A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Milk DOES Suck!!!

You know the link on my page to milksucks.com? Man, that’s a good website to look at…No joke.

Milk is so bad for the animals, the environment, and your body, but since people are sticking to the “old tradition where people drink milk”, they are not open-minded about learning how milk is bad for you 😛
Seriously, I want to tell all the heavy dairy-consumers that milk is sooooooooo bad that once you realize what kind of thing you are putting in to your body and how milk is damaging a lot of stuff!! (It would be fun to see their reaction…) (-u-)

Look at all the damages that people got from drinking milk! (I bet people would be surprised how milk connects to asthma…that’s actually on a different website, but still. I’m just saying how milk is bad) 🙂
If any of you haven’t looked at it, check it out! It’s pretty cool to read through some of the information on there.
People learn so much everyday…(-U-)

Thanks to anyone who came and read this 🙂


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