A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Hi people! How are you?

What? You ask what the heck this title means? Well if you read, you’ll find out. 😉

I read lots of spiritual books. From it, I learn so many things that has to be true. (science can’t prove all of it yet, but it’s *deff* out there.) For example, Karma. Is that scientifically proven yet? No? Well then, why do people say it? That’s because it’s true.

According to those “invisible laws” out in the universe, you are not supposed to be egoistic. Understandable enough at this point. BUT, by giving up those “egos” and letting your soul live is the key to happiness.

If you remove those “I want this and this and all that” egos and fill your mind up with the joy you already have right now, you will be more thankful to what is already there, and not ask for the things you don’t have.

I was thinking about this today, and how Ho’ oponopono is the way to clean your soul and let it free. (The idea of Ho’ oponopono is that everything that happens in the world is your own faulf. So to clean yourself, you tell yourself , “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, I love”. This will clean your soul and guide you to having a happy life) Through the book I was reading about this, I encountered a section where it said, “if you want something good to happen, you have to let go of your ego”. It made sense, but today, something that *deff* had connections with it happened.

I tend to think about how to do things the most efficient way. Don’t want to waste time, money, gas, etc.

Today, I needed to go grocery shopping. I personally didn’t care where; I just needed to do it the most efficient way. Then there we (Michael and I) went, after getting gas, we went to the store right accross from it. (Where we usually go is a little far compared to where this store was) When I went to pay for the groceries, it added up to be a total I didn’t expect. Then I was mad at myself because it wasn’t efficient.

Then I thought to myself, “why did it turn out to be like this?” Then I remembered. It was MY fault. Not the store’s fault. Not my BF’s fault, but MY fault. Then I remembered: “if you want good things to happen, remove your egos”. Me wanting to do everything efficiently was my ego. It made Huuuuuge sense to me. BECAUSE I wanted to do everything like that, THAT is why I’m making dumb mistakes.

My favorite saying: “It’s better to regret it after you do it than regret it before you do it”. (not when you do bad things, of course. I’m only applying this to good, positive things.) It’s always better to give it a try and regret it than not. So when my BF offered to go back to the store I wanted to go, I should have said “yes”. But I didn’t, because I thought it would cause him trouble to drive all the way back.

I wanted to, but I didn’t say so. Everything needs to be efficient.

But when I remembered everything I read and my quote, me being “egoistic” became really stupid. I asked myself,

“Is trying to be efficient being efficient?”

The more I try to THINK about how to be efficient, the more time I WASTE. Rather than wasting it, wouldn’t it be better to use that time to go BACK to where I TRUELY wanted to go? Ooh, here’s the trend.

So, from now on, I’m going to get rid of my “I-should-be-more-efficient” ego. Life isn’t supposed to be like that; our “logical side” shouldn’t be the one that’s dominating us. That just creates more problems. Since we are TAUGHT to listen to that side of ourselves, we usually tend to forget the voices from our soul. They talk to you and tell you that they want something, but the logical side wants us to ignore it, because it didn’t come from thinking, the thought came out of mid-air. (though it really didn’t)

So really, people, if you want to do something, don’t think about “well, it’s not the best way to do this problem…”. BLEH. Screw that. If you’re “logical side” or the “dominant side” (or whatever you want to call them) tell you that you want to eat more, but your stomach is saying “STOP EATING, PLEASE!”, then STOP EATING. You are killing your body by doing that, and you are letting your egos take you over. STOP. That’s not what your soul wants.

After I thought of this, I went into my room where Michael was waiting for me. Then I had some math problems that the teacher wanted us to finish (though it was part of our notes). And honestly, I HATE, absolutamente HATE asking him math questions, because that means that I accepted the fact that he is smarter than me, and since it was my favorite subject, I didn’t want to ask.

But wait, me hating someone…isn’t that ego? Does it MATTER if I look stupid compared to him? Aren’t those reasons just barriers to protect myself from looking like a dork?

Wow, then that changed everything. After I realized that that was just an excuse to make me look awesome, I stopped. Here: bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how we look. What matters is that you are honest with yourself. NOT what the public think of you.

Then slowly braking my barrier, I took out my math notes + book, and asked him, “Can you help me with math?”

(Honestly, saying this was ten times harder than a calculus math test. Why? Because standing up for yourself is much harder than some problems on a piece of paper which you’re not going to rememer 25 years from now.)

Then know what? It turned out fine! I understood the problems more, and actually, we got in to such a funny fight over a  problem, we started cracking up! 😀 I didn’t regret opening up and letting my ego go because it turned out so good! 🙂 (Dude, I had fun with that, and I got my math problems worked out! What good is that?)

Maybe you’re always a person who can’t say “no” when someone asks you a favor. But really, do you want to do something you TRUELY don’t want to do? See, sometimes, you need to think about yourself. You saying “I’ll do it!” when you don’t want to do it, doesn’t that mean that you’re trying to make yourself look good and appealing to other people? But honestly, WHO CARES?! What matters is not what makes you seem like a good person, but how you are honest and caring about yourself. “If you care about yourself, you will care about others. If you want to love someone, you must love yourself first”. Understandable. 🙂 If you don’t accept and love yourself as who you TRUELY are, how would you be able to love someone else?

So bottom bottom line is: Let go of your ego and listen to what your soul wants. These egos may and will depend on the person, but, this is SAGOJYOU’S Veg*n page; not yours. So I’m just writing it for myself. You don’t have to read this. This is for me, and if this can somehow help other people become successful and happy in life, that’s awesome! 😀

So people, don’t go offering people help when you seriously don’t want to. Sometimes, you just have to let what your soul wants to do. 🙂

This is from a little kid’s show when I was 3 or 4. Very cute (maybe funny to some people. Understandable) video, with a REALLY good song. 😉 I don’t care if people think I’m a dork or whatever, because I’m me, and this is the video I want to use and love.

One more video for you all. From the same show, and this show/song was so damn popular. I think it was one of the best time periods ever!

I really wish people would be more honest with their inner feelings than their outer “I-got-to-do-this-in-order-to-go-to-a-good-college-and-succeed-in-life” feelings. Dude, when you’re old and wrinkly, it doesn’t matter where you went to school and how outstanding you did by “making yourself look good”. I’m pretty sure your 85-year old granny and/or grandpy would sound more awesome if they said, “I went veg*n when I was 15, stayed that way up til now and saved over 7000 (veg*ns save about 100 animals per year. 85-10 = 70 yrs. x 100 = 7000)animals total” than “Oh, I went to Stanford and graduated.” 😉

I’m me, you’re you, we’re all different, and we’re all good. 🙂 Remember that, and you don’t need to compare yourself with anyone, and let your soul do what you truely desire.

Thanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "Let go of what you’re attached to and do what you want to do!" (1)

  1. Girl you said it best! I know that a lot of people myself included sometimes get wrapped up in doing what is right, and then end up doing things for the wrong reason – which isnt good at all.

    Oh and how cute are those videos! In the first one I like the dresses the dancers are wearing haha! 🙂

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