today was my first day (again) to start this “Nishi-Koda” Lifestyle, and other than a few dark chocolate pieces I ate, I’m going to make a list of what I had today!

Breakfast: 3 cups of water (yum. I love water!)

Lunch: Soba noodles with soy sauce + seaweed soup-base (which tasted AMAZING!!) Totally forgot to snap a pic of it though! :O




This Thai Tofu was pretty good, but my body doesn’t like it. So, that’s my final experience with the lesson “my body does NOT like nuts”. I’m not allergic, but my BODY doesn’t like it. I love how the body is more honest than our brains. 😉

My dinner!

Salad with sesame oil and hand-made vegan ranch dressing, brown rice with salt and sesame, Thai tofu, and miso soup with lots of veggies. 😀

Fhew. I’m honestly glad that my random cookie craving is over. And now, I’m going back on track!

I was thinking about why I was able to do the Nishi-Koda lifestyle before. Then, I realized that I was resisting A LOT of things. So it’s either…

*Resisting food/limiting myself a lot and become super healthy


*”Ohhhh, I’m going to eat all of theeeeeese” and feeling like crap.

Hm, there is the option of eating and feeling good, but from my personal experience, I know that I can’t do that. It’s one way or another. (eating snack/dessert a little once in a while may be fine, but still, I would feel guilty for it)

Here. Lets put it this way: We’re all different. We all believe different methods work. But they all work because we’re all made different. Therefore, one person works good with one way while for the other person, a different way works the best.

And since I’m tired of ignoring this and hiding it from myself, I’m going to say this. I started eating and giving up because everyone was like “I first had cravings for sweets, etc…”. At first, I was NEVER attracted to cookies or cakes or chips or any type of junk crap. But then, after reading through the book about this, I KNEW I was telling myself, somewhere in the back of my head, “I’m normal, so I should have cravings for food and sweets and whatnot…I must…I’m normal”. I knew it. I ABSOLUTELY KNEW it. I’m not blaming this on the author or the public, because it’s MY FAULT for letting “sterotype” get me. It’s MY FAULT. Now, it’s MY TURN to fix myself. I hate it. I hate being like this. I hate being controlled by the media and the “normal people”.

I declare: I’m different. I’m not mentally retarded or anything. But I know, I’m different. Don’t know how to explain it, but I know more that people. I know more than the majority of the people. I know more, and I know BETTER. I’m different, it’s okay, and know what? If I want to be different, I have to go out of my box. Do I want to wear cute clothes though it’s cold and I hate the cold? Then I should. I’ve done it before. Do it. Do I want to study hard and do good and be a nerd? Go ahead! Do I want to work 100 times harder than normal, “smart” people and still do so-s0 on tests and keep my mouth shut and not complain? Do it! That’s what I always do! I never complain about how I got an F on my calculus test! I’ve done that too many times, and I’m going to keep my mouth shut. Why? Because honestly, it’s just plain better to fail and not brag about how insanely hard I studied than to complain, “Oh my god! I totally didn’t study for the test, and I failed; I got a B!” Those people, I’m sorry, but are plain stupid. Who CARES if you got a B? I GOT AN F! Why don’t you be happy with your own grades and keep it to yourself?!?! I may fail, but I never complain, because I tried, and that’s fine! If you want people to feel sorry for you, go ahead! But I don’t need people to feel sorry for me, because I’m me and I studied! At times I may not have, but more than that, I TRIED THE HARDEST, and I TRIED 100 TIMES HARDER THAN THOSE PEOPLE WHO WANT PEOPLE TO FEEL SORRY FOR THEM FOR GETTING A B!!!! I told them not to complain, then what? They said “well we have different expectations”. Then DON’T COMPLAIN TO ME!!!!!!! I, AS A HUMAN, HAVE DIFFERENT EXPECTATIONS TOO!!!

