A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Okay, so I had this BAAAAAAAD food craving in the past few days/weeks. I was telling myself, “I love to eat! Can’t stop eating!”…It was getting out of hands. (Seriously, no joke.) I HATED myself for doing this.

So I wanted to say good bye to Mr. Hunger, so I was looking in the fridge to see if there was anything good, sweet, and not super calorie-consuming.

Then it hit me. I found two things that were completely vegan and tasty. I came up with a super-quick, easy-to-make recipe! (maybe people already do this, but I didn’t know that if they did. So it’s okay ) 😀

“Yogurty Drink”


  • Vegan Plain Yogurt
  • Soy Milk
  • Brown Sugar
Soymilk and Yogurt

Soymilk and Yogurt


1.) Put 2-3 spoonful (or more. How ever much you prefer) of yogurt in a clear glass/cup.


2.) Add soymilk.


3.) Add a teaspoon of brown sugar.

4.) Stir until the glump of yogurt is gone.

5.) Enjoy!


(I told you it was easy) 🙂

Since I am/was so weird and wanted a crunchy feeling to satisfy the craving, I added dry roasted soynuts to it! 😀  (Put in anything that you desire: fruits, cookies, more yogurt, etc.) It’s REALLY good.; simple aftertaste and it’s vegan!!) What more can you ask?!


Nature's Select -Dry Roasted Soynuts-

Nature's Select -Dry Roasted Soynuts-

Good-bye hunger and hello world!!

Thanks for anyone who stopped by! 😀


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