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Sagojyou’s Veg*n Page

It’s like, “Why did you give the post a name that is the name of your blog?”

I wanted to tell you where the website name came from 🙂 (because I’m pretty sure that not a lot of people know what “Sagojyou” means)

Okay, getting on to the topic now.

“Sagojyou” is one of the three helpers of  Xuanzang (priest) in the classic Chinese Novel Journey to the West.

He is one of the three followers of Xuanzang, and they are on a trip to finding the Three Collections of (Buddhist) Scriptures to bring peace to his place.

In a Japanese Comic Magazine, he’s my absolute, most favorite character, so yeah!! He’s sooooooooo awesome!! (His personality is known as calm, cold-hearted, and smart)

This is what he looks like: (I drew it out of the comic by the way)


More or less animated than the actual comic-version, but that’s okay! This is my style of drawing, so yeah! 😀 I love this guy!! (Secret: Before I started going out with my BF, I was seriously in love with him -for almost 2 years! Hoof! That’s a llllloongggg time for me!) (^_^);;

But yeah, I wanted to get him out there to the world 🙂 (And I named this the “Veg*n page” because I was a vegetarian but had a thought of going vegan. If it was named like this, I can be either of them!) I should change it to “Sagojyou’s Vegan Page”, but it looks better this way! XD

Now you know what/who the heck “Sagojyou” is!!

Thanks for anyone that visited!! 🙂


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  1. i LOVE you style of drawing 🙂 congrats on going Vegan, btw!!

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