A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Yum yum neutral fun!

Ha ha! Eveything’s so packed in the title! 😀

Okay, so for Healthy Monday, we (as in my BF and I) walked home, so that was good 🙂 No junk food was eaten (yeay!) And today, the only food other than my normal two meals a day I had was an Awesome Pink Smoothie!

My 4 o'clock snack! 😀

Mmmm….Yum!! Since I’ve been drinking smooties, I’ve realized that I’m getting WAAAAAAY more veggies/fruits intakes than EVER!! I never had this many fruits in one day (one apple, one banana, 6 strawberries) or veggies (handful of soy beans, spanich, almonds, and 1/2 cup of kale)!!

Fruits and Veggies!

And on top of that, I feel sooooooooo much better/healthier! (compared to the times where I just stuff myself with processed junk snack food) My mind is more clear, and I feel lighter! It’s pretty amazing! I’m really glad that I met Michal and Katie, who are awesome almost 100% raw vegans!! They seriously inspired to me to change my lifestyle! 😀

And speaking of that, I should put some of my lunch pictures! 😀

Boca Chik'n Wrap!

I’ll probably develop a better eating habit in the spring because tennis starts! (Woo!) And I’ll have to be checking their blogs even more every now and then to get awesome/refreshing/energetic/fulfilling raw recipes!! XD

Oooh man! Before this week is over, I have…

  • A Compare and Contrast Media Essay (due Thursday)
  • Government Congress person presentation/debate (Wed. – Fri.)
  • Spanish IV vocab test (Thursday)
  • 2 week Lab Final (All this week and the next week back from break)
  • Math test (Thursday)

Relative Extrema...Calculus!

Look at this art piece up here! Iiiiiit’s CALCULUS!!! (I hope I did it right!) It’s like…”what’s a relative min? relative max? Why do we need to find this? Can’t you just graph it on the calculator?” Sooooooooo many questions swerve in minds, but when you do it, makes sense! (usually) Ahh…math just looks beautiful to me 🙂 All the numbers unitying to form an answer….Sweet!

Aaaand I have 3 art projects that I will be working on over the break (hopefully!) But it’s due January 19th ish, so I’m not too worried (^.^) I love art!! (aka creating things with my own hands!) I have an art that’s based on a logo, and it looks amazingly AWESOME!! I will put it up as soon as I turn it in for the AP test. 🙂 Actually, I’m really desperate to show it, I’m going to post it up right now!

AP Art peta2-style!!!!

Okay okay, I’m really happy that this is up! (Hey Rama! I don’t know if you’re reading this, but it’s up!! Ha!!) I hope I get a good grade for this! (^u^)v I’m really proud of it! (at first, I sweared to myself that this would be the last time doing a line design art, but I think I really like it!!) 

Ha ha! I have to go work on my rough draft of the essay that’s due tomorrow and do my math review homework so I can get a good grade on it!

Thanks for coming!!!!  🙂


Comments on: "Yum yum neutral fun!" (2)

  1. Great healthy eats! I am proud of you, Miho! Thanks for the shout out, too. 🙂
    Hang in there with the exams/finals. It’s tough, I know, but we only have 3 more days left!

  2. You did a great job on your art project, I love it!
    Everyone seems to be struggling with finals, myself included. We just need to hang on until christmas break! Only two days left for me woo 🙂

    Love your smoothie and your wraps, your eating so healthy. Im proud of you (is that weird to say haha?!)

    Tonight ive got a date with a mr.trig and a mr.spanish. ew.

    Michal ♥

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