A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Since my BF is gone until Sunday (went on a cruise to the Caribbean), I had lunch alone. (Not alone because I ate during class, but still) Oh well. I got my college applications done, so I’m pretty happy about that! (I’m just optimistic) 😀

So here’s the lunch on Friday: Avocado, Tofurky Ham, &  Melted Cheese Sandwich!



It’s pretty dirty if you eat it in class and trying to hide the fact that you’re eating because it oozes out all over! But it’s good, so it’s a-okay! X) The microwave is amazing, don’t you think? It’s good for melting cheese if you have a broken oven! 😀

And for dessert, a little bit of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate is awesome…


1 pound is A LOT!

Man…This Pound Plus Dark Chocolate takes forever to finish! (^^);; It’s still sitting in my fridge waiting to be eaten!

It’s sad that my BF is gone, but I seriously got lots of stuff done (Yeay!!!), so it’s cool. (that doesn’t mean I’m not sad, but being negative doesn’t get me anywhere, so yeah. And there’s always a plus side in life, you know!)

What’s your favorite vegan lunch?

Thanks for coming! 🙂


Comments on: "Lonely School Lunch…Oh well!" (1)

  1. You have a lucky boyfriend I hope he enjoys his cruise! You are so lucky that you are done with college applications, im still working on mine but im almost done finally lol. Your sammie looks good too I love avocados nom.


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