A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Yeay for Nugget!

If you’ve been to peta2, you know about the nugget, right? (Right??)

Since it’s sooooooo adorable and can get anyone’s attention, I thought I’d wear this:

Peta2 T-Shirt!

Voila! Nugget’s t-shirt! (Buying it online is expensive; making it is cheaper!)

The good thing about making it is that you get to choose the t-shirt to iron it on. (and the colors if you’re spazzy) Nugget is neon, but that looks cool too, so it’s all good 🙂

(Ha ha, I wore it to school, but no one said anything about it…) (T_T)

I really want to know what the nugget plushie is like…Anyone have one??

I’m having SUPER fun being carried away with making peta2/nugget/animal rights stuff! X) (So far, I’ve made rings, hairclips, and buttons) 🙂

Man…why is being an active activist/streetteam member so much fun?

I really wish that sooner or later, people realize what the heck they are contributing to and go veg!

Thanks to anyone that showed up and read this! 🙂


Comments on: "Yeay for Nugget!" (1)

  1. awww I think your nugget t-shirt is adorable!

    Maybe you could make a nugget plushie next?! xxx

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