A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Okay, I’ve been making A LOT of peta2 stuff lately, and I thought I would upload some more. (I’m not even kidding when I say A LOT)
So here; take a look! X)
Made one! :)

Made one! 🙂

Yup! It’s a peta2 tote bag! Someone made one and had their picture of it on flickr, and I thought it was cool, so I made one too! Pretty cool, huh? (Ha ha, the funny thing is that this is actually a Wii Tote Bag. I thought that would be too geeky and it was boring, so I put it in to good use!) 🙂
But not a lot of people notice or ask me anything about it. (The only comments I get are like, “wow! That’s so cute!”) I guess lots of people respect veg*ns around here. (or maybe they just don’t pay attention to what other people have…)
Oh well. It’s pretty attractive and cute if you look at it closely! (But the string broke, so I had to sew it back on + tape. It works!)
Making things is fun. It takes time, effort, and money (ouch!), but it’s *deff* worth it! I think that this is a good way to speak up for the animals. (If people notice, that is…)
I hope more people start to realize what a crazy activist I am!
Thanks to anyone who stopped by! 🙂

Comments on: "I actually made lots of peta2 stuff!" (3)

  1. I ♥ this bag! Did you just stick stickers on the tote? This is a wonderful idea!

  2. this is the best bag EVER

  3. […] we are crammed on time, we can put simple drawings and/or doodles in them, but because I am a creative AR activist, I can’t help but make it…fancy and…awesome! Chicken getting shocked Turkey […]

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