A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Good day!

Man…for the last two days or so, I felt rotten. I was all sad and down. (I know you have times like this too.)  I have it often, but some people don’t know me well enough to know that. So it’s really hard to explain the fact that “I’m not always super-happy, joyful, smily person”.

It’s probably due to the weather (I get affected by it sooooooooooo much; it’s not even funny) and I have waaaaaaaaaayyyy too much stuff that I have to do. (Yeay for senior year!)

I wish it would stop raining and actually become sunny.

Are you asking yourself, “Why is the title ‘Good day!'”? It’s because…my BF made me a huge thing of brownies!!! XD

Totally was a surprise, and I still can’t believe that I didn’t notice it in his car. (I guess I was that much out of it…)

Anywho, I was telling him how much I needed chocolate. Then he said, “Then this would be perfect for you.”

I was like, “What?” And there it was. A friggen awesome batch of brownies! ( I seriously don’t know if I can finish…)

Ta-Da! :D

Ta-Da! 😀

(That brown blob in the corner is peanut butter that I added) 🙂 MmmmmmmmmmM!

He said he made it to me happy 🙂 (and I think that he made it because I friggen did not smile for the longest time) I think that was cute of him 🙂 (Thank you to you-know-who!)

Though I’m still crammed with all the art projects that I have to do, that made me feel happier 🙂

What happened today that made you happy today?

Thanks to anyone that came by! 🙂


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