A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Vegan 21-day Kickstart!!!!!

Okay vegetarians, this is something to be super excited about.

There’s this program called “Vegan 21 Day Kickstart”, and this lets us take on the challenge to going vegan! Is that a good news or what?! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for this! Totally signed up and ready to go!!!

If you’re already a vegan, seriously, congratulations. I respect all of you vegans out there in the world.

After this 21-day, if I think I can pull it off, I’m going to become a vegan!!!!

If anyone has their own vegan story, free to post! (I don’t have a lot of comments…Oh well) I would love to hear the story behind everyone’s vegan life 🙂

Speaking of 21 days, does anyone know why it’s “21 days”? It’s because that’s how many days it takes a person to completely change.

If you know about Will Bowen’s “A Complaint Free World” program, it’s also 21 days. (If you don’t know about it, check this out -> acomplaintfreeworld.org) I’m already doing this, but I can’t finish the 21 days. But since I’m super confident about finishing the vegan 21-day trial, I’m going to do the complaint-free for 21 days trial as well!!!

Doing the complaint-free program and vegan for 21-day program is going to be a challenge (I mean the no-complaining part. The vegan part is going to be easy!:), but I’m going to make this month fun and a blast!!!

Thank you to anyone who came to read this super-enthusiatic blog!!! 😀


Comments on: "Vegan 21-day Kickstart!!!!!" (2)

  1. Hi, this is Will Bowen, Founder of the Complaint Free World program. I got a Google alert that you blogged about us. Please know this, you CAN complete the 21 days without complaining. Thousands around the world have done it. You simply stay with it. Always know what day you’re on and always celebrate the day.


    Will Bowen

  2. YAY! I can’t wait to go vegan!

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