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Chocolate craving!!!

I love chocolate. Period. I always have cravings for them. (especially super-dark chocolate. Anything from 70% and up is heaven for me!)

My favorite is the Endangered Species Chocolate (88% is the best!). I try to have them all the time in the fridge. (but it’s kind of pricy…Oh well)

Thank goodness that dark chocolate doesn’t contain milk. It’s vegan!

Also surprisingly, cocoapuffs are vegan too! Add soymilk and you have yourself a vegan breakfast right there! (and the soy milk turns into chocolate soy milk thanks to the cereal; yeay!) XD

I wish the Whole Foods that I always go to would start selling their vegan brwonies again. (they were cheap, big, and yummy!) Apparently, they got rid of it 😦 (But it’s soooooooooo good!!) If it wasn’t popular, that wouldn’t be cool. (It’s vegan and brownie! What more can you ask?!)

If anyone has a good chocolate recipe, please share! (That’s if anyone’s reading this…) I’ll take a stab at it (if if doesn’t require to use the oven Lol)!

Thanks to anyone that showed up to my website 🙂


Comments on: "Chocolate craving!!!" (1)

  1. Hey 🙂 Your blog’s looking good!

    My favorite chocolate recipe (well it’s not really a recipe it’s more like melting stuff!) is melt a bar of chocolate, 2 big spoons of syrup and 1 big spoon of margarine, mix in cornflakes or rice krispies, put in bun cases and leave to cool in the fridge..taaadaaa…chocolate krispie cakes! yum!

    My mum also makes THE BEST vegan chocolate fudge cake…mmmm!!!

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