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Epic Failure

Hello world! How are you today?

So this was the awesome challenge I was talking about in the previous post. 🙂 (I told you it was a challenge)

The meal plan was this:

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Roll(s) of some sort

Dinner: Soup and salad

Dessert: Your choice.

So here are some pictures!

Morning smoothie!

 Strawberries, bananers, and apples! 😀


Really bright and hard to see, but it’s a Romaine Heart Wrap with carrots, bok choy, Romaine Hearts, and more greens.

Snack/Smoothie Part II!

After Lunch, this was my BF (he was there to, obviously) and my snack. 😀
I was doing fine up til past lunch, but then, I FAILED; EPCIALLY failed. It was really sad, but I couldn’t do it. I was too hungry, and I did not know what I was able to eat. (ex: If a bar said “raw”, is it “completely” raw? Are herbs/spices and oils raw?) So from there, I went down down down, and as a result of that, overate.  (Why did I eat potatoes with earth balance when I never do such thing?

In conclusion, I didn’t succeed. It sucked, but I learned many stuff from this.

  1. Do your recipe research before hand.
  2. Don’t make soup when you know you love burning-hot soup; cold soup (and butternut squash) tastes…bad.
  3. Don’t think about what you can and cannot use; that just makes life harder and confusing.

So there you go; at least I learned some lessons there. 😉

First off, I need to get used to (and have fun with, of course!) high-raw eating. I think I set my standards waaaaaaaaaaay too high. Without research, you can’t do much, because you don’t know enough about the subject. Since I enjoyed high-raw eating, I think I can start here and work my way up. 🙂

Review Alert!

(I just HAD to say that like Michal!) I was inspired by her to try this, and it tasted ABSOLUTELY NASTY. I hate it, and I don’t think I’ll try it for a while. (unless I want to or my thoughts changed about it…which slowly is right now.)

Now, a little about me: I’m EXTREMELY free-spirited, but on the other hand, if something is the way it’s supposed to be, I will strictly follow that rule. (I’m so gold I know. ;))

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about when I said “I’m so gold”, check this. It’s a “true colors” test. It’s very fun, and it’s a nice way to categorize interact with people! 😀 We took this test (not communication skill, but more of the general personality) in AP Gov. class, and it was really fun! (there were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many oranges in my class! Wow, athletes…)

I love this song! (Ahh, good ol’ days….) 😉

Q of the day: What’s your “true color”? Was the test right about you?

If you know me, I’m golder than “Au”! XD (ha ha ha!)

Thaaaaaaaaaaanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "Epic Failure" (3)

  1. I am still proud of you, Miho! You tried, and that is what counts! But, yes, you should do more research. Eating raw will definitely be a challenge, especially since it works differently with your body.

  2. I will post some raw recipes soon!

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