A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)


Oh, hi! I’m just really excited about officially going vegan!!! (October 9!!)

First of all, I need to thank EVERYONE who gave me advice on the peta2’s board!! Especially the people who commented on the “What-should-I-do-when-people-bring-in-goodies?-I’m-tempted-to-eat!” post; big thanks to you all!!!

I was thinking about one comment on my post:

“Whats more important: stopping animals from being murdered, tortured, abused and raped or you being happy for a few minutes with a mouth full of chicken periods and figurative veal blood? ”

THAT was when it hit me. I couldn’t give up going vegan for the happiness I get for less than a minute. So there it was…the moment I decided to go vegan.

My parents were totally okay with it, because they knew I was going to do it regardless of them saying yes or no. (I’m glad that I’m raised more freely than my little brother. Seriously, sometimes I feel lonely/left out in a way, but I’d rather have all those freedoms than being pushed to do a lot of stuff)

Also, going a few posts back; about Round-Up: IT SUCKED. I’m not kidding. The clubs either had enough people (enviro club) or they weren’t doing it the way I was thinking (animal club). So I just left with my BF. But then, we went to the new Trader Joe’s that opened in the city! Now THAT was fun! I got to find more vegan food, and bought some on the way! XD

So, I came to a good conclusion at the end 🙂 1.) I’m going to go be animal activist in my own way and not under any clubs/group (because me being under an organization just does NOT work) and 2.) I’m proud and happy about making my decision to going vegan!!

I’m not going to stop what I like to do, and I’m going to stay strong in life to accomplish what I want!!!

Like always, thanks for anyone who stopped by 🙂


Comments on: "I’ve Decided to go Vegan!!!!" (2)

  1. Maikeru-chan said:

    Congratulations on finally making the last step. I’m still a vegetarian but I hope to go vegan one day, just need to make that final step.

    btw 大好きだよ

  2. Yey! The world needs more vegans! Congratulations on making a great choice! Happy Veganing! xx

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