A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

 Hi people! How are you doing on this amazingly short week? Who’s excited for Thanksgiving  Black Friday?! I am!!! XD

Okay, so, I just wrote the BEST college essay I can ever write. (I mean, with voice, character, and passion) It’s good to be vegan; it’s handy when you have to write about yourself and when you don’t really do anything fancy (like sports). Thank-you peta2 for real!!

It’s so cool how people on the peta2 board can become friends online! I was really excited to get in touch with my new friend, Michal, with an awesome blog! (go check it out! http://lilearthmuffin.wordpress.com/) Lovely!!

Vegan Bagel Burger!


Mmm. That’s my BF and my lunch!  I needed to make something creative, so here it is, out of the blue!

Okay, totally changing subject, but sometimes, it’s really scary who you can meet online. Meeting someone you know on a “What? Why would you be on this?” page is scary. Just happened right now, and I just think it’s plain scary. That’s the downfall of modern technology…

Any who, I’m finished with part I of this HUUUUUUGE present project (not “presentation” project), and about 2/3 of it to go! I hope that person likes it, because I’ve never made anything so massive! Picture is to come as soon as the person gets the present 🙂  (Which is hopefully some time next week or the week after!)

Just a few more hours of school, and we’re out! Plan? To submit all my college apps and draw!

Qs of the day: What are you going to do? And where are you going for Black Friday Shopping if you’re planning to go?

Thanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "Wow! I want/need more time!! XD" (1)

  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    Today was my first day of vacation and what did i do? Nothing 🙂 I was able to catch up on my blogging, read for enjoyment and started my prep in the kitchen. I have a zumba class later tonight though.

    On friday im going to bath and body works! First stop I love that store.

    Happy thanksgiving to you!

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