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Back to school, veg*n style!

Yup, it’s that season again! Going back to school to learn and see all your friends!
But the cafeteria food is……not that great, unless you have some kind of veg*n options.
For those of us that don’t, don’t worry! There’s always that “veg*n lunch” that you can pack!! What is it you say? Well……
It’s PB & J! Everyone’s favorite, right? (But be careful with the bread; it may contain milk) It’s tasty and easy to prepare! With that, add your favorite fruit/snack + drink and there! It’s easy as that! XD

We should all appriciate the person who came up with it!

Thank you for coming to my blog 🙂


Comments on: "Back to school, veg*n style!" (2)

  1. There’s a bunch more easy to make sandwiches out there, personally, i hate PB&J, my favorite is a cold tofu sandwich
    http://veganlala.weebly.com/vegan-recipes.html (recipe)
    put it in the fridge and then just put it on pita bread with lettuce and tomato and maybe some vegenaise, really yummy!

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