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Peta2 Buttons!

I told you how crazy I was getting with making stuff, and I don’t think I can stop making things! (Or at least I wasn’t able to stop)

Here’s today’s craft:

Peta2 Buttons!

Peta2 buttons! Handmade by me! (even the drawings 🙂 Other than these, I have McCruelty, “Love me, don’t eat me”, “Buy cruelty-free”, and another nugget button. (which I gave away to my BF; except for the McCruelty one)

These were pretty easy to make, and it’s cute! It’s really fun to make stuff like this and get the message about Animal Rights.

I wear it everyday, but people don’t seem to either notice or they just don’t ask questions. (This tells you how people really don’t pay attention to other’s looks as much.) Oh well. It’s fun and that’s what matters. (I’m going to say this so many times whenever I wear AR stuff.)

I hope people figure out the truths behind the animals that are being inhumainly killed!!

Like always, thanks to anyone who stopped by 🙂


Comments on: "Peta2 Buttons!" (2)

  1. aww love the buttons! i just got three from peta2!

  2. Niranimal said:

    Your buttons look lovely! Why don’t you mention how you made em, so that other activists make use of your idea to spread the word!

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