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Merry one-day-after Christmas!

Hi peeps! How was your holiday? 😉

Ahh, christmas is over…but the christmas music is still on! I don’t think anyone can get out of the spirit quite yet 😉 Which is totally understandable.

The dinner was pretty good, because I made vegan pie for the whole family, which turned out to be a little too sweet for everyone (^_^);;

Peanut Butter Cup Pie

 Yuuuuuum! 😀 It was muy bien! Very sweet and chocolatpeanutbutter-y! 😉 Very tasty with Rice whip. (which I broke the tip so it doesn’t work anymore; there’s so much left in it!) :O Oh well, it’s still good, and I’m pretty sure it’s good with vegan ice cream. 😉

Oh yeah, someone said that smoothies taste better in bowls. (aka smoup) So I tried and it turned out de-lish! 😉

My morning smoup!

Topped with Mummy Food, which is a food that Edgar Cayce learned about through his readings.

“Mummy Food has a fascinating history. In a dream that Edgar Cayce had concerning the discovery of ancient records in Egypt, a mummy came to life to help him translate these records. This mummy gave directions for the preparation of food that she required, thus the name ‘mummy food.’. . . For particular individuals [Cayce] stated that it was “almost a spiritual food.” (http://www.quackwatch.org/04ConsumerEducation/cayce.html)

Very fascinating 🙂 It’s really tasty straight from the jar (or whatever container you decide to put in), and it goes a long way; it’s still in my fridge! 😉

Oh yeah! Christmas present time! I got…

I'm Veeeegaaaann!!

An AWESOME Vegan T-shirt from my boyfriend 😀 Totally love it!! Very stylish too! 😉

With it, he got me these very cute buttons!! XD

 Tengo 11! I’m deciding where to put all of them 😉

I got lots of clothes from mis padres Santa (muy bonitas!) too!

And bing bing bing!! Look what I got from my friend! 😀


From the left: cute handmade notepad, cinammon scented pencil aka “smencil”, and coin case

Hand-made key-chain!

 The back side has the “cut class, not frogs” sticker.

Cute stickered can!

In this cute used-to-be-a-tea-can can, there were these!


Yum yum, I ate more than half of it already 🙂 I hope I can save some for my boyfriend) (^_^);;

There was a cute letter in the box, which had lots of confetti! And last but not least…

A to-go cup! I really needed and wanted one! Now I can take my smoothie on-the-g0! And my friend from school also gave me one, so I will always have a back-up one! 😀 Or just take two if I want a lot of my smoothie 😉

Very, very cute. I love my presents! Thank you Michal and Santa! 😀

Finalmente, mi amigos, yo tengo una pregunta para ti: Que recibiste para Christmas? Tuviste un dia buena?

Gracias para viniendo! 🙂

P.S: Chocolate-Covered Katie is having a giveaway 🙂


Comments on: "Merry one-day-after Christmas!" (5)

  1. Looks like your Christmas was amazing! 🙂 I LOVE THAT TSHIRT!!!! I am going to buy one, I think. 🙂 And those pins are really cool too!!! You are so lucky! Your boyfriend is a good one. A keeper. 😉

    Check out my Christmas post…which I am trying to get uploaded…for details on my Christmas. 🙂

    Happy holidays Miho! 🙂

    • Indeed it was! Isn’t the shirt awesome? (If you usually wear a medium or a large, *deff* get the large or extra large because for me, the large’s length was kind of short!) You should get one so if we ever have a blog meet-up, we can wear it together! Ha ha, your boyfriend is a keeper too, isn’t he? I like his comment on the fiberasticness 🙂

      I’ll be waiting for your Christmas post!

      Happy Holidays to you too, Katie! 😀

  2. Haha! Yes, that was a lot of photos! But, it turned out nicely. 🙂
    I will def. make sure to get the correct size shirt. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Yay 🙂
    Im so glad you got and like the package! Your smoup looks super yummy too! What recipe did you use to make your pb cup pie it looks so tasty with all of the chocolate chips on top.

    That was so nice of your boyfriend to get you that AR shirt and pins. I really like that shirt!

    Happy new year chica (thats the extent of my spanish right now haha!)

    • The recipe I used was from PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook 🙂 (pg.87)
      I used the exact same recipe, but just added the extra chocolate chips that I had from the recipe 🙂

      Happy New Year too you to amiga! 😀

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