A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Time is interesting…

Don’t you think? Sometimes you feel like there’s no time, but sometimes it’s amazingly long. Weird, huh?

Today’s one of those days where I actually don’t have any assigned homework that I need to turn in for credit 😀 (except the reading for AP Gov, which is pretty long) 😛 Just need to get those college essays edited by people so I can FINALLY SUBMIT it! XD Oh well, I’ll polish it up later…(later?)

Okey okey, so I was wondering what to do with my thing of unused clothes that I got. I want to make something useful out of it, but I don’t have a fancy sewing machine, so I have to do it by hand. Anyone have a good idea? Anything would be appriciated, because I really don’t want it just sitting there! (^_^);; (I really want to make my own shoes out of scratch…that acutally sounds fun…Hmm)

Time to show some art!

Nugget Plushie!

It was for my BF returning from the Caribbean 🙂 (Finally. Wait, did I say I missed him? Blah) I was going to put it in his locker to ask him to Tolo, but on the second thought, I don’t go to dances…So this is a-okay 😀

And my art project that has to do with Animal Rights turned out rad! I will put it up some time next year. (because it’s an AP project and I want to put it up AFTER all the AP hassel is over) 🙂 Man, art is fun! XD

Ahh, the radio is talking about Christmas stuff already!! I really want them to play their Christmas songs!!! Lots of people are becoming impacient!

Ooh! And has anyone checked out the quiz on the side of my blog? It’s a test to see what kind of vegetarian you are. It’s pretty fun, so you should all try it! 😀 I was 100% militant vegan (*surprise-surprise*) What were your results?

Thanks for coming! 🙂


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  1. Awwh what a cute little plushie! I want one 🙂 If you ever decided to sell them I would totally buy one. College essays are a bummer, Ive been working on them too and all the deadlines are coming up quick – yikes! I took the quiz too I got a 98% millitant vegan shocker haha.

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