A Vegan Girl On Her Life Journey :)

Ok, I usually don’t eat anything past 8:00 pm, because you’re supposed to not eat anything for about 3 hours before you go to sleep. But if you had a light dinner, you can’t say that, right?

So here I am right now (9:30 pm ish) eating. Since my chocolate craving isn’t going away any minute, I’m having fun with the Cocoa Puffs. 🙂

But I thought eating that like a cereal is boring. (and it’s bad for you to consume liquid when you eat; it makes the stomach acid light, which slows down the digesting process) And I hate doing that anyways.

So, I was thinking, “How can I make my cereal-munching healthy?”

And there was the solution…Almonds!!

Eating Cocoa Puffs with Almonds is really good, actually. (-u-) ❤ It makes the puffs not-as-sweet XD

Any lazy recipes (that was a recipe?!) that you want to share? I'm open for anything, so hit me with what you have 😀

Like always, thanks to anyone that read this 🙂


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