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Ready for Round-up!!

Oooooooohh yeaaaah! Animal Testing Breaks Hearts campaign materials came in today!! XD  I was sooooooo happy when I got it!

12 sheets of 8 stickers!! (Animal Testing Breaks Hearts, McCruelty, Club soda, not seals, etc.) They are insanely cute!!! ❤

Okay, okay, going back. There’s this thing at school called “Round Up”, and that’s where all the clubs put up booths to advertise their club and have more people join! And now with these materials, I can totally rock at it! XD

Too many people seriously don’t know what’s going on right now. Millions and millions of animals are being killed for “food”, but they don’t know where they’re coming from! D:< It sucks. Don’t like it. So, to spread the words about/for the animals, I’m going to go crazy during Round-up this year! (Though I was planning to leave with my BF…Oh well.) I would rather put my time into a good cause rather than to just leave school to do nothing:) Besides, I want to/ love help/-ing the animals!!!

So yeah. I thought I’d let that out to the world 🙂

Just so you know, Round Up is next Friday (October 9; day before the SAT and  homecoming! Yeay!) So that should be fun if I don’t leave (^_^);;

Peta2 blocked!

Peta2 blocked!

 Oooohhh shoot. I SERIOUSLY should go do my Chem. & Calc. homework and study for the AP Gov test now 😛 (and I have a AP art project due 10/5 and haven’t really started on it! Shoot!) (^_^);;

Have a good day and thanks to anyone who stopped by!! XD


Comments on: "Ready for Round-up!!" (2)

  1. Maikeru-chan said:

    はい いしょうに がんばろう。

    Lol, I can see you going crazy at round-up (^_~).

  2. heyyy thats awesome!!!
    how can i get signed up to get Animal Testing Breaks Hearts campaign materials?

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