Argh…why am I crying as I write? Wow, believe it or not, (because you can’t see me as I type), but…I’m crying like crazy. I don’t really know the exact reason why I’m crying, but I think I am because I’m being HONEST WITH MYSELF. I was never able to get that out of me. No one’s going to understand me, but I’m fine. Why? Because this is MY blog. People can read it and comment, but this is SAGOJYOU’s page, not anyone elses’.

But seriously, I’m a good person. I keep everything in, never complain about stuff like that, and I’m always accepting people’s good and shits. Sorry, but…I’m awesome. I accept everyone’s ways, and really, I have a feeling that not a lot of people are capable of doing this.

I realized a long while time ago that I’m different in my own family. While everyone else does something together, I do other stuff. I’m totally happy with it, but this shows how I’m extremelty different. Rarely, I feel sad about being “left out”, but the only people who understand me are my little brother and my boyfriend.

My brother is the closest person to me. He knows when I’m sad, and he always trys to make me laugh. Because we’re brothers and sisters, he knows what I’m like as a person, and he knows that I’m complicated. Though he’s a meanie head and a little too weird at times, I still think he’s the best.

And my boyfriend. Yes, he doesn’t know me perfectly. (One because he’s not related to me. Two he’s a friend. And three he doesn’t speak the language I can fluently express my feelings.) But still, out of all the people in this world, he’s the one that understands me and ACCEPTS me for who I am. That is really helping me, and I really love him for that (and all the other reasons too, of course ;)) He’s still working on improving his Japanese (and I really hope I can talk to him in 100% Japanese one day!), and it’s been doing good. (though he needs to work on it obviously)

P.S: Know what? I’m weird, but I’m fine living the way I do. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say or do. I’m me. I’m cool. People are people. You’re you, I’m me. And that’s all a-okay. But if I want to be a better “me”, I have to work for it. I will, but on the other hand, I will ALWAYS be free. Never going to be manipulated by the “society” because it’s crap. I have my own world, where I’m happy. I’ll do what I want to do, and I will do anything to make “this world” better.

There. Conclusion concluded. That was a load of stuff which I totally WASN’T planning on saying. (but I did. peta2 lets me be honest with myself. I love them.)

I still do have to continue to live in this crappy world where education is number one and the quality of the person doesn’t really matter and people like to murder and eat stuff and the souls of animals don’t really matter. I still do have to follow rules and go to school and whatnot, but in that “strictly tied-up world”, I’m going to do everything, and anything that I can to change the world to a better place. And honestly, I can start at the moment I set my mind to it. Why? Because that’s how we’re made. Everything and Anything starts…NOW.

Songs of the day:

To honor my awesome brother: “Love’s One-Way Ticket” by FUNKY MONKEY BABYS. (he’s favorite band, and I THINK his favorite song)

and two

To honor my boyfriend. (I can’t believe I never put this song up!) It’s our song, and it’s so cute when he sings it when it’s on the radio! 😀 Ahh, what a cutie he CAN BE AT TIMES. 😉 (what? Did I say something?) This song represents EXACTLY what our relationship is like, and I really love Jason! (dude, he’s vegan! What is there NOT to love about him?) We were best friends, and now we’re boyfriend-girlfriend, who still are best friends. (I think, wait, right? Michael? I need an answeeeeer!!)

Okay, I’m feeling A LOT better now about myself. 🙂 It’s long, but if you read this, I really appriciate it. Now you know a little more about me and who/what kind of person I am. 🙂

I really love the world, and I’m going to make it even better so everyone would be happy and no one would be left out because they’re “stupid” or “different” or “just plain creapy”. 😉 I’m here to make the world better, and you’ll see it happen in no time!

Seriously, thaaaaaaaanks for coming!!!! 🙂


Comments on: "Weeee Discoveryyyys!" (2)

  1. Way to stick up for what you believe in: yourself!

  2. Wow girl I give you so much respect! You are so honest and you are 100% correct. You and you alone know what works for your body and thats all that is important. Not what anyone else is doing, not what a book or article or some girl in your school says, its what works for you.

    Yay on listening to your body!

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